Nashville Country Music Marathon and BYEEE! :)

Happy Monday! 🙂 I’m ready to tackle this week because NEXT week I’ll be living it up on the beach in Miami!!! Can we say #yoloyoloyolo? Did you just leave me for that belligerence? Then YOLO to you!

Ok, f’real, here’s what went down this weekend. Nashville Country Music Marathon is what went down. The end.


Yeah, we all know I’m not that short winded. Come on. Here we go.

I wasn’t excited about this race. I just had a pretty lame attitude leading up to it. I had some awesome training runs and I don’t ever doubt my ability to finish something that I start, but I just wasn’t amped – not at all.


Compared to the Seattle or Georgia marathon, I was alarmingly apathetic toward the marathon. When I crossed the start line, I wasn’t really feeling it. So bizarre for me – but I was already sweating and I let heat affect me like crazy. I even called fitnesscrEATures BEK at .5 miles in (HA!) and chatted with her about how I just wasn’t into it.


It’s probably all in my head. I don’t know. Anyway, I chugged right along at a slow, slow pace. I knew with my attitude being where it was, I had to be patient with my body.


Miles 1-11 the marathoners and the half marathoners all stayed together. That was pretty cool because there were SO MANY half marathon runners – which made for an exciting vibe. I just wish I had felt it more.


At mile 8, my boyfriend met up with me on the bike and I pulled out my headphones and said, “Babe, I’m OVER this!” He told me afterward that he didn’t know how to respond – by telling me that I had 18 more or not… Ha, he didn’t respond, so that was smart on his part. He rode with me the entire duration of the race. I can’t even begin to describe how crucial his presence was. He stopped at a gas station and brought me Gatorade. He gave me strength and belief that I could finish.


The course itself was gorgeous. The rolling hills were on point with Atlanta hills, if not a bit smaller. I saw a man wearing the Georgia marathon shirt and afterward we compared the two marathons and agreed 100% that Nashville is a much better course. MUCH better. 🙂 I only wish I had been feeling it more.


I let my attitude really impact my performance, along with the heat that I have not trained in at all. The group of people I was pacing with were on a walk/jog schedule and I’ve never seen so many people walking during a marathon. I was more than happy to walk jog to the end.


To be honest, my goal was to beat my last marathon time – 4:40. That’s my goal for every ‘big’ race – just improve from my last time. I knew my training would allow for that, definitely. But after the first few miles, I just sort of let that goal go. I just wanted to finish, and be done with it.


I know that a lot of this doesn’t sound super wonderful, but it really is. I’m happy to have experienced something to teach me that I’m not invincible and that I can be challenged in ways I never knew possible. I was so so happy when I saw mile marker 25 that I ran so fast to just finish.


I didn’t hit my goal but I finished and I am happy and proud. I have never worked harder to complete a task and that’s a testament to my adoration toward running. I would absolutely do this race again if it was guaranteed to not be hot outside! And hell, I have the Chicago marathon on the agenda this year, so there’s still another opportunity to PR! In the end, I finished in 5:07:43 – 27 minutes slower than my PR. Wow. As shockingly different as those two numbers are, I worked harder for this medal. I’m happy it’s over and I’m ready for Chicago, ha!

As for the BYEEEE in my post title, I’m traveling for work Tuesday-Monday (yeah, I’m going to be miserable and I sacrificed my weekend, BOOOO) so I’ll be MIA. And then I’m going to MIAMI on Thursday (BBM2014) so I may check in, I may not. We shall see how this chick feels.

One more thing about marathons: ALL.THE.FOOD.


Hand cut fries + fried pickles.


Red velvet, triple chocolate, banana, coffee, and cookies and cream cupcakes.


Crab cakes + French fries (so that makes twice in one day!).


Breakfast buffet on Sunday morning. I’m always insatiable the days after a long run!



And that, my blogging peeps, is what I did this weekend. Ran and then ate. And reflected a lot. All good stuff. So I’ll catch up with all of you as soon as I have a free moment after my travels! My work traveling means no free time at alllllll. UGH!

How was your weekend?

Was this post just way too long and annoying for you? I feel ya.

What’s something that was extra challenging for you recently?

P.S. A special shout out to that hawt girl Amanda for introducing me to the “Bachelorette Party” Pandora station. Hellz ya that powered me through some mileage on Saturday! 🙂

P.P.S. Another special shout out to all my support from all my friend IRL. <3<3 You all know who you are – those who texted me and wished me luck… All my love. ❤

55 thoughts on “Nashville Country Music Marathon and BYEEE! :)

  1. Not at all 🙂 I love hearing about your races, and I think it’s pretty amazing that you finished given the heat. Your bf is pretty damn awesome for biking it with you too! Joe biked during my longer run this weekend, which I loved, so hearing that your man biked a marathon with you gives me ideas for the future 😉 Joe may come back to get you at some point for this 😀 congrats on another finish, love!! Makes me very excited to get back on the marathon track 😉

  2. I’ve run a half in Nashville, and I would agree that the hills are on a par with ATL. But having done the half portion of the Georgia Marathon, I liked the ATL course better. But that’s my humble opinion and also I’m from ATL so I love going home.
    Good for you for pushing through–you knew it was mental, and not a physical, roadblock, and sometimes those runs and races are the very best for us because when we are done, the reward is so vivid.
    Have a great work week and then off to MIAMI!
    I asked my readers about long posts today too haha.

    • haha, i LOVE the georgia course so much because I’m so familiar, but I like the hills in Nashville a bit more! 🙂 so awesome that you can talk to me about my thingsss in ATL haha! Any other awesome races in the area you recommend?

      • Hmm I didn’t start running until I left GA, unfortunately, but Elizabeth at Running For Bling is a local who can help you out, for sure! Also, Big Peach Running co–Team Challenge Georgia runs out of there (and Phidipides) and they would have some great ideas.

  3. Girl you freaking killed it. I’m so proud of you for going in and making it happen. You may not have PRed but you gained some SERIOUS mental strength! You’re an amazing inspiration and I can’t wait to cheer you on for CHICAGO WOO WOO!!

    • thanks lady! 🙂 can’t wait to cheer YOU on on Oct 27. Also, i really might be cheering you on, on the course! 🙂

  4. I love this!! I always found it funny, how a run or race being so much harder, getting a slower time, and still being proud of it, because you know you gave it your heart and soul and that is what matters most. I think that is what makes us runners. Because we always give our heart in soul in every run, not because we feel we have to, but because we want to. So proud of you girly for sticking with it <3!!! And good job to your boyfriend for not saying anything hahahaha I know that if mine told me, "well you have 18 more miles" I'd shoot myself. Well now I'm really looking forward to those Miami recaps!!! And I'll be stalking yours and Bek's instagram, so you two better post a ton!!! Have a great Monday 🙂

    • Thanks Chelsea! ❤ Such a sweet comment! I did try and give it everything I had… Ugh. Sometimes you just can't win! 🙂

  5. You’re my super woman, girl. Way to power through all those miles! You SO deserved all those fries and I am jealous because I miss the gloriousness that is the potato. Ugh. Also, how great is Nadir for biking along with you? I think I will definitely enlist James to do that for me one day. BTW…I don’t even know who the eff I am anymore…but I’m thinking about singing up for a half marathon. Whhhhaaaa? Yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see if that actually happens. In any case, have fun traveling for work (boo!). Make sure you get your boss’ moneys worth by ordering lots of paid for alcohol and lobster dinners. I’m seriously, pick the most expensive thing on the menu. It makes you feel better when work traveling, for me at least 😉 Happy Monday, beautiful!!!!

    • Thanks Lesleeee you’re the best!
      Dude, you can totally do a half, you’re building such an AWESOME base and frankly, if I can do it, anyone can. 🙂
      I will try. I’m really not looking forward to this trip AT ALL.

  6. SO I’m not running a marathon, and really cannot whine to you..but my GOD I have hated my long runs. Mentally I CANNOT get into them and I am dreading my race next weekend. Actually that’s not entirely true, I’m excited for the race, but have no goals. I just want to get it done. BLAH!

    You kicked ass in this race and I am legit proud of you for pushing on! I would have wanted to be carried by the bike. HAVE FUN AT BBM can’t wait to read about that shit!

    • DUDE I hear you on that!!!!! I really 100% do! Sometimes you’re just simply NOT feeling it. 🙂
      Wish you were coming!!

  7. I am super super proud of you! I was thinking about you this morning because I am pretty sure I either missed an instagram update or you didn’t post one about the marathon and I was wondering how you did! It is sooooooo hard to run any race, especially a 26.2 (which I have no experience with) but when you aren’t feeling it, my goodness it is that much harder. I traumatized myself by not finishing the half a few weeks ago; even though I definitely didn’t feel well, I now question my ability to power through the races where I am not in the mood. I may run another half this Sunday just to conquer my new found fear. Amazing job, keep on eating! lol. Best thing is the eating after a good hard long run!

    • Aw, Meredith, you’re one of the best runners I read a blog about… You’re always powering through, and one race does not make us or break us. 🙂 Regardless of race outcome, we are runners, damn it! 🙂 Thanks girly, and I hope you conquer this thing on Sunday!!



    But then I looked at registration and didn’t want to shell out that much money… so no Chicago for me. 😦 One of these days we will find ourselves in the same city. ONE OF THESE DAYS.

    Errr, but about the actual post: I’m sorry it was kind of a “ehh” race, but you have a great attitude about it. Running ONE marathon (let alone three!) is something most people will never achieve in their lifetime, and it’s definitely something to be admired and happy about. If you don’t check in before, have fun on vacay!!

    • Haha, yeah I am in this Chicago marathon. It was really hard to charge it (yeah, charge it, not debit it) but I’ve quickly paid it off…. And it will be SO worth it, I just know it. 🙂 Thanks girly!!!

  9. Hey, you know what? I still think you killed it with this marathon, especially since your last one wasn’t that long ago. Plus, post-race food makes any race worth it 😉 I wanted to run Chicago except then I realized I haven’t been healthy for longer than 3 months at a time in the last year and a half sooooo I need to work on that first. Bummer dude. I still say you should come run a race up in new england. Have a fun week at work and on vacation! Funny story- you always write about BBM but I never know what it means. It sounds fun though so I’m just going to go with it!

    • I would LOVE to run the NY marathon or even Boston in my wildest dreams! Naturally you’ll be the first to know when I do!! Or really, any race up there.. now that I think about it… haha – any suggestions?
      ahhh haha it stands for blogging boner meet up (kathy @ vodka and soda’s creativity!) and it’s vacation time in miami! 🙂 lol!

  10. You’re still invincible to me!!! Seriously though, if I had to run 26 miles I’d have a pretty shitty attitude about it so don’t stress. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty solid attitude coming out of it so I don’t need to tell you that there’s always next time. You got this you gorgeous bombshell you. Harass me from Miami while I down myself in recipes. Seriously I think I broke my back making six recipes this weekend. Running a marathon ain’t seeming so bad right now!

    • haha well your fun = my torture. baking + cooking is the enemy! thanks girly, i will absolutely be sure to send you inappropriate selfies all the live long day!

  11. I’m honestly just impressed that you could “not be feeling it” and still run a freakin’ marathon hahah! You’re CRAZY girl! I probably would just sit down on the cry and complain until Kyle carried me home. This girl right here has lots of motivation, obviously ;).

    Congrats on finishing and YES to all the post-marathon food!

  12. The fact that you powered thru that marathon despite not feeling it is super inspiring!! LOVE that your man helped you thru it the whole way too, what a team 🙂 All the food looks amazing and you certainly deserved it! Get some well deserved rest in miamiiiiiii lovely lady! Xoxo

    • right – it was all about the foodie finish! haha she was a no show… 🙂 I was hoping to see someone famous – total fail. whoops!!

  13. Congrats on finishing a tough run!! Hanging in there when it sucks is a sign of a true badass 🙂 Also, that food makes all those hours totes worth it. Have fun in Miami!!! Eat all the Cuban food.

  14. YAY! Congratulations on completing it! That’s always my goal when it comes to runs. I feel like every day is different and every run is a new challenge. I’m so glad you finished on a positive note. Also, it’s good to know about the Nashville race. I was considering it next year. Safe travels for work. Have a great week my friend!

    • I would do it again in a heartbeat! Maybe I’d do the half next year… I just hate the darn heat so much! 🙂 Do the publix half too, it’s the best!

  15. Way to go, friend!! I think those mentally tough marathons are always a true test of your strength and will and you succeeded at that!! Not every race will be a PR…especially battling the heat and humidity. But you did it!! I agree the post run eats are always the icing on the cake. Congrats to you once again on getting it done!!! You rock! And ENJOY MIAMI!!!

    • True, and that was something I just had to accept, which was tough at first, but ultimately, very relieving and wonderful. It is what it is. THANK YOU!!! 🙂 🙂

  16. Huge congrats on finishing the marathon!!! I totally feel ya when you say you just weren’t totally into it… sometimes the vibe strikes, and there’s not much you can do about it. So all the more power to you for finishing and getting through it!! So amazing that your boyfriend rode with you for so many miles- cutest thing I’ve ever heard. And all the FOOD makes the whole thing super worth it. And sounds like you have a great week ahead.. jealous of Miami!! Xo

    • Thanks girly! Right, it’s sort of sad but at the same time it’s empowering to finish knowing it wasn’t the 1st thing you wanted to do… Haha! Ohhh yes I;m in desperate need of some beach + sun time so Miami will be amazing. 🙂

  17. YOU ARE MILES and I MEAN MILES a head of me! I could never in 1010001010101 years do a marathon…. I could walk one, sure… But not RUN ONE! Want to walk one with me? I have a feeling we would have tons of fun! LMFAO.

  18. Congrats on finishing this race in the heat, when you weren’t feeling it- a marathon is still a ridiculous accomplishment and I’m happy for you. Ps I also love my pink CEPs!

  19. I’m still amazed that you did it, I don’t think I can ever put my body through 26.2 miles- it would probably quit itself haha. What a great boyfriend you have, I can tell he really cares about you. 🙂

  20. Congrats on your race! It’s not always about a PR – this coming from someone who usually makes it about a PR but after a very cold, wet, rainy half marathon, I learned that a mental PR is just as rewarding. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? I don’t see any buttons but I see you all the time on Instagram 🙂

  21. I can totally relate to not feeling a run. It happens to me every time I go further than 3 miles, haha. But you’re truly inspiring to finish it when you felt that way the whole time. And I love that your man encouraged you through it all, so sweet!!

    I hope you have a nice time in Miami and get to soak up some vitamin D. I see Rebekah has officially resigned from the blog…we’ll miss her dearly but I’m glad you’ve decided to stick around! Be sure to pop in with some pics once you’re back home!!

  22. Haaaa! You crack me up. I love how you called Meg a few minutes in and then told your man you weren’t feeling it… you’re better than me, because I would not have been able to complete it if I was just not into it at those points already. Kudos to you for finishing it!! You’re awesome. And have an amazing vacay in Miami! 🙂

  23. New reader over here- so excited to read about your Nashville marathon! I have done the half four times there and have just loved it (even though 2 out of 4 races rained the entire time!) I love how they have bands along the way- so fun!

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