A Little Less Run, A Lot More Walk

Wowwww I had a busy weekend! And it’s making me feel pretty lethargic this morning… Wahhh I hate you Monday.


Friday night a group of us went to the first baseball game of the season! 🙂 It was Drew’s birthday and it was such a fun night!


Mollie + her man + her man’s BFF + me all started off at a bar before the game and walked through downtown to get to the game afterward! We walked a solid 2 + ish miles. 🙂



Part of our tailgate!


My boo Catherine and my RB, Ash! 🙂



Mahhhh man and me!


My RB, her GF the birthday girl and yours truly.


OMG crEATure Bek! 🙂


Throwing flowers and shizzz… Gotta ❤ love my hippy girls!


It was definitely a fun and full night! And Saturday morning I opted for some hot yoga instead of a long run so Mollie and I walked up to the hot yoga studio. It was such a perfect day and it’s only about 3 miles round trip!



It was such a gorgeous day – ahhh!!!!! And hot yoga was very cleansing and delightful as usual. Later on, we got an invitation to go the Braves game, again, and we happily obliged as the seats were in 6th row! YEP!




Yesterday was a bit stressful in the morning – I went to bed Saturday night and my calf was feeling a bit off but I figured I’d sleep it off. WRONG. I got up early to get in my 12 miles and decided against it. My left calf definitely has a pulled muscle in it. I think I overstretched it in hot yoga and it’s moderately painful. I just don’t want to risk making it worse so I took today off and will reevaluate later. Ain’t nobody got time for a real injury 2 weeks before a marathon, #amiright?

My workout schedule this week: (putting this down for accountability!) Monday – 5 miles (if it’s not hurting and if it’s not pouring) and my first barre class with my RB, Ash! Tuesday – 1 + hour swim, Wednesday – cycle, Thursday – either a 5K or hot yoga, Friday – cycle, Saturday a 5K race, Sunday – 8 miles (last long run before marathon!). So here’s hoping my dummy calf muscle pulls itself together. ASAP. #thankyousomuch

And in honor of the Braves starting off the year on a great foot (GO ATL!!!!!!!!!), The Senator has something to say to you all:


If only dogs could talk, he’d be yelling profanities. Haha. #nodogswereharmed

How was your weekend?

Do you like baseball?

How do you annoy your pet?

I’ve Got a Good Feeling

Hello hello! I am backkkkk after a week away! I didn’t realize it til just now but I ran 48 miles this past week. Hot damn that’s too many for me! I might dial back a bit this week. It’s just the best thing to do when it’s this lovely outside. Anyway, my weekend was the bestttt (as weekends always are these days!). It all started with my run on Saturday morning.


I mean seriously, how perfect was it outside?


I have had an off week of running but this 20 mile run brought me right back to my confident running self. It was so good, in fact, that I was screaming positive profanities at mile 18 because I was so happy and it just felt so good! Sorry to anyone around me! 🙂 But not really sorry.


This is my last ‘long’ run until the marathon in 3 weeks I have 12 miles this weekend, and then 8 the following weekend, and then the race! 🙂 YAY!


I made The Senator celebrate with me. And then I celebrated with my favorite Mexican food ever… So delicious.


And I was apparently really excited because I wanted to celebrate some more. We all went out to a fun bar close to home. I totes made everyone pose for these pictures. No wonder it’s rare that people invite me to do things.


Mah man and me!


Bek’s lil sis, her best friend, BEK OH HELLO HOW ARE YOU and me.


Unreal how well she’s doing a mere 2 days after wisdom teeth surgery. I was a big pansy after mine and she’s doing fine. No fair!! 🙂

And yesterday was a day full of some much needed spring shopping! I don’t love shopping but it had to be done. Wearing sweaters when it’s 80 degrees outside won’t work any longer.

How was your weekend?

How is the weather where you are

What’s your favorite way to celebrate and treat yourself after a good workout?

Sweating with Friends

Ayyyyy, FRIDAY you sexy beast!


It’s sad but it’s true. Although, sadly, today, I’ll be glued to a computer playing auditor and checking specific numbers against specific data. SO MUCH FUN, right?


But what is fun is what I did last night. So let’s focus on that instead of my terribly awful work day today.

The girlfriends and I got together for a circuit workout + wine. We are constantly trying to get everyone together to workout and we came up with a plan to workout once a month on a specific day to resolve the headache of planning something all the time.



We set up five stations.

Station ONE: Run up and down the stairs x 6 and 25 squats.


Station TWO: 50 Jump ropes + 50 Jumping Jacks


Station THREE: 15 Plank Jacks + 30 Mountain Climbers


Station FOUR: 15 Shoulder Raises and 15 Bicep Curls (w/15 or 30 pounds)


And station FIVE: 24 Kettlebell Swings + 15 Push Ups



Haha thanks to Rebekah and Google+ for making that a .gif. 🙂

And we repeated that thrice before we indulged in some wine, hummus and COOKIES.


Not only was it fun, but it was also a really great workout! For real, it was awesome and I’m a bit sore. My upper body is neglected.


I would, Dr. Evil. I would.

It was only missing out 6th member, MOLLZZZZZZ 😦 but it was still wonderful. And I can guarantee that if I attempted this alone, I would have failed. Having the music blasting and the energy moving really made this so easy to complete. Or you can tell me it was an easy circuit?

Dearest ladies, this was the best workout (aside from this past Sunday, ASH!) that I’ve had in a while. Can’t wait for next month’s workout!!!! And wine too, duh. ❤


Am I the only one who hates working on Fridays?

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you ever workout with friends?


Oh My Goodness!


Rather than share my weekend festivities today, I’m honing in on one event to brag about for the entire post.

If you saw on IG, then you already know and this post might bore you to tears… But I joined the sub-2 half marathon club yesterday!!!!! When should I expect my member’s only jacket to arrive??


Ash, my running bestie, and our cheer squad all met at the butt crack of dawn for the race that started at 7 am.


My boyfriend is always with me and always supporting my running. I couldn’t do it without him.


BEK!! She was so super supportive getting up before 6 to cheer us on!!


Ash and her girlfriend – seriously, we have the most supportive significant others and group of friends.

At around 6:55, Ash and I said bye to our lovers and Bek and headed to our corral. Our goal was sub 2:04 – that was a huge PR for both of us. Her last official half was a 2:15 and my last official half was 2:07. Either way, we were going to crush PR city.


The race is a huge one, so there was a ton of crowding and we were rebellious and didn’t go to our assigned corral. We went up ahead of our assignment to find the 2 hour pace group as a way to stay on track throughout the race. This course is known for the rolling hills. You see how that last mile is totally uphill? Ugh. 🙂


That didn’t phase us, at all! We breezed right through the first 10 miles like it was nothing! Our cheer team eve drove out to mile 7 and surprised us with big race signs!


We were sticking with the 2 hour pace group and I was shocked. I intentionally did not wear my Garmin because I didn’t want to know my time until the end. BUT, like all big races, there were mile markers with the digital time showing for every mile. So, at mile 10, when I saw what the time was and saw how truly attainable sub 2 was, I almost cried right then and there. But I told myself to wait. But really, I feel like the race just flew by. I didn’t start struggling until the 10 mile marker where I started to rely heavily on Ash’s pacing to keep me moving.


Once I crossed that finish line, I rushed to the bathroom (!!!) and then ran to my boyfriend and friends screaming sub 2! Mollie and Nadir were my support for the full last year and they were back again this year! I don’t think I can do this race without the two of them!


Ash and I got separated after we crossed but when we met back up and realized what we had just accomplished, the waterworks came out in full force. I’ve never been so proud. Yep, I cried. But so did Ash!!!!



There has been no better runner’s high than this.


…obviously. 🙂


I can’t even do justice to how amazing our friends/family/significant others were. They cheered for us, they supported us and they motivated us. There is no way I could ever fully put into words how much I need the support and how grateful I am to have it. Truly.


No one wants to wake up early on a Sunday morning and it takes a truly incredible group of people to do that so selflessly.

Best.Race.Ever. It just keeps getting better and better. I cannot believe that I had this in me. I didn’t think this time was attainable for at least a few more months.

I blame Ash, my running bestie. Together we are invincible and unstoppable when it comes to running!! So damn happy and proud of us. Goodness.

What was the best part about your weekend?

What’s your favorite race distance?

Rolling hills – what do you think about them? 🙂