Sweating with Friends

Ayyyyy, FRIDAY you sexy beast!


It’s sad but it’s true. Although, sadly, today, I’ll be glued to a computer playing auditor and checking specific numbers against specific data. SO MUCH FUN, right?


But what is fun is what I did last night. So let’s focus on that instead of my terribly awful work day today.

The girlfriends and I got together for a circuit workout + wine. We are constantly trying to get everyone together to workout and we came up with a plan to workout once a month on a specific day to resolve the headache of planning something all the time.



We set up five stations.

Station ONE: Run up and down the stairs x 6 and 25 squats.


Station TWO: 50 Jump ropes + 50 Jumping Jacks


Station THREE: 15 Plank Jacks + 30 Mountain Climbers


Station FOUR: 15 Shoulder Raises and 15 Bicep Curls (w/15 or 30 pounds)


And station FIVE: 24 Kettlebell Swings + 15 Push Ups



Haha thanks to Rebekah and Google+ for making that a .gif. 🙂

And we repeated that thrice before we indulged in some wine, hummus and COOKIES.


Not only was it fun, but it was also a really great workout! For real, it was awesome and I’m a bit sore. My upper body is neglected.


I would, Dr. Evil. I would.

It was only missing out 6th member, MOLLZZZZZZ 😦 but it was still wonderful. And I can guarantee that if I attempted this alone, I would have failed. Having the music blasting and the energy moving really made this so easy to complete. Or you can tell me it was an easy circuit?

Dearest ladies, this was the best workout (aside from this past Sunday, ASH!) that I’ve had in a while. Can’t wait for next month’s workout!!!! And wine too, duh. ❤


Am I the only one who hates working on Fridays?

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you ever workout with friends?


The Wind Under My Feet

I think that’s a phrase? Well, regardless, I had that happen last night. You guys know how some runs are stellar and some runs are a bit more lethargic? Well, after a slow run this weekend (albeit difficult, 20 miles and all!), I was thrilled to locate some speed for last night’s run. Though, the Senator was definitely not feeling this cold weather and the speedy for me pace.


He expressed his unsatisfied self through his belligerence when I attempted to take selfies with him. As if it isn’t hard enough to pick one, he has to turn away and act belligerent every time I so diligently snap one. So sweet of him…. no?


And then I performed this little sucker that was not so little:


With this man of mine:


And this lady:


So it was a really cute night and I was super happy about my run. Yesssssireeeee life is good. <3<3<3

What have you done to workout this week so far?

What’s a comfortable distance for you to run? I love a good 4 mile run – that is my happy place.

Do you have an uncooperative pet like me? I constantly remind him that I am the boss and he needs to obey when I want yet another picture of myself post run. #narcissistANDPROUD


Getting Back After “IT”!

I took a lot of time off from exercise whilst out of town and combine that with lots of good food that I don’t normally consume – I’m certainly feeling a bit out of whack. I don’t follow any sort of diet (other than no meat), but when my routine gets funky, so does my body. I’ll leave it at that. So this week I’ve been getting back at it with working out and eating a bit more regularly – for me. 🙂

Mollie came over on Monday and joined me for a 5K. We wanted to do 4 miles, but my calves were not having it after 18 miles on Sunday. I can forgive them, I GUESSSSSS.


My dog looks incredibly creepy. That’s pretty typical though. 🙂 We made some s’ghetti squash afterward and it was just ON POINT. SO AMAZING.

And last night, I made up this belligerent 25 minute workout on the spot and kicked myself afterward for thinking it’d be a breeze. Um, no.


I was so gross afterward and it was so good! My poor workout buddies, however, were not so thrilled with this workout. Haha, sorry Jerm! #hashtag #fail! In case anyone cares about this inside joke, I’m learning how to use Twitter and I am not so smart at it yet. Small steps at a time with social media for me, okay? Thanks. I would suggest following me on here but um, I’m boring and probably will stay that way. It’s too much for me to handle.

Anyway, it was a cute workout and night overall with some of my favorite people!


Erika, you’re rehired as our photographer. Jeremy, you #failed.

And another fun thing from this week? Rebekah made some paleo approved donuts and they were stellar. Seriously. I don’t love a lot of the paleo baked goods because I find them to be too ‘heavy’ but these were AMAZING.


They are all gone now. Don’t act surprised. And they are from paleOMG if you care to make them yourself or look at a better picture of them. 🙂

And my last cute thing for today – my boyfriend brought these over after I had a bad day. He is so sweet and always tries to cheer me up when I’m having a stressful day – he always succeeds! 🙂


Enjoy your HUMP DAY!!!

How do you get back into after time away from routine?

Have you ever made donuts?

How sore do you think I am from doing over 200 squats? I’ll let you know. HA.


I Almost Forgot!

Guys! I almost forgot that I LOVE circuits! I haven’t done one in over ONE MONTH!

I forgot just how much I love circuits, or little tabata workouts, or whatever you call them. Like, head over heels, love to feel this sweat, love to feel this burn love. Hm.


My friend Jeremy and my boyfriend and I started with that baby above and then did ONE round of this circuit below last night. Three rounds would have been absolutely excessive for me!

CrossFitStyle Workout

We were all dripping with sweat after this and it felt good to work these muscles that I don’t otherwise. I’m sure I’ll be nice and sore. Yipee. That’s typically how I like to roll the week of my half marathon, right? Given previous behaviors…


And after that killer workout, we hit up the grocery store for some things for the week and this thing caught my eye:


I mean, I LOVE spaghetti squash, but dang, one the size of my upper body? No way! I wonder how long that would take to cook. 🙂 Anyone want to go buy a ridiculous sized squash and holler? No? Okay, I don’t blame you.

Yeah, I have a half marathon this weekend with my beautiful friend Sara and we are ready to rock and roll it! In other words, we’re ready to spend a solid 2 + hours together enjoying ourselves. She’s the best and I’m hoping together we can keep each other on pace.

Do you prefer circuits to other things like swimming, biking and running?

During the week of a race, what kind of workouts do you do?

Would you have spent $8 on this squash? LOL!