Happy, Active and, what, NATURE?!

What. A. Weekend.

I started Friday night off with a 2100 yard swim while the other crEATure got her muscle workout on in the weights area. And then there was this afterward:


My love for salmon knows no end – basil pesto butter atop a perfect filet of that delicious fish.

Saturday was a ridiculous day of activity for me – way out of the ordinary but WAY fun. I got up at the ass crack of dawn to meet a friend for a 20 mile bike ride. I don’t know about any of you – but fall is definitely in the air, right? Well, it was 57 degrees on this bike ride. My hands and feet were NUMB when I finished. Omg. The sun wasn’t even up when we started!


And then I ran a solid 10 miles. It was VERY hard – I’ve never tried to do one after the other and I don’t know how you guys do triathlons! I think that as the temperatures cool, so does my pace. I felt great out there and had I not biked first, I feel like I could have gone a bit longer.


And after incessant rolling and stretching, I cleaned up and straight up took a two hour nap. That’s probably not healthy. Oh well.

I made my way to Goodwill to do some fall/winter work shopping with my fellow crEATure when I got my lazy self out of bed! Out of all these clothes, we managed to only spend less than $40 each! Score. Goodwill = the best.


And the evening ended with a lovely dinner with my favorite folks over my favorite food!



Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day so the wonderful man friend and I went on a hike! It ended up being 5 miles round trip and it was absolutely beautiful. I should note that once you get to the top, there’s a beautiful house on top with gorgeous scenery and views rightfully named House o’ Dreams. Photo dump ahead:





photo 3



photo 5




Hiking munchies essentials right there! And that takes me to my next rant – we had pistachios, almonds, grapes and sparkling flavored water, yum. But, the grapes we had? Well we tried two kinds this weekend….

Exhibit A: Witch Fingers



Exhibit B: Cotton Candy


Very odd, grape industry, very odd. Both varieties were delicious, but strange. 🙂

And this about sums up my incredible weekend! Any questions, my beautiful people?

Are you a tri-athlete? How is the transition from biking to running for you?

Salmon – yay or nay? If nay, what’s you protein of choice?

Have you had these new grape varieties yet? If you have extra grocery money, try them.. But at $3.99/lb I will not buy them again. I’ll stick the usual suspects at $1.99/lb. 🙂


28 thoughts on “Happy, Active and, what, NATURE?!

      • Need to share how you find grapes for $1.99. They’re like $4 by me and I eat about 10 pounds a week. No joke. Secondly, yay for active weekends! I honesty love them even if it isn’t a planned thing. Hiking is super fun, I don’t know how I didn’t discover it sooner. Glad you had a great weekend 🙂

  1. Omg I had basil on Saturday for the first time in a very, very long time (it’s a rare commodity at school) and it was the single greatest thing ever. (Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. It was pretty fantastic, though.) Also, totally jealous of your weather. It hasn’t even gone down to 75 (reverse of 57) degrees yet, let alone below 60. Seriously, Houston needs to get its shit together. I feel like it’s just getting hotter as summer turns into fall…and huge congrats on your bike+run! I don’t think I could do that; that’s a lotta exercise in a very short span of time. 😛 I’ve been wanting to try the cotton candy grapes–one day I WILL hunt them down and they won’t know what hit them. Our servery had some grapes that looked like the Witch Fingers the other day…I thought they were just severely mutated; I didn’t realize that was actually a thing!

  2. Love this post!!! Um I’m going to say it again, GIRL YOU ARE A BEAST! There is no way, life or death situation – I would die, if I had to bike 20 miles then run 10 miles hahaha. I’ve biked 20 miles after a run, but the run was only a 6 mile run, and my legs were completely fried, and I had no other way of getting home after I biked the first 10 miles. That hike! So beautiful. Looks like some place you’d find over in Europe with castles. You’re lucky to have that near you! I loved the little pound, was there fish?? I’ve seen those cotton candy grapes around the internet. I just didn’t believe everyone for some reason haha I don’t understand! How can a grape taste like cotton candy. I want to try them, but at the same time, I’m a little afraid. And I’ve never seen the witch finger ones, those are so oddly shaped haha. Glad to hear you had a good weekend 🙂

  3. My husband did his first tri this summer and really liked it but the running after the bike killed him! Way to go so impressive, and a nap is amazing!!!
    I love salmon so much but here in land locked ut it’s rare to find a delicious salmon unless you pay an arm and a leg . Have a great Monday!!

  4. Look at you miss fitness bee- don’t brag or anything.. 🙂 love the pics, so beautiful! I have been trying to convince my hubby to build us a house on the mtn near our city. I think I am cracking him little by little! I’m obsessed with salmon too and have been craving some healthy eats after our vacation!

  5. everything about this post made me all sorts of happy!! congrats to you on that AMAZING workout, you’re going to be doing ironmans before you know it. i have a feeling! and a big YAY to salmon. i love love love it! and those grapes look GOOD! ive never had them! and now i have the mackelmore thriftshop song in my head!! “im gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollas in my pocket la la la la la la something something, this is f*cking awesome”

  6. My fiancé isn’t too keen on salmon, but I’ve converted him with a few other items and I’m actually making some tonight! I’ve never tried it with pesto… I like it with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and old bay.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  7. I have tried those cotton candy grapes before, they are kinda weird because they taste like cotton candy but in grape form! I haven’t seen the witch fingers ones yet! I have no advice on the triathlon question, I stick to just running 🙂

  8. Seriously, I LOVE this post. You and the manfriend are such an awesome couple for doing all of these physical/outside/health activities on dates! I think it is the coolest thing ever. I love it. Also I NEEEEED your salmon. Did Nadir cook it? haha! I am starving and that buttery goodness sounds amazing. And I have never had grapes like that because I am not a grape fan, but if the cotton candy ones actually taste like cotton candy I think I’d be down to try those.

    20 miles on a bike and then 10 running. No. You are amazing. I cannot take your awesomeness. You deserved that nap like woah.

    Mollie and the Bek for sushi? Win. They both look so freaking cute. I can’t even take how many things were involved in your weekend that I want to comment on. Every photo is great.

    I think it’s about time I reared this lovefest of a comment in and ended it. So, have a wonderful Monday beautiful lady! I love your face, it’s adorable. ❤

  9. You biked 20 miles and then ran 10??? You are quite a bad ass my friend 😉 I can’t imagine biking then running! Seriously just the thought makes me want to fall over! And then hiking five miles the next day?? Goodness girl I hope you got tons of sleep haha…i want to take a nap for you! Those pics from yesterday look beautiful 🙂 I have to get joe out on a hike asap! Too beautiful these days to spend so much time inside!

  10. Your weekend sounds AMAZING!! ALL OF THIS! So much activity I want to all of it right now. You are a serious best for the bike/run combo, I am so impressed. Also that hike looks gorgeous and I need to live in that house!

  11. LOVE the bike/run combo!! way to rock it!!
    And Salmon– mY meal of choice!!! Always always want it!! It has long been my pre-race meal! I really could eat it for every meal (but I am not made of that kind of money 🙂 )
    You guys rockand are awesome in many ways and i wish you the best of weeks 🙂

  12. Dang, girl!! That is an intense bike/run combo! I think after that you can’t really refer to yourself as “lazy” when getting up from a nap. I’m very impressed! Yay for hiking!! It looks like it was a gorgeous day… I’m glad you guys had a good time!

  13. Who would’ve thought Atlanta could be so beautiful?! That was one gorgeous hike and it looks like the senator loved it too.
    I can’t believe you ran 10 miles after a 20 mile bike ride. You’re nuts! I’d say the 2 hour nap was well warranted.
    Those witch finger grapes are creepy looking. I agree, very strange grape industry…very strange.

  14. Holy balls that’s an amazing workout! Maybe you should try one of those sprint dualathalons? (I have no idea how to spell that, sorry!). This looks like a lovely, healthy, fun-filled weekend 🙂

  15. Awesome backyard duathlon this weekend! I said it on IG, and I’ll say it again: you are a rock star!!! While I have only done a few sprint duathlons, I do find that the more I practice transitioning between the sports, the easier it gets. When I first started training, my legs felt like lead after biking. Now I think it actually improves my running pace because I am used to going so fast on the bike.

    Based on your mileage, go for the full triathlon over the sprint! You are ready girl!

  16. basil pesto butter sauce sounds out of this world! On another note, I already think of you as a tri-athlete. 20 miles of biking followed by 10 miles of running? You are a superstar girl! hehehe cotton candy grapes…I would have bought them just for the name!

  17. I’ve been on the search for the cotton candy grapes but can’t find them anywhere! Looks like you had a great weekend! Your brick Saturday is awesome! After 20 miles on the bike I would probably not last more than 2 miles on a run. Not tris for me any time soon ha

  18. I’m new to the blog… came over from Kathy’s blog 🙂
    I can’t believe you biked 20 miles and then ran 10. You are CRAAAYYYYZEE!
    That’s awesome though.
    Can’t wait to read more!

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