Well, Well, Well.

What do we have here? A girl named Meghan?

Why, yes, here I am.

So long story short – I didn’t have a computer since it crashed when I got back from Seattle early December. I’ve been super bummed about not having a computer… But then the most amazing and wonderful boyfriend in the world got me the best Christmas gift ever – a Windows tablet/mini computer << that’s the technical name, right? And low and behold, I’m back in full force.

I shan’t bore you with my past month’s update but I’ll share a few fun highlights and keep it brief (do I actually know how to be brief?).

1. Celebrated my man’s birthday with a 4.5 mile GORGEOUS hike and a delicious dinner.






2. Spent some quality time relaxing over the holidays. I went on a minimal amount of runs and skipped a lot of days of working out. Like I’ve been saying in real life a lot lately (WHY??!!) #YOLO. But, the few runs I went on were amazing. I even had an ugly sweater 5K with some of my beautiful friends.






And that almost catches us up…. New Year’s was a great time and I’m so glad to be able to be back to blogging. 🙂

To try and remember how I like to blog, I’ll share my details of my night last night! One of my girly girls is training for her first full marathon so she has graciously invited me to accompany her in her training… So last night we did a 5K and a 1 mile swim. Duh, you guys all follow me on Instagram this is not news.



Post marathon, I’m training for a 15K in three weeks with all the awesome girls in the world, a half marathon in March… and who knows what else! The year has only just begun!

How have you been?

What kinds of workouts have you been loving lately?

What’s the coldest it has been where you are? I am a weenie and this 30-40 degree weather is killing me! 🙂

❤ Meghan

Woo Hoo! Time to Taper!

This weekend was a combination of equal part mellowness and equal part excitement! The excitement began on Friday night with my beautiful bestie’s birthday party! Mollie turned 26 this weekend and I realized I’ve known her for a lot longer than I thought… Now, were we friends this whole time of knowing each other? NO. Ha. We had some lovely food and some beautiful people over to celebrate.












It was such a fun night! 🙂

Saturday was on the less exciting side and even included a nap… #YOLO?

And yesterday I read everyone’s comments from Friday’s post and just decided to take it SUPER easy pace wise and just soak up the beautiful day that was happening all around me. I met up with a friend to hit at least 18 miles but we were feeling like even more when we hit 18 so we kept going! 🙂 Love how easy and QUCIKLY running is when you have someone to chat with the whole way. Like seriously, we were at mile 15 and I looked at my watch with SHOCK. Time was flying during this run! If only it always felt that way…


All the fall beauty certainly aids in motivation, too!


Now it’s actually time to taper. 🙂 Only a few more weeks til I get to travel to my most favorite city and run in a beautiful race!





I will be in work training all week and this will likely be all you’ll hear from me! Don’t miss me too hard. I’ll be back with a vengeance next week. ❤

What’d you do this weekend?

Do you like cookie cakes? If you don’t, why???????????????/

What’d you do to exercise this weekend?

ALSO, HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY! I’m eternally grateful for the freedom I get every.single.day. ❤


The Wind Under My Feet

I think that’s a phrase? Well, regardless, I had that happen last night. You guys know how some runs are stellar and some runs are a bit more lethargic? Well, after a slow run this weekend (albeit difficult, 20 miles and all!), I was thrilled to locate some speed for last night’s run. Though, the Senator was definitely not feeling this cold weather and the speedy for me pace.


He expressed his unsatisfied self through his belligerence when I attempted to take selfies with him. As if it isn’t hard enough to pick one, he has to turn away and act belligerent every time I so diligently snap one. So sweet of him…. no?


And then I performed this little sucker that was not so little:


With this man of mine:


And this lady:


So it was a really cute night and I was super happy about my run. Yesssssireeeee life is good. <3<3<3

What have you done to workout this week so far?

What’s a comfortable distance for you to run? I love a good 4 mile run – that is my happy place.

Do you have an uncooperative pet like me? I constantly remind him that I am the boss and he needs to obey when I want yet another picture of myself post run. #narcissistANDPROUD


Things I Could Have Done…

…Instead of running 20 miles…

During my long 20 mile run this past weekend, I spent a little bit of time just giving myself a big old pat on the back. I mean, really, I spent several hours just running. There are so many things I could have been doing OTHER than running! You know how crazy it is to just run for hours on end? It’s outrageous + awesome + dedicated + motivated + crazy + strong + empowering.

My point is, running takes up so much of my time and I never really think about how much time I give to it ever since I picked it up as a hobby of mine. I could have spent those few hours doing so many other things, but I choose to spend that time running. I choose to challenge myself, pace myself and race myself. I don’t always feel amazing after all my runs and I’m not shy about admitting sometimes runs just downright SUCK. But this run – these 20 miles, they were anything but sucky.

To get ready for this past weekend’s LONG 20 mile run, I ate a hefty amount of food on Friday!


Pho & Jason’s Deli salad bar!


I packed up a ton of fuel and my CamelBak. I can’t begin to explain how crucial fueling properly has become. I never really understood the importance of it until this marathon training. The last time I ran one, I really didn’t focus on it and I can 893743984932% say now that fueling is IMPERATIVE to a successful run, both mentally and physically.


After Sara had such success with the Shot BLOKS, I gave them a try! I am definitely a fan! And I also really appreciate some real, solid food during long runs and these waffles satisfy that craving! I never would have even known about them had it not been for LESLEE’S awesome giveaway! 🙂 They always do the trick for me.

And my run? Well it was DAMN AMAZING. I couldn’t believe how well it went and how amazing I felt afterward. I wasn’t defeated, exhausted, tired, discouraged or in pain. I just felt damn proud. I would like to note, though, that I had a rough beginning with this run. I won’t detail why, but this run did not start off with sparkles and flowers and rainbows like it sounds. 🙂 It only ended that way!



And I was enveloped totally in nature. I was so happy with this run – there is no better feeling than a GREAT long run before a marathon. I felt on top of the world. It’s hard to start off slowly and remember to pace myself, but I did a phenomenal job at it this time. I knew I had to do 20 miles to run and I knew I needed to take it easy. I ended up at about a 10 minute pace and that is more than perfect for me!

photo 1 (1)

Seattle Marathon, I’m coming for you! WATCH OUT!

In other news, I celebrated the rest of the day on Saturday with beer via a tailgating party and after that, a birthday party!



You don’t have to judge. 🙂


And got my nails did, because, of course.


Sometimes I wish I could stop picking at my nails… (I got the grey polish). Oh well, I could have worse habits. 🙂 Have a fantastic Monday all you lovely people!!

What did you guys do this weekend?

Have you ever traveled for a race?

What kind of thoughts do you have when you’re working out? It varies for me – I really am all over the place depending on my workout. If I’m in a class at the gym, I’m totally focused on my form and if I’m doing something correctly. If I’m running, I get to think about TONS of things!