Happy, Active and, what, NATURE?!

What. A. Weekend.

I started Friday night off with a 2100 yard swim while the other crEATure got her muscle workout on in the weights area. And then there was this afterward:


My love for salmon knows no end – basil pesto butter atop a perfect filet of that delicious fish.

Saturday was a ridiculous day of activity for me – way out of the ordinary but WAY fun. I got up at the ass crack of dawn to meet a friend for a 20 mile bike ride. I don’t know about any of you – but fall is definitely in the air, right? Well, it was 57 degrees on this bike ride. My hands and feet were NUMB when I finished. Omg. The sun wasn’t even up when we started!


And then I ran a solid 10 miles. It was VERY hard – I’ve never tried to do one after the other and I don’t know how you guys do triathlons! I think that as the temperatures cool, so does my pace. I felt great out there and had I not biked first, I feel like I could have gone a bit longer.


And after incessant rolling and stretching, I cleaned up and straight up took a two hour nap. That’s probably not healthy. Oh well.

I made my way to Goodwill to do some fall/winter work shopping with my fellow crEATure when I got my lazy self out of bed! Out of all these clothes, we managed to only spend less than $40 each! Score. Goodwill = the best.


And the evening ended with a lovely dinner with my favorite folks over my favorite food!



Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day so the wonderful man friend and I went on a hike! It ended up being 5 miles round trip and it was absolutely beautiful. I should note that once you get to the top, there’s a beautiful house on top with gorgeous scenery and views rightfully named House o’ Dreams. Photo dump ahead:





photo 3



photo 5




Hiking munchies essentials right there! And that takes me to my next rant – we had pistachios, almonds, grapes and sparkling flavored water, yum. But, the grapes we had? Well we tried two kinds this weekend….

Exhibit A: Witch Fingers



Exhibit B: Cotton Candy


Very odd, grape industry, very odd. Both varieties were delicious, but strange. 🙂

And this about sums up my incredible weekend! Any questions, my beautiful people?

Are you a tri-athlete? How is the transition from biking to running for you?

Salmon – yay or nay? If nay, what’s you protein of choice?

Have you had these new grape varieties yet? If you have extra grocery money, try them.. But at $3.99/lb I will not buy them again. I’ll stick the usual suspects at $1.99/lb. 🙂


Traveling Shenanigans

Ah, welcome back, Monday. I missed you terribly. I’ve been looking forward to you all weekend.



Friday night I had some delicious eats, courtesy of my boyfriend and his grill! We had grilled squash and grilled zucchini cakes.


Saturday morning, I ran 10 miles with a woman I’m in a professional club with. It was amazing to start breaking in my new Mizuno’s and simultaneously get out a much needed and successful long run. I was a happy girl. There was no soreness, no fatigue, no badness – just pure post run endorphins. Woo! I attribute that to tons of stretching, foam rolling and compression wearing afterward.


I have to run a few more miles in them before I say so indefinitely, but I really loved these shoes. 🙂

I got home afterward, ate a quick breakfast, and my boyfriend and I headed up to Nashville to visit his friend who just had a baby! After the hospital visit, we explored the city and ate some amazing food!


I had sweet potato ravioli (who knew that was even possible?) and it was the best way to kick off a night of hitting all the ‘famous’ country music spots. Caution: you’re about to enter a photo dump zone.




And then we found this store.



And what had me really drooling…


So, if I didn’t love Nashville before, I did after we went to that store! 🙂 Oh what I will do for some candy… or anything sweet…

The weekend ended with a home cooked meal from my parents that was just absolutely delicious and satisfying! They made salmon with a corn salsa and quinoa for the side. Amazing.


After a weekend full of good times, good food and good company, I’m more than ready to relocate that thing I call a routine and get back at it! Time to start breaking in my new running shoes!

What did you do this weekend? Any traveling?

Are you a chocolate candy person or a sugary candy person? I don’t discriminate against either.

How do you recover after a full, fun, busy, indulgent weekend? 🙂


Saturday Morning Pancakes

Weekends are what I live for (I don’t think I’m alone here). I have the best people in my life and I look forward to every moment with each person I spend time with. Friday my boyfriend man and I went on a double date with Mollie and her man! Sushi was the best decision ever, and I made sure to get a picture of my seaweed salad so my bloggy bestie, Leslee can see how much we really are twinsies! I can’t help but be super lame this morning, I apologize.


Sake bombs may have made it into our classy fun evening.


Me and my mannnnn!


Saturday morning I got adventurous and decided to wing it based on several recipes I had seen to make these pancakes. I dreamt about them all night on Friday so I just HAD to make some Saturday morning.


What happens when a Saturday morning breakfast is the highlight of your weekend?

You’re getting old.

1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 6 oz package of vanilla Greek yogurt
2 eggs
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 bananas
whatever you want to top it with

I began by mashing the bananas up until they were smooth and then I just added everything else and mixed really well. I added more milk for consistency purposes, but I didn’t measure that. You guys can figure it out if you ever recreate this. I put some canola oil on the pan and let them cook away! They turned out SO GOOD. I never successfully make things this fancy in the kitchen and I was so pleased! UGH! Take me back to Saturday morning and these pancakes! I topped them with melted blackberry jam and some fresh blackberries. Heavenly.


Later on, I hit the gym. I had taken Wednesday and Friday off this week and didn’t want to take three days off so in spite of the awful storms and rainy weather, I dragged it to the gym.

I’d like to thank every blogger who talked about their races this weekend – you guys are the ONLY reason I went to the gym. I even saw the lovely Picky Runner had run 15 miles via her instagram (girl, so awesome!) so I had to do something. I am so glad I did – I knocked out a 5k and discovered a new favorite Pandora station: 80’s workout! Woooo! Billy Joel played a key role in a strong finish. We didn’t start the fireeeeeeee!


Later on, my boyfriend and I made a delightful dinner of Costco seasoned salmon and sautéed zucchini and squash. It hit the spot!


Yesterday was supposed to be just as rainy and gross as Saturday but when we woke up, it was surprisingly lovely and therefore a run was in store for the day! I’m feeling super positive about my run yesterday! Cinco for Cinco de Mayo! Wooooo!


I was in a good groove and so was The Senator! It felt great to get the run in before the day’s festivities so I didn’t have to feel guilty inhaling enjoying numerous margaritas and baskets of chips and salsa.

And finally, The Senator and I want to wish you a warm and wonderful Monday – no matter the weather outside (it’s super gloomy here in Atlanta, grey skies and all!).


He was being fairly adorable so I couldn’t resist sharing his cute face.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was food involved, duh.

How were your races!? I’m so excited to hop on to the reader and find out how everyone did!!

What do you do to workout when it’s nasty outside?


Paleo-riffic Dinner Time

Wait! Stop! Don’t leave! I promise this post isn’t nearly as lame as the title claiming the content below.

I don’t keep promises, so you are excused from reading if you desire. 🙂

Delightfully Delicious Paleo Salmon Dinner (it’s a unique & creative name, don’t ya think?) This should be a doozy, it’s TWO recipes (ignore the crumbly looking things in the front, those don’t count and I can’t believe I have to fess up to what I did to make such a DISGUSTING concoction!).


One item at a time here…

Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon
2 salmon filets
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
2 teaspoons olive oil
1.2 tablespoons basil
lots of cracked black pepper
sprinkles of sea salt
1 cedar plank
1 grill 🙂

This salmon was incredibly easy to make (and that has nothing to do with the fact that my boyfriend did the actual grilling part, I only seasoned it!). First, you must soak the cedar plank in water for about 30 minutes. Second, slather the salmon (make sure the skin is removed) in the olive oil and lemon juice. Sprinkle the rest of the seasonings on top evenly and THAT’S IT!


See, easy for me, right? Then it needs to be placed onto the cedar plank and then into a grill. I’m not sure if this works in an oven… Anyone know?? It cooked in the grill for about 20 beautiful minutes before it came out and teased me with its scent.


The salmon was the best!

Next up, Balsamic Pan Seared Green Beans

2 cups raw green beans
3 tablespoons balsamic
1/2 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon garlic powder
salt & pepper to taste

Can we just rewind for a moment? How many times have I used balsamic in this past week? I mean, really, let’s try and diversify, Meghan. Balsamic isn’t the best thing out there. Or is it? I’m not sure about life today. Or love. Or anything in between. <—for my co blogger BeKaaah!  I have also prided myself, as of today, on being able to come up with different ways for saying, “Use balsamic in this recipe!” I had marinated, infused, now pan seared! Look at me go. Who knows what I’ll hatch up next!

Anyway, to make these suckers, put the balsamic and olive oil into a pan and let it heat up. Add the green beans and then sprinkle the garlic powder, salt and pepper on top. I covered the pan with a top and let them sear for about 15 minutes, stirring them a few times throughout. I think they could have gone on a little longer, too. Practice makes perfect folks!


No, I’m not repurposing photos. I took several at different angles to accent the different foods.

That was before I tasted the third item on the plate, a recreation of the girl Bekah’s curried sweet potato coins. Here comes my confession – my recreation was DISGUSTING, and that’s being nice because I’m trying to keep things rated G over here on fitnesscrEATures. That stuff was downright awful.

When she made them, I fell in love. It was like the clouds opened up and the sun shined down upon me, and only me. They were so yummy and so gluttonous (but still Paleo!) so I wanted to recreate them except instead of frying them, I baked them. Worst decision ever. My boyfriend and I each had less than one full bite and threw them ALL away. I am not 100% sure what I did wrong here, but they surely did NOT turn out anything like the delicious ones my fellow blog girl posted about. Talk about life’s disappointments…. So sad.

With all that failure on my hands, I had to redeem myself. Enter, Paleo-riffic dark chocolate banana frozen yogurt!

2 frozen bananas
2 pieces of dark chocolate (over 72% for Paleo-riffic-ness)
almonds, for texture

Put all that junk in a food processor, stand back, and watch that machine do work. Once it looks like it’s all creamy and ready, it is ready to devour! I un-Paleo-fied mine with some whipped cream on top. Eh, I can’t be that perfect.


Yeah. There’s really nothing better than that. Guiltless ice cream = happy Meghan. Happy Meghan = Meghan not throwing things at co blogger and roomie, girl BeKaaah. 🙂 I think it’s a win win situation here, folks.