#Miami and things

Ohhhh so so sad to be back in reality this week after a wonderful vacation, but alas, the show must go on. Smile Rather than update you guys on my rather mundane work week, I shall recap the awesomeness that was MIAMI, or, #BBM2014. Bek and I met up with Charlotte and Kathy for a relaxing weekend on the beach. And yes, as Charlotte has said…


We sure did, Janice, we sure did.

We all got in on Thursday and immediately darted to the beach. Naturally.

But seriously, how gorgeous.


14 - 206


Not only is Kathy amazing, she’s also sorta the most gorgeous. Smile


After we basked in the sun and chatted for a while, we learned quickly that Kathy needed to eat promptly at 5:30 – old lady status. Fine, I can get down with that. It just justifies a midnight snack! Smile The restaurant from the first night was #thebest I mean, come on, this is where we sat….


(note – no one else is there because it’s so early…)


Friday began bright and early with some delicious hotel breakfast (haha) and THE POOL.


Like legit, the pool #ALLLLthelivelongday.

And these almonds were my snack everyday! Smile

Friday night was another tasty dinner – a la sushi style!

Oh, and we fancy.

rotate this

Charlotte is kinda the cutest and wittiest person ever.

This night had my FAVE drink by far. That strawberry thing was pure deliciousness.

Super gorg trees!

For Saturday’s shenanigans, we moved our talents to the infinity pool. Again, #wefancy.

And a little bit of beach time!

The third dinner was an awesome restaurant-but we were SO DAMN EARLY because Kathy has to eat with the seniors that the place wasn’t even open when we arrived. #oldfolks

Naturally, we took a bunch of pictures!!!

three girls

three girls 2


The food was all locally grown/organic/grown in their own backyard. Freaking the most perfect and fresh and amazing food ever.

Gnocchi with some other veggies and crap.

Salmon with some sort of turmeric sauce and green tea noodles. This was the besttttt.

And Charlotte got some sort of fish that was way too awesome looking.

And then we decided to #yolo and go out out out. It’s rare that all of us go out at all but we just HAD to, right?

And that evening appropriately concluded a pretty legendary vacation.

Oh, and if you read Kathy’s blog, that little video of her falling off the table in the club while dancing a crazy jig is legit a real thing. #blackmailforlife

How have you been?

Is this too obnoxious for you?

What’s your ideal vacation – beach, mountains, or what?


ALSO – I have to travel ALLLL week next week again (sigh) so I’ll be MIA once more. AGHHH worst blogger ever.

Wedding Weekend in Wilmington

Does anyone else have a special place in their little literary device hearts for alliteration? Just me?

Literary Heart

So, I went to a wedding this weekend; my cousin got married 🙂 The ceremony was perfectly beautiful, the reception was tons of fun and had a really positive energy, and the food was aca-amazing/amazeballs. It was by far the best wedding I’ve been to and it was so fun to see all our extended family.

With all that said, I took next to no pictures, not even of the food. I know, I suck. I think part of the reason is that I have a special kind of hatred for people who obnoxiously take pictures with their camera phones while the ceremony is happening. I’m all for it if no one can see you, but people hire photographers for a reason. I kid you not, at one wedding I attended a few years ago, a woman stopped the bride while she was walking down the aisle to get her to pose for a picture that she took with her flip phone. So that explains the lack of ceremony pics. As far as the reception, I think I was too busy catching up with everyone, stuffing my face with cheese and pad thai, and drinking as excessively as possible to take any pictures.

I’ll show you what I have, although most of them are from my sister’s phone (because she’s smarter than me and decided to actually utilize the camera feature on her phone). I know, I know, you were all thinking I was the brains of the family. Sorry for blowing your minds without warning. Oh and it’s funny if you think I got any pictures of the bride and groom.

Instead, let’s look at three different pictures of my adorable grandma, Bobbie. Is she not the cutest?! The answer is yes, just in case you were confused. These are my two leetle seeseters (say it like Dexter – as in Laboratory, not the sociopathic serial killer. This got weird).

Grandma collage

Here are all the ladies except my cousin Lauren, who was a part of the bridal party. Hawt family right there (except that bitch 3rd from the right).

wedding 4

So yeah, that’s all I have for you right now. Once I get pictures from my other family members I’ll make sure to post some.

On our way out of Wilmington, we decided to make a quick stop at the beach. It was 85* with clear skies and bright sunshine – perfect way to say goodbye to summer. Although, it’s almost worse that I was in a swim suit this weekend, and just three short days later I sit typing this to you in my cold as f**k office, toes frozen, and wearing two sweaters. For real, I’m ready to get out my scarves and get to buyin’ new boots 🙂




I was playing that game where you pretend to be a creepy stalker and take pictures of young girls really zoomed in on your phone but you pretend you’re just laying out, listening to music in case anyone walks by and asks what you’re doing. Oh, you’ve never played that game?…Bean was dancing in the ocean. I don’t know how really. I can barely walk through a few inches of water before stopping to catch my breath.


On our way back to the car, we saw this really cool spider. So naturally we stopped to take a million pictures of it.


I couldn’t get a good picture of the front of it because I would have had to stand inside that huge bush below it. You’re a neato lookin’ spider but you’re not stand-inside-a-bush neato.

When we got back to the Raleigh area, we all met at our Aunt and Uncle’s for dinner. We ate this:


I’m a bit ashamed to tell you all this, but not ashamed enough to keep it to myself – I ate Waffle House, Chik-fil-a, and Bojangles all in one day. I lost literally all my points for the challenge this weekend so I guess I just decided to say eff it all. Which brings me to some words of advice when it comes to self control: have some. Stimulating, eh?

There were close to 20 people over for dinner, so you can probably imagine that getting everyone to take a “good” picture was pretty difficult. BUT! I kinda have a picture of the bride and groom (Allison and Tyler). Haha, see! Oh and look, half of us either look terrified or are closing our eyes. Do I hear a nomination for cutest family of the year award??


And a little cousin picture 🙂 Kelley (on the far right) will be officially joining the family next September! Yayyyy I can’t wait!


She’s going to be marrying this handsome man, my cousin Nate (Tyler’s identical twin brother).

Kelley and Nate

And maybe after that wedding, my cousin Natalie (center below) will marry her boyfriend Bill!! As long as I’m not the one getting married, I’m down for as many weddings as possible. So all single family members – and friends – please get on top of this asap. Thanks.

Olivia and Natalie

Haha, and here’s a picture of my family from 1996. I look like a little 8 year old brat. That’s probably because I was. (I’m on the bottom left.)


This is before the two youngest were born – there are 8 of us total. Also, who dressed me in that god awful jumper?? The little one on my mom’s lap and on the far right now look like this:


and this:


and this:


Neither of them knew which pose to make when. Typical of our family pics. There’s the groom again. See, I snapped lots of good shots of him!

I’ve decided there are too many pictures of my family (who none of you know, except Meghan) in this post. I’ll get back to food with my next one.

It was a really fun weekend. I can’t wait to get pictures of the wedding party so I can show you how wonderful it was. Also, I ate an Oreo Cheesequake Blizzard at DQ on the way home. I think I gained 5 lbs this weekend. No shame, but I probably shouldn’t wile out so hard next time. Oooh ooohh, but pat me on the back for working out at the hotel gym Saturday morning! I’m gross.

Did everyone have a good weekend, even though it’s Wednesday and I should have already asked?

Are you getting married any time soon? Can I come?

Can anyone top my Saturday menu of Waffle House and lots of fried chicken??

– Rebekah

My Charleston + The RUN.

Hi Everyone! I know I’m late in saying so, but I hope you guys all enjoyed Labor Day weekend! I sure did! First though, congratulations to my beautiful fellow Seattle-ite and wonderful vegan with benefits friend over at Blissful Britt, you have won the Tasty Bite giveaway! 🙂 🙂 I can’t find a contact email address, so hit me up at megbek@fitnesscreatures.com so I can get your foodies to you! I checked, they have vegan options! 🙂

As my fellow crEATure mentioned, we escaped to Charleston this weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how all how absolutely amazing my time there was. I fell in love with the city for numerous reasons which I will conveniently list out for you.

1. The candy stores. They are everywhere. Priorities folks – there’s a reason this is #1 in my recap. And the candy stores are perfectly accompanied with an equal ratio of ice cream/gelato/froyo shops. It’s literally the perfect place in the whole wide world.

image (7)

 image (8)

I got a big old bag the first night and it lasted me the entire weekend!

2. The scenery. I can’t describe how absolutely beautiful the city is and I got the chance to do my long run through it bright and early on Saturday morning – before the sun was up and before the local shops were open. I had such an out of body experience along the water and I felt so emotionally empowered and capable of accomplishing anything. This run was my third favorite run in my entire life time and I can happily smile about every part of this run, even the fact that I was way too hungover Oops.

image (5)

Serenity is the best and that’s exactly what I got. Roughly four miles of my run were on this path along the water. It was truly breathtaking and I even saw a dolphin. Could a long run get any better?

Some other beautiful shots from my run:

image (6)

 image (11)

I couldn’t get over how unrealistic those trees looked.. Nature is so picturesque.

image (12)

photo (30)

photo (33)

  If there is a better way to explore a city, I don’t want to know what it is. This was perfection and I had the best runner’s high ever. #runningWINS

image (10)

3. The fun places to just hang back and relax at night – the options are limitless in this city! And, they are all seemingly quaint and entertaining.

image (1)

Me and mah man!

image (3)

 image (13)

 image (15)

Rebekah and Isaac were the pool champs of the night!


Those were our friends that came with us and we all stayed together. The rooftop bar scene in Charleston is amazing! 🙂

4. The water! And the water activities! We went to Folly Beach both days.

image (4)

image (16)

I even paddle boarded!

image (19) 

It was as equally challenging as it was fun and I am craving the next opportunity I get to do it!

photo (29)

image (18)

Hanging with the crEATure!

5. The food! 🙂 All of it was good, but as thorough as my co blogger was with pictures of food, I was a slacker. Though, this buffet merited pictures… It doesn’t look like much but it was perfect. That crepe looking thing on the right was the only thing I got seconds of… Stellar.

image (14)

 photo (32)

Poached eggs are typically too runny for me but these were just right! I do like some good #yolkporn but the white parts must be fully cooked or I freak.

So there it was, whoooooomp, there it was. 🙂 Charleston is amazing and I cannot wait to return (also, why have I never been there before?! It’s so close… Sheesh, Meghan). But really, there are wonderful beaches AND a legitimate night scene (not a fist pumping club, jumping kind either, but the good, grown up kind…. I’ve never been anywhere like it before and I’m grateful I got to go this weekend!

What was your favorite part of this past weekend?

Where’s your favorite place to travel and why?

Candy – I can’t live without it. Can you? I don’t play favorites, I love it all.


Moving Slowly

I’m rather sluggish after my wonderful, long, extended weekend. Anyone else struggling today? Ehh… Should be a good day! At least it’s nice outside and I’m looking forward to a run and a night with some good (Cuh, that’s Y-O-U!) friends tonight! Here are a few pictures from my lovely beach vacation.

I went for a few runs and did a circuit:


It was hot.


But beautiful.


The weather could not have been better. We did our circuit on Saturday on a little pier in the bay and it made it so much more enjoyable to be on the water and working out! I’m envious of anyone who gets to do this on the regular.


It was excellent and I’m so happy I worked out while I was on vacation. It wasn’t much, but it’s probably the first time I’ve worked out on vacation, ever. Win!

There was lots of good eating and partying, too! 🙂


The whole gang had a great time, for sure.


And I indulged in my favorite things ever – sweets and seafood (duh, together, of course!).




That doesn’t look like much, but it was by far the best pan seared grouper I’ve ever had. Like, wow. << That’s a complete sentence, by the way. Between my big dinners and sweet indulgences, I’m feeling rather sluggish today and am looking forward to my eating routine coming back to life. I hardly managed to get in any nutrients (unless beer counts?) and I’m sure my body is just thrilled with me right now! 🙂

Here’s a photo dump of the pretty pictures I took this weekend to make you guys feel like you were there too (this is for you too, Erin @ Sugar Magnolia!!)




That was the Hilton we stayed at for the first night. Talk about luxurious…That hotel was phenomenal and the staff there were superior than any other hotel I’ve been in. It was a real treat to be there and I hope to return one day!



One last picture…


How was your three day weekend? What was the best part?

What’s your favorite beach activity?

When’s your next vacation?

Ever feel like you need a vacation day after your vacation? I do, today. 🙂