Getting Back After “IT”!

I took a lot of time off from exercise whilst out of town and combine that with lots of good food that I don’t normally consume – I’m certainly feeling a bit out of whack. I don’t follow any sort of diet (other than no meat), but when my routine gets funky, so does my body. I’ll leave it at that. So this week I’ve been getting back at it with working out and eating a bit more regularly – for me. 🙂

Mollie came over on Monday and joined me for a 5K. We wanted to do 4 miles, but my calves were not having it after 18 miles on Sunday. I can forgive them, I GUESSSSSS.


My dog looks incredibly creepy. That’s pretty typical though. 🙂 We made some s’ghetti squash afterward and it was just ON POINT. SO AMAZING.

And last night, I made up this belligerent 25 minute workout on the spot and kicked myself afterward for thinking it’d be a breeze. Um, no.


I was so gross afterward and it was so good! My poor workout buddies, however, were not so thrilled with this workout. Haha, sorry Jerm! #hashtag #fail! In case anyone cares about this inside joke, I’m learning how to use Twitter and I am not so smart at it yet. Small steps at a time with social media for me, okay? Thanks. I would suggest following me on here but um, I’m boring and probably will stay that way. It’s too much for me to handle.

Anyway, it was a cute workout and night overall with some of my favorite people!


Erika, you’re rehired as our photographer. Jeremy, you #failed.

And another fun thing from this week? Rebekah made some paleo approved donuts and they were stellar. Seriously. I don’t love a lot of the paleo baked goods because I find them to be too ‘heavy’ but these were AMAZING.


They are all gone now. Don’t act surprised. And they are from paleOMG if you care to make them yourself or look at a better picture of them. 🙂

And my last cute thing for today – my boyfriend brought these over after I had a bad day. He is so sweet and always tries to cheer me up when I’m having a stressful day – he always succeeds! 🙂


Enjoy your HUMP DAY!!!

How do you get back into after time away from routine?

Have you ever made donuts?

How sore do you think I am from doing over 200 squats? I’ll let you know. HA.


26 thoughts on “Getting Back After “IT”!

  1. The flowers are so sweet!! That workout you created does not look cute, but I am intrigued… I can imagine you were quite sore after 200 squats! Yikes. When I go out of town and get off my routine, I find that if I just jump back in–but don’t go over the top to compensate–I feel better/normal within a few days!

  2. That workout looks tough! I’m not a huge fan of paleo treats but might need to check those out… They look so tasty!

  3. When I get off track for a while my body definitely feels it. That’s a new revelation. Up until last year, I could stuff myself silly with mac and cheese, ice cream, cupcakes, french fries, pizza, chips, etc. and feel totally fine. I’d just crave some more junk food. Now, I find myself craving the “normal” foods I eat on a day to day basis which is fine by me! It’s always the hardest those first few days of jumping back in but boy does it feel good to sweat after some time off 🙂

  4. 10 major brownie points for Nadir! Isn’t it pretty much the best thing ever when guys un-expectantly surprise us with little pick-me-ups? I hope you have a better day today, Meggy panda bear! 🙂 Also – that workout. What the heck. Just looking at it makes me tired. Especially with all those dang box jumps. No thank you and yes please all at once. I’ll have to save it for a day when I need to get a quick one in. You created a workout Shaun T would be proud of 🙂 And I have never made donuts mostly because I am not a sweets girl, BUT I’m sure I. Gru’s were amazing as she is quite the baker.

    And I would like to get in on this Magnificent Mollie Monday spaghetti squash action, that is all.


  5. I try to keep at it, mainly because after taking 2 years off from running, the next year was a pain in my ass, literally. Plus I hated how awkward it felt to try and get back into, so I just do anything and everything possible to not have that happen again haha. UMMMMM I’m drooling over those donuts!! I tried the Samoa donuts from PaleOMG and I changed the flour, major fail. Just follow the recipe hahaha it was made that way for a reason. 200 squats???? I’d kill myself if I did that! Aw what a sweet boyfriend you have 🙂

  6. PaleOMG is probably one of the best names for a paleo website EVERRR. HA. Those donuts look so good. I am sure your body appreciated the break, and you’ll find that groove within a few days!

  7. Never made donuts but LOVE PaleOMG! 😀 However, I feel like anything shaped into a ring could be considered a donut. Maybe I will buy a donut pan and just form ground chicken into donuts and make CHICKEN DONUTS! lol!! Okay, I just came up with a genius idea – SHHHH don’t tell!

  8. I didn’t know you didn’t eat meat. And I didn’t know you were on Twitter either! Hmmph.

    The Senator could never look creepy. He’s so stinkin’ cute. And how sweet if your man getting you roses. They are BEAyootiful.

  9. Your BF sounds like a sweetie! My knees are too old for that workout, you will not catch me doing squats. Getting back into my routine after a break? I’ll be facing that very issue in a few days as I’ve been traveling and have had the week off of skating. That was good, the old bod needed some rest. I have a couple of lessons lined up after I get back, that will definitely get me out there and working.

  10. How sweet – BEAUTIFUL flowers my love! Whenever I feel out of it, I just jump back on the horse which is exactly what you did. Running always gets me back into the groove after time away or time spent eating too much yummy food.

    No – I’ve never made donuts because baking is not my strength in the kitchen but i’ll make you a mean omelet :).

    P.S. Mollie – I love you shirt!

  11. What’s your twitter name? I have a twitter handle too, but I barely am on there. It just moves too fast for me, I cant keep up!
    I have actually given up on Paleo sweets because I have had some flops in the past and with the expensive ingredients its too much!
    Oh no! 200 squats that’s crazy, you will be sore tomorrow but your butt will thank you later!! 🙂

  12. OMG those donuts. And seriously you come up with the best on the spot workouts!! 200 squats…you are amazing girl! Beautiful flowers, glad your boy is spoiling you!! 🙂

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