It’s Marathon Week!!

Welp! This Saturday is it! My third marathon! I can’t wait!!! This week will be filled with nerves, excitement and mental preparation! I’ll be hydrating like crazy all week long and remaining on my best behavior! 🙂 WOO! CAN.NOT.WAIT! << I mostly can’t wait because I don’t love running in this heat that’s rapidly approaching and as soon as the marathon is over, I won’t need to run outside if I don’t want to! 🙂

So backing up a bit… This weekend was filled with lots of food and lots of activities, per the usual. Saturday morning at 5:30 am, I met up with a friend for a 10 mile run. It was POURING but we did it anyway! We saw tons of deer along the trail which was totally adorable.


This is one of my favorite places to run because it’s full of rolling hills and is so majestic.


Right after I finished that, I met up with Mollz and some others with my man for a 5K in downtown.



The reward at the end was a free beer! Yep! WOOOOO!


And by then, I was starved, so naturally, I loaded up!


After resting up and running errands, my boyfriend and I went out to celebrate a special occasion and we absolutely indulged in an awesome dinner!


Yesterday was spent with more indulgences – a la Easter style! There were delicious treats everywhere and this girl didn’t hold back #yolo



What do you do to prepare during race week?

Will you run in the rain?

What’s your favorite post race meal?

Loosely Training

So I’m signed up for a half marathon that is on August 17 and I’m getting excited to start loosely training for it. I say loosely because I am also thinking, trying, probably going to do a full toward the end of the year and will be training for that amidst this half training. We’ll see how much fun this will be over the summer. This will be my second half (my first half was awful) and my second full (my first full was awful too and if you’re bored enough, you can find it in the blog archive!). We shall see. I’m working on consistency right now, because that was a big flaw of my marathon training before – not enough practice. I always got in my long runs, but I didn’t always do my weekly mileage that I was supposed to do. I also rarely cross trained so I’m hoping to do significantly better by changing my ways (AKA, following directions).



I went for a run last night just to get back into the swing of things post vacation and thought it was awesome that my phone case, my nails and my tank all matched! Score.


I thought you guys would want to know all about it. So there you go. Also, that tank is from Old Navy and I’m loving it (who knew?). Oh, wait, Andrea @ Morning Runner Girl already knew. I guess I’m late on that. 🙂

And, of course, what else do you do on a Tuesday night after a 5K other than hang out with friends and pretend you’re still on vacation?

She thinks I enjoy her attitude. Oh, well, I secretly do. 🙂


We went to a funky spot in downtown Atlanta for the evening to relax and catch up with each other.

As I’ve said before, I lack creativity so when I see art, I get too excited!


I can’t imagine how long that took to complete; there is so much detail!


The place we went was eclectic and it was nice to see everyone (I promise there were other people, they just didn’t want to cooperate and take pictures for the blog, JEREMY!).

So, a successful 5K and still in denial about not being at the beach was my night last night. 🙂 Oh, and mapping out training plans and goals. Yipee.

I know a lot of you are training too – any advice?

What do you do to cross train during race training?

Where do you normally buy your workout gear? I’m usually all up in Nike Outlet’s grill when it comes to workout clothes. They probably hate me because I try on 1 million things and leave with 5. It adds up, people!