A Little Less Run, A Lot More Walk

Wowwww I had a busy weekend! And it’s making me feel pretty lethargic this morning… Wahhh I hate you Monday.


Friday night a group of us went to the first baseball game of the season! 🙂 It was Drew’s birthday and it was such a fun night!


Mollie + her man + her man’s BFF + me all started off at a bar before the game and walked through downtown to get to the game afterward! We walked a solid 2 + ish miles. 🙂



Part of our tailgate!


My boo Catherine and my RB, Ash! 🙂



Mahhhh man and me!


My RB, her GF the birthday girl and yours truly.


OMG crEATure Bek! 🙂


Throwing flowers and shizzz… Gotta ❤ love my hippy girls!


It was definitely a fun and full night! And Saturday morning I opted for some hot yoga instead of a long run so Mollie and I walked up to the hot yoga studio. It was such a perfect day and it’s only about 3 miles round trip!



It was such a gorgeous day – ahhh!!!!! And hot yoga was very cleansing and delightful as usual. Later on, we got an invitation to go the Braves game, again, and we happily obliged as the seats were in 6th row! YEP!




Yesterday was a bit stressful in the morning – I went to bed Saturday night and my calf was feeling a bit off but I figured I’d sleep it off. WRONG. I got up early to get in my 12 miles and decided against it. My left calf definitely has a pulled muscle in it. I think I overstretched it in hot yoga and it’s moderately painful. I just don’t want to risk making it worse so I took today off and will reevaluate later. Ain’t nobody got time for a real injury 2 weeks before a marathon, #amiright?

My workout schedule this week: (putting this down for accountability!) Monday – 5 miles (if it’s not hurting and if it’s not pouring) and my first barre class with my RB, Ash! Tuesday – 1 + hour swim, Wednesday – cycle, Thursday – either a 5K or hot yoga, Friday – cycle, Saturday a 5K race, Sunday – 8 miles (last long run before marathon!). So here’s hoping my dummy calf muscle pulls itself together. ASAP. #thankyousomuch

And in honor of the Braves starting off the year on a great foot (GO ATL!!!!!!!!!), The Senator has something to say to you all:


If only dogs could talk, he’d be yelling profanities. Haha. #nodogswereharmed

How was your weekend?

Do you like baseball?

How do you annoy your pet?

23 thoughts on “A Little Less Run, A Lot More Walk

  1. Ahhh you’re going to LOVE barre! I look forward to it every Saturday now. I can already tell a difference in my arms (specifically my triceps!) Yoga is getting easier because of my shoulder strength, too!
    I will send your calf good thoughts – I’m sorry! I know how much potential injury sucks! You’re gonna rock out that marathon!

  2. I love going to baseball games, but I could never watch it on tv it just is a little slow and I get bored so easily!
    My weekend was pretty good despite being sick all weekend, I did get in some family time and outside time before this beautiful weather goes away 😦

  3. Looking gorgeous as always!! This might be a weird thing to say, but you have the prettiest/most glossiest hair. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS ;). Ick, sorry about the pulled muscle. Kind annoying to have to leave it alone to rest, but definitely the smart thing to do. The senator is reppin’ so much team spirit right now. LOOK AT HIS FACE! He loves it 😉

  4. This might sound crazy, but I’ve never been to a baseball game!! I do get bored watching them though (I’d rather play haha). But if someone offered me free seats, hell yes I’d tell them! And omg that picture of the Senator ahahahahahahahaha too funny! I annoy my cat by hugging and laying on her toooo much, I don’t think it is too much though….Ah!! I hope your calf gets to feeling better!! No body has time for an injury 2 weeks before a race! So actually, it is a MUST that it gets better!!!

  5. Um, those white pants. Love. Want.

    I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of white pants for forever, but all of the ones I’ve tried on (and trust me, it’s a very large number) have fit weirdly and make me look chubster mcgee. I just have an awkward-shaped body, it’s cool.

    I’m also totally jealous of all of your sun–it’s been cloudy central here and it’s a little depressing. 😦

  6. such a fun weekend! mine was fab too — hung with the fam, did some salsa dancing, got in some good runs and chilled at the lake. sorry about your calf — it’s my right calf that always gives me issues when training for long races as well. hope you feel better soon. and yes, i looooove me some baseball! i hit up a bunch of Yanks games every year but my fave time is SF Giants (kinda far to go regularly from NYC). 🙂

  7. Your hair and skin are always so perfect!!! So gorgeous! It sounds like a great summer weekend!! It snowed here on Sunday, wahhhh. But I went mountain biking saturday… I nearly fell into a tree, but at least it was outside and a nice day!

  8. Hahaha oh goodness you had big kid’s weekend of paradise. That boy would go to baseball games 24/7 if he could, whereas I only like to go if good food and fireworks are involved! I love all the outside time you got! It was gorgeous here, too, so we soaked it up since we’re getting snow tomorrow? Wtf pittsburgh? No thank you! I hope the leg heals up quick girl! Running a marathon with an injury is definitely not something i recommend haha 😛

  9. Baseball season is in full effect! I’m going to a few Giants game in the next few months. So you’re coming here in June right? E-mail me closer when you get all your dates together. I want to meet you. 🙂

  10. Wooooo what a gorgeous weekend for baseball! I only enjoy it for the food, sometimes the Red Sox, and good company. You had two of the three 😉 and amazing seats! I really really really hope your calf is feeling better today. I feel your pain on that one-literally.

  11. One of my favorite summertime activities is to go to Cubs games, but I wouldn’t say I love baseball – I love the baseball atmosphere, if that makes sense. Oh, and cracker jacks, hot pretzels, and peanuts. It’s always great company too!

    Good call on holding off on the run – if it hurt after you slept can you imagine how it’d feel after 12 miles of running?! You’d have been crazy to do it!

  12. OMG you’re too cute for words. I LOVE our outfit for the baseball game you sexy bitch you. I think your decision to NOTTTT run was good. NO TIME FOR pre marathon boo boo’s.

  13. Hope your leg feels better buddy- I went to a baseball game when I was in NYC…I got there at 3.30, took a photo of alex rodrigues on the big screen, posed next to a hot dog and left. I got back from Yankee stadium by 4.30 🙂

  14. Yaaay! What an awesome, full weekend! That sounds amazing! I don’t really like watching baseball on TV, but I LOVE the atmosphere of going to a baseball game. We have a minor league team in Richmond (the Flying Squirrels… hah!), and the tickets are $7, and it’s the perfect spring/summer evening activity. I love it.
    I hope your calf starts feeling better ASAP!!

  15. Looks like you had a super fun weekend! And good for you for listening to your body and opting to rest instead of going on that long run… ain’t nobody got time for a real injury right before a marathon!! Eek. And loving that photo of your dog hahah I’m dying.

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