Here is a collection of the fitnesscrEATure approved circuits. The list will continue to grow, and feel free to suggest anything you’d like to see. We are by no means ‘experts’ but we do love do work up a good sweat! When we’re not running or lifting weights, here’s what gets us going! Also, we love any opportunity to make a pretty picture. 🙂

Cardio Filled Circuits


Core, Ab and Strength Workouts



4 thoughts on “Circuits

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  2. Here is a story for you. . .

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Artwithmsk. She was enjoying her summer vacation — sleeping in, working out leisurely, going to the pool also in a leisurely way. One morning she awoke and decided to go to the gym and elliptisize and run on the treadmill whilst watching The Price is Right. When she got to her apartment complex gym, she was thrilled that there was an open elliptical and enjoyed elliptisizing for the first half of the show. When she was ready to switch to treadmill — ALAS! — they were all either taken or broken.

    With broken dreams of fitness, Artwithmsk headed home with a very unfullfilled feeling. Then she remembered that her FitnesscrEATure friend has all sorts of lovely circuits and at home work-outs. Artwithmsk was prepared to sift and sort through hundreds and hundreds of blog posts and ridiculousness to find the most perfect circuit. LITTLE DID SHE KNOW, AT THAT MOMENT, FITNESSCREATURES WAS ORGANIZING ALL OF THE CIRCUITS INTO ONE MAGICALLY MAGNIFICENT FANTASTIC TERRIFIC POST!

    Artwithmsk was overjoyed and celebrated along with all of the winning contestants on The Price is Right for she herself felt as though she won a grand prize of Super Circuitry. Now she sits, sweaty and post-workout, typing this amazing story of loss and redemption. Hopefully future crEATures will enjoy this collection of circuits as much as she did.

    The moral of the story is thank you for putting these all together in one great big comprehensive organized pile of awesomeness.

    The End.

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