#Miami and things

Ohhhh so so sad to be back in reality this week after a wonderful vacation, but alas, the show must go on. Smile Rather than update you guys on my rather mundane work week, I shall recap the awesomeness that was MIAMI, or, #BBM2014. Bek and I met up with Charlotte and Kathy for a relaxing weekend on the beach. And yes, as Charlotte has said…


We sure did, Janice, we sure did.

We all got in on Thursday and immediately darted to the beach. Naturally.

But seriously, how gorgeous.


14 - 206


Not only is Kathy amazing, she’s also sorta the most gorgeous. Smile


After we basked in the sun and chatted for a while, we learned quickly that Kathy needed to eat promptly at 5:30 – old lady status. Fine, I can get down with that. It just justifies a midnight snack! Smile The restaurant from the first night was #thebest I mean, come on, this is where we sat….


(note – no one else is there because it’s so early…)


Friday began bright and early with some delicious hotel breakfast (haha) and THE POOL.


Like legit, the pool #ALLLLthelivelongday.

And these almonds were my snack everyday! Smile

Friday night was another tasty dinner – a la sushi style!

Oh, and we fancy.

rotate this

Charlotte is kinda the cutest and wittiest person ever.

This night had my FAVE drink by far. That strawberry thing was pure deliciousness.

Super gorg trees!

For Saturday’s shenanigans, we moved our talents to the infinity pool. Again, #wefancy.

And a little bit of beach time!

The third dinner was an awesome restaurant-but we were SO DAMN EARLY because Kathy has to eat with the seniors that the place wasn’t even open when we arrived. #oldfolks

Naturally, we took a bunch of pictures!!!

three girls

three girls 2


The food was all locally grown/organic/grown in their own backyard. Freaking the most perfect and fresh and amazing food ever.

Gnocchi with some other veggies and crap.

Salmon with some sort of turmeric sauce and green tea noodles. This was the besttttt.

And Charlotte got some sort of fish that was way too awesome looking.

And then we decided to #yolo and go out out out. It’s rare that all of us go out at all but we just HAD to, right?

And that evening appropriately concluded a pretty legendary vacation.

Oh, and if you read Kathy’s blog, that little video of her falling off the table in the club while dancing a crazy jig is legit a real thing. #blackmailforlife

How have you been?

Is this too obnoxious for you?

What’s your ideal vacation – beach, mountains, or what?


ALSO – I have to travel ALLLL week next week again (sigh) so I’ll be MIA once more. AGHHH worst blogger ever.

54 thoughts on “#Miami and things

  1. YESSSSS!!! what an amazing trip! i miss it already and i’ve watched that club video 234329873457 times and laughed each and every time. those who are asking to see the video? nope; suck on that bitchesssss! #OLDHAG #EARLYBIRDSPECIAL #YOLOTOTHEMAX

    love you guys!!!!

  2. ommmgggg this makes me want to drop everything and go back right now!!! i miss you all and i miss that food. and those drinks. and yolo’ing all over miami. and LOL that video is pure comedic gold!! #reservationsnotnecessaryat5pm #wefancy #YOLO

    love you/miss you/stalk you always!!!

    • haha you crack me up! i know, right? god. it flew by way too quickly!!! sorry to all your coworkers and friends for introducing you to yolo yolo yolo as a regular word… haha

  3. TURN THE SHIP AROUND AND TAKE ME WITH YOU. Welcome back! We missed you friend! But yeah, I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t be posting either. I went to Miami for Spring Break my second year of undergrad, and it was so, so much fun, and so beautiful. I would love to go back (especially if it could, once again, be on someone else’s dime, haha). But really? I just want to see warm temps, a pool, and the beach. And fun drinks.

  4. Welcome back to reality!! I was sooooo jealous of all the pics you would post on IG! I would just close my eyes and imagine I was there too and NOT at home with my 2 yr old pinching me and throwing things at me. story of my life.
    Haha! sorry but I totally laughed at your comment about you being the giant of the group. I always feel like an amazon woman when I’m with my friends. I always feel so much bigger and taller than everyone and I’m not even that tall :/
    glad you girls had a great time!

    • awww but Z is so stinking cute! 🙂 ha, right? I’m only like 5’6, 5’7, but that’s tall enough to look like a giant next to them! 🙂

  5. SEND ME THE VIDEO!!!! So happy you ladies had a crazy/old folks good time! My broke ass made two of my friends come here because I’m too poor to travel. Speaking of which, COME VISIT. We can eat Spanish style at midnight and I can promise you will be the ones falling off chairs.

    • hahah davida, if i send it to anyone, it will be you, i promise. i legit want to visit canada but i’ve heard montreal is legit….

  6. Hahahaha love that description of your gnocchi 😉 you sound like me when it comes to food talk….one of many reasons I gave up pretending to be a foodie blogger 😉 it looks like you guys had an amazing trip! Beaches and sun and pool and fanciness…you all looked gorgeous when you went out to dinner! And I am totally on board with old person status when it comes to eating….I like to eat early so I can eat again later 😉

    • haha right? nobody has time to remember what all was in that colorful little dish! 🙂 thanks girl – and yeah, i was cool with it because i ate more and danced it off at night! worked for me! 🙂 and midnight pizza may or may not have happened… 🙂

  7. Dang, you ladies are sexy!! Phew! I can’t believe you went to Miami with Charlotte! She abandoned her blog and never came back… 😦

    It looks like an amazing vacation! The beach, the food, the pretty dresses. I had to laugh at the 5:30 dinners though. That’s hilarious! Glad you had a good time and we are happy to have you back!!

  8. you’re adorable and i love how excited you are to talk about how much you love your friends. looks like such a fab lil girls’ trip. my ideal vaca right about now would be the Greek islands, or Bora Bora, or Bali, or somewhere totally OTHER and exotic and beachy and beautiful. and with a boy. who lives across the country. so we’re totally day-dreaming here. 🙂

  9. I love all of your dresses! That vacation looked amazing! I totally get the same thing about eating I must eat dinner at 6 pm haha! Glad you had such a great getaway!

      • Haha! I felt like I was becoming a total repetitive snoozefest so I haven’t updated in like… 7 weeks…. may bring it back though, it’s summer and summer means more fun and exciting activities!

      • girl, i talk about the same thing all day everyday! how about a post all about your new pup?! lol!

  10. Confession: I pretty much forgot that Charlotte existed until now. Also, she’s a lot shorter than I thought she was… 😉

    Also, I’m totes jelly because I need a vacation… and I say that after I’ve had a week off and haven’t even gone a full week working full-time. Real life is hard, man. (Also I’ll be back to blogging next week–things have been a little hectic lately!)

    • Haha Charlotte is the best. so hilarious. and i know, i want her blog to come back – yes she’s a teeny weeny! LOL real life is definitely a big change… YOU of all people can certainly do it though! 🙂

  11. So. Damn. Jel.

    Wow, charlotte is actually 2 feet tall! No wonder she’s so witty. She’s my blog crush and dammit, I’m going to meet her and lol like an idiot. You can come too, bring nuts and nut butter to snack on. Bring some for me too so we can sit back and lol.

    • bahaha she is totes a shorty! you should meet her, she’s awesome… we’re already trying to plan something in boston. you should absolutely come – and yes, PEANUT BUTTER. ALL OF IT.

  12. You were in my old hood! Miami beach is definitely a fun place to visit but I would choose the mountains over the beach any day….says the Florida girl 😉

  13. Omg lol I need to see that video!!! Glad to hear you guys had a good time!! And so jealous of all the beach time you guys got!! Ugh I need some beach in my life. Maybe I’ll just be a beach bum for the summer. Oh and those dresses?? Super gorg on you and Bek <3! Hope your horrible work week flies by :)!

  14. so jealous! all of this looks amazing. and i want every single one of your dresses, please! how cute are you all. glad i found you through Kathy!

  15. AHHHH I was waiting for this!! What a FREAKING blast, I am so bummed I didn’t go. NEXT TIME!? YOUR PURPLE dress is the cutest shit ever, omfg and it looks amazing on you wooooof! HOT ASS BITCHES. NO WAY this was not obnoxious at all, it was peerrrffection.

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