19? Or 16?

Let’s have a little excitement about it being Monday today! Or, to enthuse my co-blogger, “HAPPY MONDAY!!!!” 🙂

Mollie came over on Friday night and joined Rebekah, Nadir and me for a night of splurging at the local pizza joint. The night began innocently:20130208_205458

But after numerous beers and cheese sticks, garlic bread rolls and Greek pizza, there was hardly anything innocent about the night. Blog. Fail.

Saturday morning the boyfriend and I ran a 5K in Marietta Square. It was fun and a great way to kick off the day. When we got back, I made us breakfast! I sauteed some onions, red and green peppers and mushrooms and then dumped eggs on top to create an omelet. After adding spinach, it was ready to go!20130209_102805

Then I met up with a girlfriend to tackle a long run. Phew – we did 16 to put my daily total at 19. My running partner in crime and I kicked butt! We tackled several hills like champions and kept a great pace! AND, we even got caught in some rather sexy pedestrian traffic – the Cupid Undie run! Hotties… 🙂facebook_431491914

Upon return to my friend’s place, we drank plenty of water and indulged rather quickly in some beer I’ve never had before. My friend said it was delicious – and she was right! Holy wow – YES to this beer!


16 mile champions! Channing is training for a marathon shortly after the one I plan on doing so some of our long weekend runs match up! It’s perfect because we both share the desire to finish strong and have similar paces. It was a fabulous run because of the company, the weather and the accomplishment of adding another long run to my agenda. Only one more long run (20 miles) left in my plan before my 26.2 marathon! I can’t wait to cross that finish line. 🙂


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