About Me

I used to blog with my roomie/bestie/lovuhfromanothamutha but she has resigned gracefully from her post as co blogger. πŸ™‚ This should explain the plural in the name of the blog. There used to be two of us, I swear, I’m not a total dummy. I shall continue toΒ blog as much as I can!


May her blog posts rest in peace, humorous as they were. πŸ™‚

I am a runner. There are some amazing runs and there are some terrible runs. There are runs that make me feel like I can conquer the world and there are others that make me want to dig into a hole and never come out. The best runs are runs with friends, including my running bestie (RB), Ash. We PR’ed together in March 2014 and now I think I need her in all my races!! Sub two club baby, what whattttttttt!!!


I have completed two full marathons and am training for my third right now! πŸ™‚ Maybe one day I won’t be so lazy and I’ll compile a tab of my race recaps. Until then, you’re forced to search long and far should you want to read anything about my races. #sorrynotsorry

I live in Atlanta and I love exploring the trails with my boyfriend and my pup! He’s not really a pup, but let’s act like he is because let’s be honest, he’s going to live forever. Don’t try to tell me otherwise.




I am downtown Monday through Friday and I love it when it looks like this outside. It always makes for a great run after work! πŸ™‚


And in other generalizations, any time I can work up a sweat, I try to do so. It doesn’t really matter how – cycling, circuits, running, swimming (I think I sweat, I guess I’ll never really know that though!), hiking, and anything active. πŸ™‚


Holler at a shot caller if you need to know anything else. #yolo #hugsandkisses #worstbloggerever #peaceoutyo

31 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great blog! Beautiful ladies! I love the pics. Rebekah – #8. I wonder if you have seen Billy Madison. He has similar issues. Meghan – I used to have a serious sweet tooth too. I started juicing and cut sugar drastically. It was not really hard. Not that sugar is something I avoid, I just do not crave it like I used to. It had not really become a problem until my metabolism slowed with age and I had developed a permanent paunch. I decided that running marathons might be a bit easier without the tire around my midsection. The first time I cut sugar to 30g per day, I lost 15 pounds within a month. Not too bad. I do not blame you though, I have gone to the register many times (the day after Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s) with a basket half filled with candy. Starburst jelly beans and those little Butterfinger eggs are the best!
    I look forward to reading more froom you two!

    • Thank you! Yes – I love Billy Madison and quote it probably too often for Meghan’s taste, haha, although we both love to say “that is correct” (I miss Chris Farley). Another favorite of mine is “no milk will ever be our milk.” Cracks me up, still…Wow! Great job getting healthy and cutting down on your sugar intake! Although I don’t count calories, etc. now, I definitely did when I was first starting to concentrate on my health – it’s a great way to gauge exactly what you’re putting into your body and what you can stand to cut out. And, if for nothing else, it’s just good to be aware of every part of everything you’re eating. I can attest to the Butterfinger eggs being the best! One of the only pieces of Easter candy I ate (The Senator enjoyed the rest for me – it was my fault:() was a Butterfinger egg. So, naturally, I had to go get some Butterfinger ice cream, too. Haha. Thanks for reading!

  2. i’d never read the “about” page before. ahh you girls are hilarious and i found myself thinking “YESSSSSSSS SO TRUE” with more than a few sentences, haha.

    • Haha, thank you! We’re a bit belligerent with how silly we are, but I think it works for us πŸ™‚ Glad you can relate!

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  4. Your blog is so cute! So happy I found it πŸ™‚ I’m gonna poke around a little more now!

    <3, Charlotte

  5. The Senator, Love It!!

    Rebekah, your sections cracked me up, so I mostly forgive you about calling all country crap. Some of it now-a-days is but not all of it.

    I am curious how you two met? Sounds like you guys are very close and I think it is awesome you two are writing a blog together.

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