Sunday = Recipes

Sunday was a day for experimenting and improvisation! Upon waking up, I made an omelet for my boyfriend and me to share. I just sautéed  up some onions, red and green peppers, and mushrooms!


Those smell so good – and I just use a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper to season them. Then I poured three eggs on top and threw on some spinach.


Once it’s cooked all the way through, I flip it in half, smash it down and serve it! Voila!


Strawberries and blueberries are really doing it for me lately. They are so yummy! Oh, and I topped the omelet off with some avocado for staying power.


After running a few errands with some friends and getting my nails done (YAY, it was needed desperately!), I pondered on some dinner choices. I used my co-bloggers Paleo cookbook to find something fun to make – and I found something that sounded so wonderful:

PicMonkey Collage

After Kroger management searched far and wide for the garama masala with no luck, we gave up on trying to make this recipe. We even called Publix and they didn’t have any either. Sheesh. I guess I’ll know from now on that I can’t count on grocery stores to carry this spice. Anyway, with salmon to cook still, we picked up some veggies and figured we’d just make a simple salmon dish.

Roasted Broccoli, Mushrooms, Sweet Potato Chips and Dijon Mustard Spiced Salmon


I put sliced mushrooms and broccoli on one pan (very important that parchment paper is used – not foil!) to bake for 16 minutes. They were both tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper.

The sweet potato chips are a bit of a time consuming task – but worth it! Once peeled, the potato goes into a food processor to create slices (much easier than doing it by hand!!).

I laid every single one out individually, and of course, didn’t get a picture because my hands were covered in olive oil, cinnamon and sea salt. They came out perfectly.

The salmon was a bit of a wild card. What were we going to do to make it? We had some Dijon mustard leftover from last week’s recipe and wanted to incorporate that flavor because it really added a kick to the salmon. So, we covered salmon in that, olive oil, and every spice we could find! I think it was basil, parsley, pepper and salt…


That turned into a beautiful and colorful dinner!


See! Those sweet potato chips turned out perfectly! And I will leave you with one picture of this deliciousness:




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