#Miami and things

Ohhhh so so sad to be back in reality this week after a wonderful vacation, but alas, the show must go on. Smile Rather than update you guys on my rather mundane work week, I shall recap the awesomeness that was MIAMI, or, #BBM2014. Bek and I met up with Charlotte and Kathy for a relaxing weekend on the beach. And yes, as Charlotte has said…


We sure did, Janice, we sure did.

We all got in on Thursday and immediately darted to the beach. Naturally.

But seriously, how gorgeous.


14 - 206


Not only is Kathy amazing, she’s also sorta the most gorgeous. Smile


After we basked in the sun and chatted for a while, we learned quickly that Kathy needed to eat promptly at 5:30 – old lady status. Fine, I can get down with that. It just justifies a midnight snack! Smile The restaurant from the first night was #thebest I mean, come on, this is where we sat….


(note – no one else is there because it’s so early…)


Friday began bright and early with some delicious hotel breakfast (haha) and THE POOL.


Like legit, the pool #ALLLLthelivelongday.

And these almonds were my snack everyday! Smile

Friday night was another tasty dinner – a la sushi style!

Oh, and we fancy.

rotate this

Charlotte is kinda the cutest and wittiest person ever.

This night had my FAVE drink by far. That strawberry thing was pure deliciousness.

Super gorg trees!

For Saturday’s shenanigans, we moved our talents to the infinity pool. Again, #wefancy.

And a little bit of beach time!

The third dinner was an awesome restaurant-but we were SO DAMN EARLY because Kathy has to eat with the seniors that the place wasn’t even open when we arrived. #oldfolks

Naturally, we took a bunch of pictures!!!

three girls

three girls 2


The food was all locally grown/organic/grown in their own backyard. Freaking the most perfect and fresh and amazing food ever.

Gnocchi with some other veggies and crap.

Salmon with some sort of turmeric sauce and green tea noodles. This was the besttttt.

And Charlotte got some sort of fish that was way too awesome looking.

And then we decided to #yolo and go out out out. It’s rare that all of us go out at all but we just HAD to, right?

And that evening appropriately concluded a pretty legendary vacation.

Oh, and if you read Kathy’s blog, that little video of her falling off the table in the club while dancing a crazy jig is legit a real thing. #blackmailforlife

How have you been?

Is this too obnoxious for you?

What’s your ideal vacation – beach, mountains, or what?


ALSO – I have to travel ALLLL week next week again (sigh) so I’ll be MIA once more. AGHHH worst blogger ever.

Pro Compression GIVEAWAY!!!

I am so excited and I feel like such a real girl – I am hosting my first (and probably only ever) giveaway for you guys!

I cannot begin to profess my undying love for these Marathon Socks. I was intrigued by the socks after seeing them all over blog land but it wasn’t until I finally followed indirect peer pressure and bought a pair that I was hooked. I didn’t know what I was missing but now I’ll never look back, ever.


Seriously, I feel like they are made of magic and love and everything wonderful to make your legs feel better after a good, solid run.

I obviously have no friends because I choose to wear them in public….

procompression 2

Thank goodness Rebekah lives with me and is forced to remain at my side… Until our lease ends, at least.


I always, always, always wear them after a long run, which means almost every Saturday night. I now swear by them, almost. 🙂 Wouldn’t you?

The way they make my calves and ankles feel after a run is a feeling I always look forward to when I finish my run. In fact, I didn’t have them handy directly after my last long run and I almost went into a panic mode (ask my poor boyfriend, who sweetly offered to take me to buy another pair/brand immediately and I kindly rejected).


Anyway, there’s nothing better than some legitimate recovery after a quality run and I know you all agree – and a lot of you even have these socks! 🙂 So along, with a giveaway and the other coupon code they have going on right now, you can use the following code for 40% off: PCBLG and it will be good on Marathon Socks, Calf Sleeves AND free shipping!

Now the fun part – the giveaway! I know everyone loves something free, so go ahead, comment away below and tell me one of the following things (or all, if you want)!

  • Do you have a pair of Pro Compression already? How do you use them?
  • What do you know about Pro Compression? Do you want a pair?
  • How do you recover after a long run?

Just leave a comment before Friday, July 26, 2013 and I’ll randomly select a winner for a pair of free Pro Compression socks!

**I’m out of town on a cruise with my co blogger and other bestie Mollie until then, so you’ll have to patient. They’re worth the wait, I promise!


P.S. We’ll be back after our cruise – we hope everyone has a great weekend and week and be sure to catch up on shenanigans via Instagram Meg style or Instagram Bek style. See your beautiful faces in a week, blog land! xoxoxo 🙂 🙂

Traveling Shenanigans

Ah, welcome back, Monday. I missed you terribly. I’ve been looking forward to you all weekend.



Friday night I had some delicious eats, courtesy of my boyfriend and his grill! We had grilled squash and grilled zucchini cakes.


Saturday morning, I ran 10 miles with a woman I’m in a professional club with. It was amazing to start breaking in my new Mizuno’s and simultaneously get out a much needed and successful long run. I was a happy girl. There was no soreness, no fatigue, no badness – just pure post run endorphins. Woo! I attribute that to tons of stretching, foam rolling and compression wearing afterward.


I have to run a few more miles in them before I say so indefinitely, but I really loved these shoes. 🙂

I got home afterward, ate a quick breakfast, and my boyfriend and I headed up to Nashville to visit his friend who just had a baby! After the hospital visit, we explored the city and ate some amazing food!


I had sweet potato ravioli (who knew that was even possible?) and it was the best way to kick off a night of hitting all the ‘famous’ country music spots. Caution: you’re about to enter a photo dump zone.




And then we found this store.



And what had me really drooling…


So, if I didn’t love Nashville before, I did after we went to that store! 🙂 Oh what I will do for some candy… or anything sweet…

The weekend ended with a home cooked meal from my parents that was just absolutely delicious and satisfying! They made salmon with a corn salsa and quinoa for the side. Amazing.


After a weekend full of good times, good food and good company, I’m more than ready to relocate that thing I call a routine and get back at it! Time to start breaking in my new running shoes!

What did you do this weekend? Any traveling?

Are you a chocolate candy person or a sugary candy person? I don’t discriminate against either.

How do you recover after a full, fun, busy, indulgent weekend? 🙂


Moving Slowly

I’m rather sluggish after my wonderful, long, extended weekend. Anyone else struggling today? Ehh… Should be a good day! At least it’s nice outside and I’m looking forward to a run and a night with some good (Cuh, that’s Y-O-U!) friends tonight! Here are a few pictures from my lovely beach vacation.

I went for a few runs and did a circuit:


It was hot.


But beautiful.


The weather could not have been better. We did our circuit on Saturday on a little pier in the bay and it made it so much more enjoyable to be on the water and working out! I’m envious of anyone who gets to do this on the regular.


It was excellent and I’m so happy I worked out while I was on vacation. It wasn’t much, but it’s probably the first time I’ve worked out on vacation, ever. Win!

There was lots of good eating and partying, too! 🙂


The whole gang had a great time, for sure.


And I indulged in my favorite things ever – sweets and seafood (duh, together, of course!).




That doesn’t look like much, but it was by far the best pan seared grouper I’ve ever had. Like, wow. << That’s a complete sentence, by the way. Between my big dinners and sweet indulgences, I’m feeling rather sluggish today and am looking forward to my eating routine coming back to life. I hardly managed to get in any nutrients (unless beer counts?) and I’m sure my body is just thrilled with me right now! 🙂

Here’s a photo dump of the pretty pictures I took this weekend to make you guys feel like you were there too (this is for you too, Erin @ Sugar Magnolia!!)




That was the Hilton we stayed at for the first night. Talk about luxurious…That hotel was phenomenal and the staff there were superior than any other hotel I’ve been in. It was a real treat to be there and I hope to return one day!



One last picture…


How was your three day weekend? What was the best part?

What’s your favorite beach activity?

When’s your next vacation?

Ever feel like you need a vacation day after your vacation? I do, today. 🙂