The Wind Under My Feet

I think that’s a phrase? Well, regardless, I had that happen last night. You guys know how some runs are stellar and some runs are a bit more lethargic? Well, after a slow run this weekend (albeit difficult, 20 miles and all!), I was thrilled to locate some speed for last night’s run. Though, the Senator was definitely not feeling this cold weather and the speedy for me pace.


He expressed his unsatisfied self through his belligerence when I attempted to take selfies with him. As if it isn’t hard enough to pick one, he has to turn away and act belligerent every time I so diligently snap one. So sweet of him…. no?


And then I performed this little sucker that was not so little:


With this man of mine:


And this lady:


So it was a really cute night and I was super happy about my run. Yesssssireeeee life is good. <3<3<3

What have you done to workout this week so far?

What’s a comfortable distance for you to run? I love a good 4 mile run – that is my happy place.

Do you have an uncooperative pet like me? I constantly remind him that I am the boss and he needs to obey when I want yet another picture of myself post run. #narcissistANDPROUD


Getting Back After “IT”!

I took a lot of time off from exercise whilst out of town and combine that with lots of good food that I don’t normally consume – I’m certainly feeling a bit out of whack. I don’t follow any sort of diet (other than no meat), but when my routine gets funky, so does my body. I’ll leave it at that. So this week I’ve been getting back at it with working out and eating a bit more regularly – for me. 🙂

Mollie came over on Monday and joined me for a 5K. We wanted to do 4 miles, but my calves were not having it after 18 miles on Sunday. I can forgive them, I GUESSSSSS.


My dog looks incredibly creepy. That’s pretty typical though. 🙂 We made some s’ghetti squash afterward and it was just ON POINT. SO AMAZING.

And last night, I made up this belligerent 25 minute workout on the spot and kicked myself afterward for thinking it’d be a breeze. Um, no.


I was so gross afterward and it was so good! My poor workout buddies, however, were not so thrilled with this workout. Haha, sorry Jerm! #hashtag #fail! In case anyone cares about this inside joke, I’m learning how to use Twitter and I am not so smart at it yet. Small steps at a time with social media for me, okay? Thanks. I would suggest following me on here but um, I’m boring and probably will stay that way. It’s too much for me to handle.

Anyway, it was a cute workout and night overall with some of my favorite people!


Erika, you’re rehired as our photographer. Jeremy, you #failed.

And another fun thing from this week? Rebekah made some paleo approved donuts and they were stellar. Seriously. I don’t love a lot of the paleo baked goods because I find them to be too ‘heavy’ but these were AMAZING.


They are all gone now. Don’t act surprised. And they are from paleOMG if you care to make them yourself or look at a better picture of them. 🙂

And my last cute thing for today – my boyfriend brought these over after I had a bad day. He is so sweet and always tries to cheer me up when I’m having a stressful day – he always succeeds! 🙂


Enjoy your HUMP DAY!!!

How do you get back into after time away from routine?

Have you ever made donuts?

How sore do you think I am from doing over 200 squats? I’ll let you know. HA.


Happy, Active and, what, NATURE?!

What. A. Weekend.

I started Friday night off with a 2100 yard swim while the other crEATure got her muscle workout on in the weights area. And then there was this afterward:


My love for salmon knows no end – basil pesto butter atop a perfect filet of that delicious fish.

Saturday was a ridiculous day of activity for me – way out of the ordinary but WAY fun. I got up at the ass crack of dawn to meet a friend for a 20 mile bike ride. I don’t know about any of you – but fall is definitely in the air, right? Well, it was 57 degrees on this bike ride. My hands and feet were NUMB when I finished. Omg. The sun wasn’t even up when we started!


And then I ran a solid 10 miles. It was VERY hard – I’ve never tried to do one after the other and I don’t know how you guys do triathlons! I think that as the temperatures cool, so does my pace. I felt great out there and had I not biked first, I feel like I could have gone a bit longer.


And after incessant rolling and stretching, I cleaned up and straight up took a two hour nap. That’s probably not healthy. Oh well.

I made my way to Goodwill to do some fall/winter work shopping with my fellow crEATure when I got my lazy self out of bed! Out of all these clothes, we managed to only spend less than $40 each! Score. Goodwill = the best.


And the evening ended with a lovely dinner with my favorite folks over my favorite food!



Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day so the wonderful man friend and I went on a hike! It ended up being 5 miles round trip and it was absolutely beautiful. I should note that once you get to the top, there’s a beautiful house on top with gorgeous scenery and views rightfully named House o’ Dreams. Photo dump ahead:





photo 3



photo 5




Hiking munchies essentials right there! And that takes me to my next rant – we had pistachios, almonds, grapes and sparkling flavored water, yum. But, the grapes we had? Well we tried two kinds this weekend….

Exhibit A: Witch Fingers



Exhibit B: Cotton Candy


Very odd, grape industry, very odd. Both varieties were delicious, but strange. 🙂

And this about sums up my incredible weekend! Any questions, my beautiful people?

Are you a tri-athlete? How is the transition from biking to running for you?

Salmon – yay or nay? If nay, what’s you protein of choice?

Have you had these new grape varieties yet? If you have extra grocery money, try them.. But at $3.99/lb I will not buy them again. I’ll stick the usual suspects at $1.99/lb. 🙂


MUMFORD Love. And Some Fitness at the End.

Greetings beautiful people!

Happy Thursday to all of you – make it through today and tomorrow is FRIDAY! 🙂

So on Tuesday night I broke up the monotony of my life and went to see Mumford and Sons! The story about how I got to go is totally sappy so skip this if you’re not into romance.

Many moons ago, when I was a young college student, I saw Mumford in a small venue in Atlanta for $20. I loved them before but seeing them live did something to me – I loved them the most of all the bands I’m a fan of. Cut to a few months ago, and my boyfriend and I are still jamming out to Mumford – old, new, and anything they produce. We tried to go to a few concerts but they are very pricey which was a huge deterrent! But one day, on a whim, my sweet, sweet boyfriend just got us tickets. All he did was forward me the confirmation. There was no reason, no rhyme, he was just being super thoughtful. Awww! ❤ ❤ It came to my inbox as a total shock and I couldn’t believe it! I blew his phone up to make sure it was real life! 🙂

The mushy gushy stuff is over now, peeps! So the concert was wonderful and it was absolutely worth the serious lack of sleep Tuesday night.






Pure happiness the entire night all thanks to this man! 🙂


In other news, my rolled ankle issues are improving! I took a pilates class on Tuesday (Chelsea, I’m super store still… didn’t anticipate it being that difficult!) and last night, the other crEATure and I went to the gym for our usual Wednesday night class. I usually use two different size weights per the instructors recommendation, one set of 2.5 pounds and one set of 5 pounds – but I recently upgraded to only using the 5 pound weights! Woo hoo! Little steps, people. 🙂


I’m looking forward to a run this evening pending my ankle and I think all will be well. Finally, it has been 5 days since I’ve gone on a run! Ah!

What’s one of your favorite concerts?

Do you prefer an outside concert venue or an inside one? The weather was perfect on Tuesday for an outdoor concert – it was perfect!

How do you know when you’re ready to increase your weights – if you use them? As Rebekah mentioned tonight, swimming has definitely helped me in this class!