A Little Less Run, A Lot More Walk

Wowwww I had a busy weekend! And it’s making me feel pretty lethargic this morning… Wahhh I hate you Monday.


Friday night a group of us went to the first baseball game of the season! 🙂 It was Drew’s birthday and it was such a fun night!


Mollie + her man + her man’s BFF + me all started off at a bar before the game and walked through downtown to get to the game afterward! We walked a solid 2 + ish miles. 🙂



Part of our tailgate!


My boo Catherine and my RB, Ash! 🙂



Mahhhh man and me!


My RB, her GF the birthday girl and yours truly.


OMG crEATure Bek! 🙂


Throwing flowers and shizzz… Gotta ❤ love my hippy girls!


It was definitely a fun and full night! And Saturday morning I opted for some hot yoga instead of a long run so Mollie and I walked up to the hot yoga studio. It was such a perfect day and it’s only about 3 miles round trip!



It was such a gorgeous day – ahhh!!!!! And hot yoga was very cleansing and delightful as usual. Later on, we got an invitation to go the Braves game, again, and we happily obliged as the seats were in 6th row! YEP!




Yesterday was a bit stressful in the morning – I went to bed Saturday night and my calf was feeling a bit off but I figured I’d sleep it off. WRONG. I got up early to get in my 12 miles and decided against it. My left calf definitely has a pulled muscle in it. I think I overstretched it in hot yoga and it’s moderately painful. I just don’t want to risk making it worse so I took today off and will reevaluate later. Ain’t nobody got time for a real injury 2 weeks before a marathon, #amiright?

My workout schedule this week: (putting this down for accountability!) Monday – 5 miles (if it’s not hurting and if it’s not pouring) and my first barre class with my RB, Ash! Tuesday – 1 + hour swim, Wednesday – cycle, Thursday – either a 5K or hot yoga, Friday – cycle, Saturday a 5K race, Sunday – 8 miles (last long run before marathon!). So here’s hoping my dummy calf muscle pulls itself together. ASAP. #thankyousomuch

And in honor of the Braves starting off the year on a great foot (GO ATL!!!!!!!!!), The Senator has something to say to you all:


If only dogs could talk, he’d be yelling profanities. Haha. #nodogswereharmed

How was your weekend?

Do you like baseball?

How do you annoy your pet?

Sweating with Friends

Ayyyyy, FRIDAY you sexy beast!


It’s sad but it’s true. Although, sadly, today, I’ll be glued to a computer playing auditor and checking specific numbers against specific data. SO MUCH FUN, right?


But what is fun is what I did last night. So let’s focus on that instead of my terribly awful work day today.

The girlfriends and I got together for a circuit workout + wine. We are constantly trying to get everyone together to workout and we came up with a plan to workout once a month on a specific day to resolve the headache of planning something all the time.



We set up five stations.

Station ONE: Run up and down the stairs x 6 and 25 squats.


Station TWO: 50 Jump ropes + 50 Jumping Jacks


Station THREE: 15 Plank Jacks + 30 Mountain Climbers


Station FOUR: 15 Shoulder Raises and 15 Bicep Curls (w/15 or 30 pounds)


And station FIVE: 24 Kettlebell Swings + 15 Push Ups



Haha thanks to Rebekah and Google+ for making that a .gif. 🙂

And we repeated that thrice before we indulged in some wine, hummus and COOKIES.


Not only was it fun, but it was also a really great workout! For real, it was awesome and I’m a bit sore. My upper body is neglected.


I would, Dr. Evil. I would.

It was only missing out 6th member, MOLLZZZZZZ 😦 but it was still wonderful. And I can guarantee that if I attempted this alone, I would have failed. Having the music blasting and the energy moving really made this so easy to complete. Or you can tell me it was an easy circuit?

Dearest ladies, this was the best workout (aside from this past Sunday, ASH!) that I’ve had in a while. Can’t wait for next month’s workout!!!! And wine too, duh. ❤


Am I the only one who hates working on Fridays?

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you ever workout with friends?


Tree Decorating Party

Oh hello fellow blogger beings, it is I, the other half of the fitnesscrEATures. Still not sure who it is? That makes sense. I essentially don’t exist in blogland (again!). I’m beginning to feel schizophrenic with all this back ‘n forth I’ve been doing.

So here’s some cute shit I want you guys to see, aka we had a small get-together to participate in a long-time pagan tradition, aka we decorated our Christmas tree.

And everyone helped. Even the boys! 🙂

xmas party 6 

Meghan and some blurry bitch worked on a Christmas village.

xmas party 5

But mostly, Meghan just did a lot of this.

xmas party 7

And Mollie appeased us by helping, too. (She’s already celebrated Thanksgivukkah this year). I must say, she looks great with an ornament in her hand. Hey girl, if you ever wanna just up and change your heritage, let us know; the tree people will gladly accept you as our own. Or you can just be a bird like me and Meghan.

xmas party 3

Once we were finished decorating, we decided that cheerful holiday lover pictures were in order.

xmas party 4 

And the four of us decided to take a picture in front of our pagan tree.

xmas party 2

And look who wasn’t ready for the party, this bitch (below). Rebekah to Rebekah: “No girl, you don’t need to take a shower. These are your friends; they love you for who you are. Plus – you smell phenomenal!”

xmas party 1

What’s that? You want to see the finished product? Ok ok, jeeeeeezzz.

xmas party 8

Wittle baby carolers 🙂 Cute, but zero idea where they came from.

xmas party 9

When we got our tree, they gave us a free ornament which I thought was super sweet. But then I remembered that I gave them my first born as payment for the tree, soooo I don’t really think it’s that sweet anymore, or that free. Seriously, our tree was stupidly overpriced. But I don’t do that fake tree shit, so what’s a girl to do?? Le sigh.

xmas party 10

I wish we had a fireplace, but we don’t so I used push pins so I could hang those suckers up. It reminds me of the movie The Santa Clause – remember the scene when Tim Allen is going to all the different houses to deliver presents and he gets to an apartment where there’s no fireplace, but then he gets sucked down some sort of tube on the roof and a fireplace suddenly appears where there wasn’t one? Well this is EXACTLY what I suspect is going to happen at our place come Christmas Eve. That little corner with our stockings is going to turn into some kick-ass fireplace and Tim Allen is gonna hang out with the fitnesscrEATures for Christmas. I’m not mad about it.

Oh, so we haven’t put anything on top of our tree yet. A couple years ago my sister and I used a lamp shade she painted. Everyone seemed to think that was weird, but I liked it better than the traditional angel or star. I’m not really sure what to put up there, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

So, what should we use as our tree topper?

For those of you who celebrate it, have you already decorated for Christmas?

Does it freak you out that people below the equator associate Christmas with summertime?? It wouldn’t feel like Christmas to me if it weren’t cold out, but I guess everything is relative.

Do you have a fireplace? Can you take a video of a fire and send it to us, please??

– Rebekah

It’s a Mystery!

Woo hoo, another Monday, another day closer to kicking off the winter festivities! I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is this week! To prepare for a week of fun, I made sure my weekend was loaded with adorable and awesome activities! 🙂

Saturday morning I ran 10 miles with a friend in some of the most gorgeous fall (is it still fall?) scenery. It.Was.Amazing.




Because this is my first real year I consider myself a real runner, I invested in my first pair of running leggings. YES to everything about them times one million. It was so nice to not have any skin exposed. And afterward, I treated myself to a big red cup!


Though 10 miles is A LOT, I wasn’t really ready to retire for the day so I took the pup for a two mile loop. He did not appreciate the cold and windy weather at all… Poor guy.


So here’s where some serious fun started… Have you guys ever heard of murder mystery dinners? Well one of my adorable girlfriends hosted one on Saturday night and it was amazing! It was a beauty pageant theme – killing for the crown! And the night was nothing short of precious, hilarious, scandalous and SO MUCH FUN. We all dressed up like beauty queens, or what we thought beauty queens dressed up like… Ha. None of us really know.


Every lady was assigned a state (some had to play several states) and some were pageant judges. It was all very mysterious and scandalous! Oh, and all the food. I ate all of the food. 🙂





I just adore this picture of Mollie! 🙂









It was the cutest girl’s night I have ever had. It turns out that one of my two characters was the killer, so that was fun to try and hide from all my friends! I’m far from a good actress…

And to round out my fantastic weekend, I got my nails did! So fresh and so clean, just in time for Thanksgiving and my vacation on FRIDAY!!!!!!! 🙂 Mine are the purple, Mollie got the green, Erika got the silver glitter and our awesome nail guy insisted on contributing the picture this time too. Cute.


And then I got to my boyfriend’s house and helped him rake ALL.THE.LEAVES.


So now, here we are, the week of Thanksgiving. I may not stop back in here until after the marathon (THIS SUNDAY OMG) so if I don’t talk to you guys til next week, have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY Thanksgiving.

What’d you do this weekend?

Have you ever done a murder mystery dinner?

What is your favorite food?