Running is Fun.

Happy Tuesday you guys! Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday with a recap of my fabulous half; I was so tired! Friday and Saturday were spent hanging out and eating – see below! 🙂



A beautiful day with the pup and my man and his friends after a morning swim! I bought a kickboard and a pull buoy and wow, my shoulders were absolutely feeling that upper body work out! I can’t believe I used to swim like this all the time! I used to be super strong, apparently.



Commence – non traditional carb loading! Not all of this was ours, but the sushi chef saw me taking pictures and invited me to capture all of his sushi artwork! 🙂





He also gave us a ton of free sushi! I can’t believe that one year ago I HATED sushi and now, it’s like, a super craving.

Sunday morning was a bright and early wake up call at 5 am and my sweet boyfriend was up with me! I briefly warmed up with some jumping jacks.


I was hoping for a PR in this race but I didn’t achieve that, by about a minute! I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t beat my previous time but in comparison, this course had a 1,500 foot elevation gain and the race where I PR’ed had like, 400. I’m okay with a one minute gain in time!

And you know what else? Aside from the sprint at the very end (because DUH) knocking the wind out of me, I felt phenomenal. It wasn’t super easy, of course, but I felt strong. I finally feel like running isn’t as challenging as it used to be. Exactly one year ago I ran my first ever half and I had to walk almost the entire second half. This year, I did indeed walk a few times, but I have improved significantly. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll get a sub 2, like the beautiful Sara did! WOO HOO! She PR’ed AND did the highly sought after sub 2 time! I was so happy for her!



The rolling hills were actually kind of fun, and I wish I was better prepared for them! Next time, Allstate, next time! I ended up at 2:07:50 which is an average of 9:45. Also, my Garmin somehow got paused during the race which was a bummer because I kinda love looking through my splits. 😦

To all of you fabulous people who left sweet comments on my IG, thank you! I was all smiles after looking at all the support.

It’s back to the grind this week! I have a long run scheduled on Friday morning and then I’m off to VEGAS BABY on Saturday morning!! Good thing I’m not a gambler… 🙂

Also, life long goal will be achieved: RUN ALONG THE STRIP! YES! And also, all weekend, think about NATALIE running her first marathon!

How was your weekend?

Did you race or go for a great run or workout?

How much did you hate/enjoy my sushi pictures? Haha! Don’t hate me, Chelsea!



It’s glorious that it’s finally Friday! Can I hear a TGIF from all you beautiful people?

I have a half marathon this weekend on Sunday morning and I am READY to conquer it! I am much more prepared for this than I was for my last half. 🙂 That’s a pleasant feeling and last night just confirmed that confident feeling.


It felt great to run, especially after two days of other kinds of workouts! I am INCREDIBLY sore (as in, limping, can barely move after sitting at a desk all day) and this run was just what my legs needed. I took one month off from circuits and other strength moves and my body is screaming NO as a reminder to never do that again. The pup needed some exercise too, so he was happy to accompany me. Although, I’m not sure this did him in – he came home ready to continue to play.


Um, no thanks pal, I’ve got to stretch and eat, but thanks. 🙂 Speaking of eating, my boyfriend made me a delicious and healthy dinner last night!


Three eggs omelet style with nothing in them topped with avocado and then a side of zucchini and onions sautéed up to taste like heaven. Simple, but delish. 🙂



Indeed it does. I can’t wait to enjoy it first thing Sunday morning, even if it is in the forecast to rain and storm all day. I hope you guys all have a fabulously wonderful weekend and if you’re also racing, cheers and good luck!

Do you have any questions for me? If they aren’t too scandalous, I’ll answer them in my responses. 🙂 Ask me whatever!


Happy, Active and, what, NATURE?!

What. A. Weekend.

I started Friday night off with a 2100 yard swim while the other crEATure got her muscle workout on in the weights area. And then there was this afterward:


My love for salmon knows no end – basil pesto butter atop a perfect filet of that delicious fish.

Saturday was a ridiculous day of activity for me – way out of the ordinary but WAY fun. I got up at the ass crack of dawn to meet a friend for a 20 mile bike ride. I don’t know about any of you – but fall is definitely in the air, right? Well, it was 57 degrees on this bike ride. My hands and feet were NUMB when I finished. Omg. The sun wasn’t even up when we started!


And then I ran a solid 10 miles. It was VERY hard – I’ve never tried to do one after the other and I don’t know how you guys do triathlons! I think that as the temperatures cool, so does my pace. I felt great out there and had I not biked first, I feel like I could have gone a bit longer.


And after incessant rolling and stretching, I cleaned up and straight up took a two hour nap. That’s probably not healthy. Oh well.

I made my way to Goodwill to do some fall/winter work shopping with my fellow crEATure when I got my lazy self out of bed! Out of all these clothes, we managed to only spend less than $40 each! Score. Goodwill = the best.


And the evening ended with a lovely dinner with my favorite folks over my favorite food!



Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day so the wonderful man friend and I went on a hike! It ended up being 5 miles round trip and it was absolutely beautiful. I should note that once you get to the top, there’s a beautiful house on top with gorgeous scenery and views rightfully named House o’ Dreams. Photo dump ahead:





photo 3



photo 5




Hiking munchies essentials right there! And that takes me to my next rant – we had pistachios, almonds, grapes and sparkling flavored water, yum. But, the grapes we had? Well we tried two kinds this weekend….

Exhibit A: Witch Fingers



Exhibit B: Cotton Candy


Very odd, grape industry, very odd. Both varieties were delicious, but strange. 🙂

And this about sums up my incredible weekend! Any questions, my beautiful people?

Are you a tri-athlete? How is the transition from biking to running for you?

Salmon – yay or nay? If nay, what’s you protein of choice?

Have you had these new grape varieties yet? If you have extra grocery money, try them.. But at $3.99/lb I will not buy them again. I’ll stick the usual suspects at $1.99/lb. 🙂


Knoxville and the Not so Long Run

Well hello you party people!

Per my training, I had a long run to accomplish this past weekend. I was really excited because a woman from my office building invited me to join her in a gorgeous state park. So, at 5:15 am, I woke up and moseyed on over to kick off my weekend on a high note.

My body, however, had other things in mind. My stomach was turning and I just didn’t feel mentally there. Once I hit 5 miles, I quit. Over the past couple of years of running, I have learned, slowly and painfully, that not finishing every run I set out to do is NOT the end of the world. Rather than dwell on it and beat myself up, I proceeded to enjoy the rest of the weekend – which included getting my nails done with one of my dearest friends and a fun road trip with my co blogger to visit Erin!


Yay for fun colors!


We spent the night sushi-ing, dancing, and chatting (and as she mentioned, almost stealing her adorable pupppppppy!!).


Wouldn’t you want to steal that face too?


I love it when people love sushi as much as I do! It’s a safe addiction, I think! 🙂


The following morning, Rebekah and I drove home but made a pit stop to pick up some brunch! I devoured these blueberry pancakes. YUM.


And upon return home (it’s a short 3 hour drive), we hit up the gym where I chose to swim. I rolled my ankle on that stellar (NOT) run on Saturday morning and running is on hold until it feels normal again. Super duper. In case you’re curious, here’s what I do almost every time I swim – with a bit of variation here and there. I love it – but my favorite is getting in to the hot tub afterward!!


And that makes me one happy lady.

You know what makes me even happier?


What’s your favorite kind of food to enjoy with groups? Sushi, though it’s not always agreed upon by everyone…. 🙂

Do you take road trips on a whim?

What happens when your long runs don’t go as planned? What’s your attitude about it?