Eat and Run!

Well that about sums up my weekend – so no need to elaborate!

All I did was eat like crazy and run like crazy! But for you guys, I think I just might elaborate. 🙂

Friday began with a HOT, HOT, HOT run. Like, ouch. It was definitely not one of my favorite runs but I was happy to knock it out nonetheless.


Even the pup had some choice feelings for that run…


Ain’t nobody got time for that is the attitude I received from him.

Later that night, we celebrated a friend’s birthday over some amazing Chinese food. No one was shy about ordering – there were leftovers for days!


Saturday began with a 5K with the boyfriend and his family. When I sign up for 5K’s, I acknowledge that they are going toward a cause, but this 5K in particular was a cause that I was happy to contribute to. 🙂 It’s definitely a 5K that means the most to my boyfriend. The course was super hilly but it was a great way to start the day (before the monsoons came through Atlanta – what the heck?!).


I was planning on doing my long run afterward, but it was just too rainy. I can handle some light rain, but starting my run in a storm is definitely not something I’ll ever do. Instead, surprise, I ATE! 🙂

I made some yummy Paleo pancakes and I didn’t follow a recipe but I used very ripe bananas, coconut flour, eggs and cinnamon. They turned out tasting like banana bread and I will certainly make them again in the future!


Oh yes, PS, they aren’t very pretty. Next time I’ll work on that. Nope, wait, no, I won’t. It’s a miracle the house is still intact after I cooked so we’ll leave it at that.

And yesterday I set out to knock out my long run per my loose training plan. It was a gorgeous day and I’m so glad I didn’t try to do it in the nasty rain. Yesterday’s weather was running perfection.


I don’t normally take my talents into Mother Nature, but I thought with the weather as beautiful as it was – it’d be a shame otherwise. 🙂


Though my Garmin was being feisty at first, everything ended up just fine and we made it a full 15 miles together. I stupidly chose a hilly route for 6 of the 15 miles and paid severely for that choice at the end of my run but otherwise, I felt great! I’m looking forward to this mileage thing increasing as training picks up. I was surprised at my pace because of said hills and was super proud of what I finished with!


I followed that run with a trip to Sweet Tomatoes, a buffet restaurant (which was not wise) and ate my weight in salad and bread! It was amazing in the worst way possible! 🙂 #YOLOOOOO!!!

What a great weekend! 🙂

What’d you do this weekend?

Do you like Chinese food as much as my friends and I do? I love noodles and veggies (of any cuisine) so Chinese food is right up my alley. 🙂

Have you run a race because of what the cause was? This was my first time! It was definitely more than inspiring.


Happy, Active and, what, NATURE?!

What. A. Weekend.

I started Friday night off with a 2100 yard swim while the other crEATure got her muscle workout on in the weights area. And then there was this afterward:


My love for salmon knows no end – basil pesto butter atop a perfect filet of that delicious fish.

Saturday was a ridiculous day of activity for me – way out of the ordinary but WAY fun. I got up at the ass crack of dawn to meet a friend for a 20 mile bike ride. I don’t know about any of you – but fall is definitely in the air, right? Well, it was 57 degrees on this bike ride. My hands and feet were NUMB when I finished. Omg. The sun wasn’t even up when we started!


And then I ran a solid 10 miles. It was VERY hard – I’ve never tried to do one after the other and I don’t know how you guys do triathlons! I think that as the temperatures cool, so does my pace. I felt great out there and had I not biked first, I feel like I could have gone a bit longer.


And after incessant rolling and stretching, I cleaned up and straight up took a two hour nap. That’s probably not healthy. Oh well.

I made my way to Goodwill to do some fall/winter work shopping with my fellow crEATure when I got my lazy self out of bed! Out of all these clothes, we managed to only spend less than $40 each! Score. Goodwill = the best.


And the evening ended with a lovely dinner with my favorite folks over my favorite food!



Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day so the wonderful man friend and I went on a hike! It ended up being 5 miles round trip and it was absolutely beautiful. I should note that once you get to the top, there’s a beautiful house on top with gorgeous scenery and views rightfully named House o’ Dreams. Photo dump ahead:





photo 3



photo 5




Hiking munchies essentials right there! And that takes me to my next rant – we had pistachios, almonds, grapes and sparkling flavored water, yum. But, the grapes we had? Well we tried two kinds this weekend….

Exhibit A: Witch Fingers



Exhibit B: Cotton Candy


Very odd, grape industry, very odd. Both varieties were delicious, but strange. 🙂

And this about sums up my incredible weekend! Any questions, my beautiful people?

Are you a tri-athlete? How is the transition from biking to running for you?

Salmon – yay or nay? If nay, what’s you protein of choice?

Have you had these new grape varieties yet? If you have extra grocery money, try them.. But at $3.99/lb I will not buy them again. I’ll stick the usual suspects at $1.99/lb. 🙂



Everything this weekend was perfect. It was everything I could have wanted it to be and more. 🙂 I am so grateful to have amazing people in my life, each and every day – in every capacity.

Friday night my boyfriend and I started our weekend with some lovely half price sushi. It wasn’t the best, but for half off, it was darn good and you’ll never see me complain about anything cheap.


Saturday morning began with another 10 mile run with some fabulous people who work in my office building. We are all in a club together in the building and they are training for the Chicago Marathon as well as the Marine Corps marathon (each is training for one). When they asked me to run last weekend, I was excited and nervous, and when I was invited back again this weekend, I was thrilled! It’s the best running with people – time goes by SO SO fast and it’s really the most fun way to conquer a long run.

The road ended during our route so we had to think quickly on our feet.

road ends

Photo opp! I told them I’m a blogger so they were sweet and kind enough to oblige to my ridiculous photo requests.


I might add, too, that I am in LOVE with my CamelBak back pack. It is amazing and perfect for this ridiculous southern heat.

I also got some new shoes. I’m sorry, Sarah at Picky Runner, I hope we can still be friends after I say it – but I really did not like the Mizuno Wave Riders I had. I think they messed up my stride and encouraged what I think are now shin splints. Not too happy about that, considering they were pricey. So, I did what anyone would do and I bought another pair of shoes. 🙂 I got Brooks Pure Cadence shoes, version 1. They have a second one out, but these ones were a steal (under $60 for nice running shoes?! yaa yaa!).

Brooks running

After a successful 10 miles, I met up with some girlies to do our nails.


Woo! Saturday night consisted of a birthday party + me baking box goodies. Yum.


Red velvet cupcakes + cream cheese frosting? Yum.


Plus some chocolate brownies + chocolate frosting. Great dinner, no?

And yesterday was more perfection. My bestie, Mollie, has been out of town in Israel and is FINALLY back! WOO HOO! My running pal has returned, and with some mighty fine new kicks! 🙂 Those Asics are rocking!


It was a beautiful day in the park and we had so much fun enjoying the run and simultaneously cursing the sun and humidity.



The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool and engaging in numerous shenanigans with my co-blogger/bestie/roomie.


She was less than amused, I think. What do you guys think?


Haha. Weekend perfection. 🙂 🙂 🙂

How was your weekend? Any good sunshine?

What kinds of good eats did you get this weekend?

Are you a solo runner or a buddy runner? I am both, and both make me happy, but sometimes, running with friends is just so much better.


Love for Inanimate Objects

Let’s fess up to what we love that doesn’t love us back.

Watermelon. I know everyone and their families love watermelon. If you don’t, well, I’m not sure where your taste buds jumped off ship, but you should probably reel them back into reality.

Anyway, I’m so in love with the fruit. It literally improves my mood and there’s nothing better than a fresh cut watermelon after a sweaty workout, right?


And it’s seedless? Well, all bets are off at that point.


We all have to treat ourselves after a decent sweat session (and, for a lot of you out there, a long and tiring week too!). That was how I did it after this little circuit:


I’d like to thank Leslee from the bottom of heart, no, the depths of my soul for the reminder about squats and lunges being so important. What would I do without blog buddies to remind me just how much I should treasure leg workouts? Gee. What a good friend. 🙂

The boyfriend and I powered through that hot workout in his backyard because I wasn’t feeling up for a run but still wanted to work up a sweat. My gym is too far away (not really, I was being lazy).


I think we were sweating a little bit. Mom – thanks for the shirt! Loved it!

Anyway, I am beyond thrilled that it is Friday as this has been quite a long work week. All my girlies out there feeling this sentiment, I will raise a glass (or three or four) to you and me tonight – we all deserve it.



What’s your favorite summertime fruit?

Who is your favorite Parks and Recreation character?

What are you doing this weekend?