Happy Things Everywhere

Hi! Right now I am on a plane traveling for work and I’ll be there allllll week. Yay.

This weekend was a great one, naturally, and here’s why:

Friday night the bow tie dog Senator and I had a most excellent run.


I should get a life, right? Saturday was the best but it started off with an AWFUL 9 mile run. I just couldn’t get into it and I think I just had some really tired legs. I think my legs were not ready for a run after the several runs I went on this week.


At mile 7, my friend and I ran by a donut shop and while I’m not normally a donut fan, these aren’t just any kind of donuts. They are made with all real ingredients and they are so fresh. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.


Naturally after the run, I drove my happy self over there once I finished and fetched a whole box of these babies. YES!!!!


Then I got my nails done, went shopping, oh, and also helped execute a surprise birthday party for two of the most awesome ladies in the world.


Catherine and I have been planning their surprise birthday party for quite some time and I’m so happy it all came together on Saturday! Rebekah was wayyyy surprised but the sleuth Jacque had a hunch that something was up. In any case, it was successful!!


Bek’s adorbzzz familia.



The party planning committee!


A couple of the ladies!


Mollz and her man!


Marble cake for Jacque and red velvet for Bek. YUM!!


I hope the two birthday ladies enjoyed their nights! I sure had a fab time!


And yesterday was a dreary day so naturally I didn’t leave the couch. Or do anything at all. Ha, the perfect end to my perfect weekend! Happy Monday everyone!


Do you travel for work? Do you like to travel?

How was your weekend?

Do you like surprises? 🙂

#Miami and things

Ohhhh so so sad to be back in reality this week after a wonderful vacation, but alas, the show must go on. Smile Rather than update you guys on my rather mundane work week, I shall recap the awesomeness that was MIAMI, or, #BBM2014. Bek and I met up with Charlotte and Kathy for a relaxing weekend on the beach. And yes, as Charlotte has said…


We sure did, Janice, we sure did.

We all got in on Thursday and immediately darted to the beach. Naturally.

But seriously, how gorgeous.


14 - 206


Not only is Kathy amazing, she’s also sorta the most gorgeous. Smile


After we basked in the sun and chatted for a while, we learned quickly that Kathy needed to eat promptly at 5:30 – old lady status. Fine, I can get down with that. It just justifies a midnight snack! Smile The restaurant from the first night was #thebest I mean, come on, this is where we sat….


(note – no one else is there because it’s so early…)


Friday began bright and early with some delicious hotel breakfast (haha) and THE POOL.


Like legit, the pool #ALLLLthelivelongday.

And these almonds were my snack everyday! Smile

Friday night was another tasty dinner – a la sushi style!

Oh, and we fancy.

rotate this

Charlotte is kinda the cutest and wittiest person ever.

This night had my FAVE drink by far. That strawberry thing was pure deliciousness.

Super gorg trees!

For Saturday’s shenanigans, we moved our talents to the infinity pool. Again, #wefancy.

And a little bit of beach time!

The third dinner was an awesome restaurant-but we were SO DAMN EARLY because Kathy has to eat with the seniors that the place wasn’t even open when we arrived. #oldfolks

Naturally, we took a bunch of pictures!!!

three girls

three girls 2


The food was all locally grown/organic/grown in their own backyard. Freaking the most perfect and fresh and amazing food ever.

Gnocchi with some other veggies and crap.

Salmon with some sort of turmeric sauce and green tea noodles. This was the besttttt.

And Charlotte got some sort of fish that was way too awesome looking.

And then we decided to #yolo and go out out out. It’s rare that all of us go out at all but we just HAD to, right?

And that evening appropriately concluded a pretty legendary vacation.

Oh, and if you read Kathy’s blog, that little video of her falling off the table in the club while dancing a crazy jig is legit a real thing. #blackmailforlife

How have you been?

Is this too obnoxious for you?

What’s your ideal vacation – beach, mountains, or what?


ALSO – I have to travel ALLLL week next week again (sigh) so I’ll be MIA once more. AGHHH worst blogger ever.

Nashville Country Music Marathon and BYEEE! :)

Happy Monday! 🙂 I’m ready to tackle this week because NEXT week I’ll be living it up on the beach in Miami!!! Can we say #yoloyoloyolo? Did you just leave me for that belligerence? Then YOLO to you!

Ok, f’real, here’s what went down this weekend. Nashville Country Music Marathon is what went down. The end.


Yeah, we all know I’m not that short winded. Come on. Here we go.

I wasn’t excited about this race. I just had a pretty lame attitude leading up to it. I had some awesome training runs and I don’t ever doubt my ability to finish something that I start, but I just wasn’t amped – not at all.


Compared to the Seattle or Georgia marathon, I was alarmingly apathetic toward the marathon. When I crossed the start line, I wasn’t really feeling it. So bizarre for me – but I was already sweating and I let heat affect me like crazy. I even called fitnesscrEATures BEK at .5 miles in (HA!) and chatted with her about how I just wasn’t into it.


It’s probably all in my head. I don’t know. Anyway, I chugged right along at a slow, slow pace. I knew with my attitude being where it was, I had to be patient with my body.


Miles 1-11 the marathoners and the half marathoners all stayed together. That was pretty cool because there were SO MANY half marathon runners – which made for an exciting vibe. I just wish I had felt it more.


At mile 8, my boyfriend met up with me on the bike and I pulled out my headphones and said, “Babe, I’m OVER this!” He told me afterward that he didn’t know how to respond – by telling me that I had 18 more or not… Ha, he didn’t respond, so that was smart on his part. He rode with me the entire duration of the race. I can’t even begin to describe how crucial his presence was. He stopped at a gas station and brought me Gatorade. He gave me strength and belief that I could finish.


The course itself was gorgeous. The rolling hills were on point with Atlanta hills, if not a bit smaller. I saw a man wearing the Georgia marathon shirt and afterward we compared the two marathons and agreed 100% that Nashville is a much better course. MUCH better. 🙂 I only wish I had been feeling it more.


I let my attitude really impact my performance, along with the heat that I have not trained in at all. The group of people I was pacing with were on a walk/jog schedule and I’ve never seen so many people walking during a marathon. I was more than happy to walk jog to the end.


To be honest, my goal was to beat my last marathon time – 4:40. That’s my goal for every ‘big’ race – just improve from my last time. I knew my training would allow for that, definitely. But after the first few miles, I just sort of let that goal go. I just wanted to finish, and be done with it.


I know that a lot of this doesn’t sound super wonderful, but it really is. I’m happy to have experienced something to teach me that I’m not invincible and that I can be challenged in ways I never knew possible. I was so so happy when I saw mile marker 25 that I ran so fast to just finish.


I didn’t hit my goal but I finished and I am happy and proud. I have never worked harder to complete a task and that’s a testament to my adoration toward running. I would absolutely do this race again if it was guaranteed to not be hot outside! And hell, I have the Chicago marathon on the agenda this year, so there’s still another opportunity to PR! In the end, I finished in 5:07:43 – 27 minutes slower than my PR. Wow. As shockingly different as those two numbers are, I worked harder for this medal. I’m happy it’s over and I’m ready for Chicago, ha!

As for the BYEEEE in my post title, I’m traveling for work Tuesday-Monday (yeah, I’m going to be miserable and I sacrificed my weekend, BOOOO) so I’ll be MIA. And then I’m going to MIAMI on Thursday (BBM2014) so I may check in, I may not. We shall see how this chick feels.

One more thing about marathons: ALL.THE.FOOD.


Hand cut fries + fried pickles.


Red velvet, triple chocolate, banana, coffee, and cookies and cream cupcakes.


Crab cakes + French fries (so that makes twice in one day!).


Breakfast buffet on Sunday morning. I’m always insatiable the days after a long run!



And that, my blogging peeps, is what I did this weekend. Ran and then ate. And reflected a lot. All good stuff. So I’ll catch up with all of you as soon as I have a free moment after my travels! My work traveling means no free time at alllllll. UGH!

How was your weekend?

Was this post just way too long and annoying for you? I feel ya.

What’s something that was extra challenging for you recently?

P.S. A special shout out to that hawt girl Amanda for introducing me to the “Bachelorette Party” Pandora station. Hellz ya that powered me through some mileage on Saturday! 🙂

P.P.S. Another special shout out to all my support from all my friend IRL. <3<3 You all know who you are – those who texted me and wished me luck… All my love. ❤

It’s Marathon Week!!

Welp! This Saturday is it! My third marathon! I can’t wait!!! This week will be filled with nerves, excitement and mental preparation! I’ll be hydrating like crazy all week long and remaining on my best behavior! 🙂 WOO! CAN.NOT.WAIT! << I mostly can’t wait because I don’t love running in this heat that’s rapidly approaching and as soon as the marathon is over, I won’t need to run outside if I don’t want to! 🙂

So backing up a bit… This weekend was filled with lots of food and lots of activities, per the usual. Saturday morning at 5:30 am, I met up with a friend for a 10 mile run. It was POURING but we did it anyway! We saw tons of deer along the trail which was totally adorable.


This is one of my favorite places to run because it’s full of rolling hills and is so majestic.


Right after I finished that, I met up with Mollz and some others with my man for a 5K in downtown.



The reward at the end was a free beer! Yep! WOOOOO!


And by then, I was starved, so naturally, I loaded up!


After resting up and running errands, my boyfriend and I went out to celebrate a special occasion and we absolutely indulged in an awesome dinner!


Yesterday was spent with more indulgences – a la Easter style! There were delicious treats everywhere and this girl didn’t hold back #yolo



What do you do to prepare during race week?

Will you run in the rain?

What’s your favorite post race meal?