The Wind Under My Feet

I think that’s a phrase? Well, regardless, I had that happen last night. You guys know how some runs are stellar and some runs are a bit more lethargic? Well, after a slow run this weekend (albeit difficult, 20 miles and all!), I was thrilled to locate some speed for last night’s run. Though, the Senator was definitely not feeling this cold weather and the speedy for me pace.


He expressed his unsatisfied self through his belligerence when I attempted to take selfies with him. As if it isn’t hard enough to pick one, he has to turn away and act belligerent every time I so diligently snap one. So sweet of him…. no?


And then I performed this little sucker that was not so little:


With this man of mine:


And this lady:


So it was a really cute night and I was super happy about my run. Yesssssireeeee life is good. <3<3<3

What have you done to workout this week so far?

What’s a comfortable distance for you to run? I love a good 4 mile run – that is my happy place.

Do you have an uncooperative pet like me? I constantly remind him that I am the boss and he needs to obey when I want yet another picture of myself post run. #narcissistANDPROUD


Love for Inanimate Objects

Let’s fess up to what we love that doesn’t love us back.

Watermelon. I know everyone and their families love watermelon. If you don’t, well, I’m not sure where your taste buds jumped off ship, but you should probably reel them back into reality.

Anyway, I’m so in love with the fruit. It literally improves my mood and there’s nothing better than a fresh cut watermelon after a sweaty workout, right?


And it’s seedless? Well, all bets are off at that point.


We all have to treat ourselves after a decent sweat session (and, for a lot of you out there, a long and tiring week too!). That was how I did it after this little circuit:


I’d like to thank Leslee from the bottom of heart, no, the depths of my soul for the reminder about squats and lunges being so important. What would I do without blog buddies to remind me just how much I should treasure leg workouts? Gee. What a good friend. 🙂

The boyfriend and I powered through that hot workout in his backyard because I wasn’t feeling up for a run but still wanted to work up a sweat. My gym is too far away (not really, I was being lazy).


I think we were sweating a little bit. Mom – thanks for the shirt! Loved it!

Anyway, I am beyond thrilled that it is Friday as this has been quite a long work week. All my girlies out there feeling this sentiment, I will raise a glass (or three or four) to you and me tonight – we all deserve it.



What’s your favorite summertime fruit?

Who is your favorite Parks and Recreation character?

What are you doing this weekend?


Beast Mode

Oh yeah, I’m claiming that title! I went to town with working out last night because I was just in the mood. Very rarely do I love working out numerous times in one day, but yesterday was that day.

1. Not that I should consider this a workout, but I will for the purposes of this post. I had plans to meet with a wonderful girlfriend of mine last night and I wasn’t sure when she was coming so I ran a mile to warm up and planked it out! Woo!


It was a great warm up!


2. Channing and I ran 4 miles and I was just in the dang zone! 🙂 I’m sorry, I am just really excited, I know I’ve destroyed pictures of my wrist and Garmin but my average pace was 8:10. That NEVER happens.


Channing and I have the same Garmin, too! How cute!

PicMonkey Collage

3. I completed a PB Fingers workout that I’m cleaning up and making a pretty graphic out of.

CrossFitStyle Workout

That was tough, but it was great to complete it with these men!


And so it was, I worked out three separate times to make my daily total 5 miles. Go me. And to celebrate, I indulged in two different salads. Delightful way to cap off the night.


How many times have you worked out in one day?

How are you doing on planks? I can’t break 2 minutes AHHH!! I wanna, I wanna!

What’s your favorite fruit for summer time? Watermelon-a-holic. Times infinity.


Cycling is…

Is hard.

Is fun.

Is great cardio.

Is a challenge (for me.)

Really. I mean, I am still a bit sore from Sunday’s ride and then I went and cycled again last night. I really love it though, and I am so happy you guys suggested it as a way to have low impact on the Achilles (I promise this talk of Achilles will all be over soon!). I created a quick workout to complete last night before I headed over to some friend’s place to work out. I like to run to their place and then workout, but running is still on hiatus. Alas, my fun little circuit that had me sweating harder than I have in a while! Maybe I should switch it up a bit more…

Achilles Ache Workout

I really only made it so I could have another pretty picture to add to the newly organized collection!

I need to spend some time gushing about this awesome cycle machine. First, it was built like a regular bike so I wasn’t sitting with my legs in front of me, they were under me. The bike had gears like real life (which is why I feel safe calling it cycling) and then the best part: it was essentially a video game the whole time. You race other people and even have to steer. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done on a gym machine. Hands down. I would pay grandiose amounts of money to have one of these at my disposal any time.


That’s the race I was in, you can even see the handle bars! So great! And, it certainly helped that I was on top of Atlanta for this workout! I love my friend’s place and am SO jealous that they get this 24/7. 🙂


I ended up really getting in the groove and did some rowing, kettle bell swings, and extra planks because I wanna be like everyone else with their several minute planking skills when I grow up!


This was my second try. My first try was pathetic.


Rowing is hard and that is my face to express such difficulties to you. Not amused.  🙂


I guess he’s not entertained by my creepy picture taking frantic self. I don’t blame him. Hah!


So, in sum, I did 1.2 miles on the elliptical, 5 ish miles on the bike, and a few other fun exercises. Even though I can’t run, I’m happy that I can still have fun and work up a great sweat when I workout.

You guys are all so wonderful. No this is not a question. Just a statement of truth. 🙂

Do you have different shoes for runs versus gym work? I do!

What did you guys all do to workout last night?