Happy Things Everywhere

Hi! Right now I am on a plane traveling for work and I’ll be there allllll week. Yay.

This weekend was a great one, naturally, and here’s why:

Friday night the bow tie dog Senator and I had a most excellent run.


I should get a life, right? Saturday was the best but it started off with an AWFUL 9 mile run. I just couldn’t get into it and I think I just had some really tired legs. I think my legs were not ready for a run after the several runs I went on this week.


At mile 7, my friend and I ran by a donut shop and while I’m not normally a donut fan, these aren’t just any kind of donuts. They are made with all real ingredients and they are so fresh. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.


Naturally after the run, I drove my happy self over there once I finished and fetched a whole box of these babies. YES!!!!


Then I got my nails done, went shopping, oh, and also helped execute a surprise birthday party for two of the most awesome ladies in the world.


Catherine and I have been planning their surprise birthday party for quite some time and I’m so happy it all came together on Saturday! Rebekah was wayyyy surprised but the sleuth Jacque had a hunch that something was up. In any case, it was successful!!


Bek’s adorbzzz familia.



The party planning committee!


A couple of the ladies!


Mollz and her man!


Marble cake for Jacque and red velvet for Bek. YUM!!


I hope the two birthday ladies enjoyed their nights! I sure had a fab time!


And yesterday was a dreary day so naturally I didn’t leave the couch. Or do anything at all. Ha, the perfect end to my perfect weekend! Happy Monday everyone!


Do you travel for work? Do you like to travel?

How was your weekend?

Do you like surprises? 🙂

Woo Hoo! Time to Taper!

This weekend was a combination of equal part mellowness and equal part excitement! The excitement began on Friday night with my beautiful bestie’s birthday party! Mollie turned 26 this weekend and I realized I’ve known her for a lot longer than I thought… Now, were we friends this whole time of knowing each other? NO. Ha. We had some lovely food and some beautiful people over to celebrate.












It was such a fun night! 🙂

Saturday was on the less exciting side and even included a nap… #YOLO?

And yesterday I read everyone’s comments from Friday’s post and just decided to take it SUPER easy pace wise and just soak up the beautiful day that was happening all around me. I met up with a friend to hit at least 18 miles but we were feeling like even more when we hit 18 so we kept going! 🙂 Love how easy and QUCIKLY running is when you have someone to chat with the whole way. Like seriously, we were at mile 15 and I looked at my watch with SHOCK. Time was flying during this run! If only it always felt that way…


All the fall beauty certainly aids in motivation, too!


Now it’s actually time to taper. 🙂 Only a few more weeks til I get to travel to my most favorite city and run in a beautiful race!





I will be in work training all week and this will likely be all you’ll hear from me! Don’t miss me too hard. I’ll be back with a vengeance next week. ❤

What’d you do this weekend?

Do you like cookie cakes? If you don’t, why???????????????/

What’d you do to exercise this weekend?

ALSO, HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY! I’m eternally grateful for the freedom I get every.single.day. ❤


Belligerence + Shenanigans + Love + Fun

All those things and more were included in my past few days of life. I didn’t get a chance to check in until this morning over here on this bloggy thingy because my life has been a whirlwind of LOVE.

On the fourth of July I ran a 10K (the biggest one in the nation) and it was so cool to watch some of the fastest people in the world finish around 28 minutes. INSANE. They don’t even look like they’re running. It was more like skimming the ground.


Very patriotic and the large crowds were a ton of fun.


That was followed by a lot of indulgence and some homemade pancakes from my roomie/bestie/co-bloggie! They are Paleo pancakes and they are the bomb.com. Yeah, that phrase was necessary.


This weekend kicked off my 25th birthday, so there were TONS of surprises that everyone in my life participated in scheming. 🙂 I am so incredibly lucky and I have some of the best friends/best boyfriend in the world.

I started it off with a 25 mile bike ride for my 25 years of life. Though it was raining, it was so peaceful and relaxing to just be out on some beautiful trails.


And when I got home later that night, Rebekah planned a huge surprise – SHE FLEW IN LESLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! And Leslee’s boyfriend came too!!!! I won’t lie, I started to cry. It was cute. Or pathetic. Whichever viewpoint you’d like to take is fine with me.

I have a ton of fabulous photos from the obviously amazing weekend I shared with my friends so here is a photo dump with minimized chatter because words won’t come close to describing how truly wonderful and magical my birthday weekend was.


the gang at dinner




Initially, when planning my birthday, I wanted to run a 5K. Of course, with my luck, there were none this past weekend. So what did my friends do? They planned one FOR ME. Still a little worked up over the thoughtfulness of everyone. Good grief. Anyway, it was officially the Senator Sprint 5K, in honor of, duh, THE SENATOR! The lovely fan-glamorous SARA THE BEAUTIFUL at Fit.Fun.Femme joined as well – and the ‘sponsors’ were all the bloggers that were present, including my bestie – the FABULOUS MOLLIE HANNAH! 🙂

Senator Sprint



The Senator was truly honored to have a 5K named after him and solidified that excitement throughout the race. 🙂


Loving all the sweat. Truly indicative of that Georgia heat! And heyyyyy Leslee’s tongue! 🙂

And this just makes me LOL every time.

Mollz n CA

After a lot of cleaning up and some collecting of ourselves, we went out for another night full of surprises – dinner with allllllll my wonderful friends + salsa dancing lessons + club time. Amazing.

cola n isaac



All I wanted for my birthday was fish n chips! WIN!

And, of course, red velvet cake that Rebekah brought me!! So wonderful.


and we danced

Nadir and meeee




And Sunday was a sad day of goodbyes – but it was absolutely the most AMAZING birthday I have ever had. It was so fabulous to feel the love from everyone and I couldn’t believe how truly wonderful my bloggy besty and her man were! They were so gracious and it was everything I could have wanted it to be! This weekend was so hard to let go of as it was literally the best weekend of my entire life.

None of it would have been possible without each and every single one of my friends and my boyfriend and thinking about this weekend and everyone’s contributions only solidifies my undying love for the ones I care about in my life. The thoughtfulness, the planning, the attending – everything was just so much more than I could have dreamed. I’m forever grateful for everyone in my life. 🙂

I know I’m super behind, but how was your weekend?

What’s your favorite birthday memory? Do you like surprises? I don’t, normally, but this was the best surprise weekend ever. I mean, flying in a friend and my own 5K? And dinners out? And dancing? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

What’s your favorite cake? Red Velvet! FTW!


Bye Bye Weekend. Hello Work Week.

I hate when enjoyable and relaxing weekends are over. I’m whining about it a little bit because I never feel like they’re long enough. Wah.

Cool, so rather than continue to gripe about it, I’ll just try and share some weekend shenanigans with you fine and lovely people. 🙂

Friday night I worked out with the man in a park and we walked to dinner. I’m really enjoying sprint work lately. Afterward, we kept it classy with dinner at Moe’s.


Saturday morning, Mollie, Jeremy and I ran a 5K with quite the supportive cheer crew!


The race we ran was capped at 1,400 people so it wasn’t crowded and I was in heaven! Bobbing and weaving is too much effort. 🙂


Mollie and her boyfriend, who double as her cheerer! 🙂


My boyfriend and me! He had a beer waiting for me at the finish line. Is 8:30 am too early to drink? Whoops.


Jeremy and his girlfriend (AKA one of my besties!). The course was really hilly, per Atlanta usualness, but it was at least mostly shady. I had so much fun and I’m really impressed by the race overall. It was the opener for a weekend long art and food festival so it was an awesome way to kick off the day.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Somehow (totally 100% unintentionally) Mollie and I were matching, yet again! How does this keep happening?


Afterward, Mollie, her boyfriend, my boyfriend and I went to breakfast and then hung out at the festival. In case you don’t know what a delicious breakfast and and a festival look like, here’s a photo dump.





I loved that art. Well, who am I kidding, I love all art. It’s all so creative.


Contrary to what I was hoping for as well, this is not a human cookie. This was a dog cookie. And yes, I bought it for the Senator because he LOVES squirrels! 🙂 He’s a lucky dog.


Later on, some of us got together for the Atlanta Brave’s game. It was the beautiful Jacque’s birthday celebration, so of course, it was cause for celebration.



Sorry for choosing this picture, Catherine. I think you look stunning. 🙂



Added bonus: Run DMC playing a free concert after the Braves won in the over time 10th inning! Woo!


So awesome.

Do you like baseball games? I’m neutral – enjoy the social part but, eh, the sports? Hmm…

Do you prefer egg breakfasts or sweet, waffle-y breakfasts?

When you race, do you have a cheer squad? 🙂 I don’t normally, so this was a wonderful treat!