The Wind Under My Feet

I think that’s a phrase? Well, regardless, I had that happen last night. You guys know how some runs are stellar and some runs are a bit more lethargic? Well, after a slow run this weekend (albeit difficult, 20 miles and all!), I was thrilled to locate some speed for last night’s run. Though, the Senator was definitely not feeling this cold weather and the speedy for me pace.


He expressed his unsatisfied self through his belligerence when I attempted to take selfies with him. As if it isn’t hard enough to pick one, he has to turn away and act belligerent every time I so diligently snap one. So sweet of him…. no?


And then I performed this little sucker that was not so little:


With this man of mine:


And this lady:


So it was a really cute night and I was super happy about my run. Yesssssireeeee life is good. <3<3<3

What have you done to workout this week so far?

What’s a comfortable distance for you to run? I love a good 4 mile run – that is my happy place.

Do you have an uncooperative pet like me? I constantly remind him that I am the boss and he needs to obey when I want yet another picture of myself post run. #narcissistANDPROUD


30 thoughts on “The Wind Under My Feet

  1. you are awesome and crazy! and now that i know your bf’s name and we (me and you and your roomie) are lovers from another mother (NOT WEIRD), i can now pretend that i know him too so tell him his canadian bestie says hello.

    i found fitness jesus again! i sort of lost my mojo and was really struggling with my motivation and workouts because of my wack knee but have found a workout that i can do that makes me sweat like a whore in church which is what i missed (the sweat, not being a whore in church).

  2. Yay!!!! It’s such a great feeling when you have a run like that! Hmmmmmm comfortable distance use to be 6 miles, I still love 6 miles, but now it’s just a challenge, I do 2 miles all the time, so I guess 2 miles it is, although I wish it was further hahaha. But seriously, the senator needs to get his act together, I mean, who does he think he is??? JK, but really, he should just take the picture, it goes a lot quicker if you just take the picture and get it over with haha

  3. Um…did I temporarily fall off the planet while you changed the background and Header of your blog?! WHATTT how did I miss this? I am the WORST blogging bestie ever! Ugh, I will work to try and redeem myself. I love that you are changing things around. Aren’t blog makeovers super fun?! Are you considering going self hosted? If so, let’s chat and I can tell you everything NOT to do 🙂 Anyway, you look adorable in that running skirt, is it Lulu? It’s super adorbz. And you look all ripped and sexy schmexy in your under armour cold gear. I approve 😉 <–too creepy? Nah. LOVE YOU ❤

  4. UGH. I just legit wrote the longest comment of my life and it legit didn’t post. WTF. Anyway, the gist of it was YAY you’re gorgeous and WOW you’re doing a blog makeover, so excited!!!! ❤ Text me / email me soon. Im getting stage 5 clinger needy over here.

      Literally, I would rather my stuff at work get deleted than a thoughtful blog comment. That totally ruins my attitude momentarily when that happens. LOL!
      Yes yes I’ll get on it ASAP LOVE YOU!

  5. Great run! You are definitely speedy!
    I have only ran once this week but have worked out two times. I’m hoping to get in a short run this evening. I hate running at night!
    My happy run would be a 5 or 6 miler.
    My dog will listen when he wants. I know I should take him on walks but he is so crazy he is all over the place. My hubby used to take him on a 1-2 mile run and our dog would love it! My hubby not so much because our dog would be running sub 6 minute miles and it really wore my hubby out.

  6. I love a run of about 4 miles as well though I’m trying to build up to do a half marathon next year! Seemed like a good idea when I first told people but I’m really struggling with motivation now!

  7. Welp, I can’t run very far at all yet, but I can walk 4 miles comfortably now. Doesn’t seem like much, but this time last year I was not able to walk 2 miles comfortably and I hated hills. Now I love the challenge of hills and I can’t wait until I can jog a mile (I literally DREAM of running!). I’m looking forward to what I will be able to do this time next year. It helps having wonderfully influential friends in life such as yourself! This week so far I’ve hit the gym every morning before work, and last night I worked out with with my Cuh and her awesome bf. 😀

  8. I love the 3-4 mile range — it’s perfect. And holy balls, that leg workout after your run?! Your legs must’ve been en fuego afterwards!

    I love the “no, I refuse to engage in these shenanigans” shots of the Senator, too. Our dog used to do the same thing, but it was more of a “Wait, THERE’S SOMETHING OVER THERE!” thing than a recalcitrance issue. But still. Adorbz!

  9. I love a good run where my speed kicks in naturally…My happy balance run lately has been 5 miles. It seems when I head out for a routine run 5 miles is it. Sometimes it is 4, depending on the amount of time I have but I can’t remember a run that was less than that….And the phrase I think of is Wind Beneath My Wings from Beaches- love that movie.

  10. A comfortable distance is from my bed to the kitchen. I’ve mastered it in epic time though and at least it includes a set of stairs. For the record my dog was all sass. Like mother like dog. RIP Gracie. She haunts out house now. She hated us.

    Oh and I love you too. And Beks. Pretty equally. Can you guess whose in the lead? #BBM2014

  11. I ran to my gym, taught power pump, and then run/walked home last Saturday-our weather was PERFECT for it! I guess we’d say I have a belligerent dog in that he’d be hell-bent on killing me if we tried to run together. He’s a bit of a weaver, and I’m quite sure we’d end up in a tangled heap on the side of the road. Your dog is ADORABLE!!!

  12. First – LOVE the new blog look. You’ve probably had it for two weeks and now you know how behind I am on everything – AHH! 4 miles is such a nice distance for me, too. Congrats on a 20 miler (holy shit!) and a super speedy 4!

  13. You are just doing awesome with your running lately! Woo hoo!
    And I have done barre every day so far and yes Ruca is very uncooperative with pictures too!

  14. I would say 4-6mi is my happy place!! AWESOME job on the speed you wild woman!! OK and saying that your 20miler was slow…COME ON it was 20 freaking miles and you held a 10min pace!! THAT IS AMAZING! I would have died. You’re too cute for words…end of story.

  15. Run + circuit is awesome! The 4-6 mile range has recently become my favorite running length! My dog does the same thing when I try to take pictures of her! She always moves right when I start to take the picture!

  16. Ugh you’re the cutest!!!! I do not know how you rock those running skirts like a super model but you do it flawlessly. Happy taper!!! Please rest some!!!

  17. Oh Senator. You uncooperative little shithead. Mine does the saaaaame thing. The minute my phone comes out he stops whatever cute thing he’s doing and refuses to look at the camera. Or he yawns right as I’m about to get the shot. Little jerk. You buy his food, you scratch his little butt and you are the boss. The end. My happy # is 5 miles. Our lake is 5 around and I feel super accomplished and exhilarated every time I finish a loop. How ’bout I stop describing it and you fly here and run it with me?? Yes? Done. Also, not to be a total creepfest, but the Buckhead neighborhood in Hotlanta is so nice! Is that your hood? We stayed there for work once and I loved it!! We went to a restaurant where the Real Housewives hang, but no Nene in sight 😦 Do over!! xo

  18. You crazy girl! A run and all that jumping around with your legs. Inspirational I must say! I hope you rested up from your beast on Saturday! And in answer.. 5 used to be my favorite distance when half training and 8 was nice during full training.

  19. I had the opposite run yesterday. Legs felt like lead and my stomach turned the whole time. Hopefully the wind will be at my feet on my next run 🙂

  20. did i seriously not respond to this post yesterday? that makes no sense. i could have sworn i did, i only came here to see if there was a new post for today and then scrolled down the comments and realized i wasnt there. what the what i am losing my mind. um ok so 1. bar method, then i got sick so just getting out of bed takes all my effort 2. however long a liquor store run takes (ha ha ha) 3. i want your pet- the senator is so fierce!!

  21. Coco doesn’t like to cooperate for selfies either. Sigh…they just don’t get it.

    You rocked that 4 miler! I would say 3 miles is a comfortable run for me. After that, I’m usually tired and ready to stop.

    That workout looks killer too. I’m sure doing it with friends makes it that much better.

    ps. How do you always looks so cute after your runs? I always look like a hot mess.

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