Don’t Ever Do That To Me Again.

What the heck. You guys can’t just take over a week off from blogging and not tell me about it. Seriously, un-cool.


Ok, ok, I apologize, it was me, not you! 🙂

I mean, does anyone remember who I am at this point? If not, totally okay. I would forget me too.

Before I delve into a few snapshots from the past week and a half, I have to make a few shout outs:

LINDSEY a SUPER congratulations on running your first marathon! I can imagine how troubling everything was for you and after reading your recap – I know you pushed through and I know you did a phenomenal job. I’m so happy for you for doing it!

NATALIE another SUPER congratulations on running your first marathon! I know you’ve worked SOOOOO stinking hard at it and it 100% paid off – your time was amazing and you sound like you’re doing just fine. Any chance you’ll run another any time soon? Haha! 🙂

ERIN your spaghetti squash bake is on the menu for tonight. I saw it while I was in Vegas last week and I had to wipe the drool from my workspace in front of my coworkers. They’re aware of my slob like behavior so this was no shock to them.

I’ve gotten in two long runs since we last saw each other, one was 16 miles before I went out of town and yesterday it was 18 miles. Pretty awesome. My marathon is quickly approaching and I am quickly getting prepared. Woo hoo.


I went to Las Vegas. Don’t get too excited for me – it was for work and was therefore treated as such. I didn’t get much time to gamble or have fun, or even workout. 😦


The Bellagio is such a nice hotel and they have such beautiful decorations. And fountains, of course.



But it wasn’t until Kristina  mentioned on IG that I should stop by and see this… The world’s largest chocolate fountain! That is when this hotel became my favorite ever.


Amazing. My reaction to this further solidified my boss’s belief that I am a candy-a-holic. No shame.

I’m still trying to play a bit of catch up – traveling for work is insane, I don’t know how you do it so much, Sara! Though, I suppose – Maui is Maui. 🙂

I missed a lot of working out and ate a lot of crap food, and I can certainly feel it! I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine this week! Bring on the monotony, people!

Have you been to Las Vegas?

What’s been going on for you?

Did you miss me or are you completely over me?


Shut up About the Sun!

I gotta say, I’ve had enough of the darn SUN.

I love it in the summer when I’m lazing around on the beach, but when I’m trying to fit in some good quality runs, I could do without it beating down on my helpless body.

So, a run late last night was just what I was craving! A run with no sun AND no Garmin!


Ain’t no shame in a selfie if you’re with your dog, right? WRONG. There’s still lots of shame, Meghan.


Erin, I don’t want to hear your bull about this. 🙂

Anyway, I’m traveling for work this week a bunch and am working late hours (as in didn’t get home til 10 pm on Monday night and 8 pm last night…) so getting in a workout is challenging.

I have a question for all you runners out there – with temperatures slowly decreasing, are you finding your speed is decreasing as well? I am contemplating if it is just my logic here or if everyone is getting a bit speedier with these fall breezes in the air. I’m certainly going faster and longer without as much resistance from my lungs and legs and I don’t think I’m alone here.

SOMEONE, and I won’t say who, has had a serious attitude lately about me snapping picture after picture of him…. Hmmm….


He’s too cool to look at me. That’s fine.

How are you feeling, if you’re a runner, about the fall air?

When you’re working a bunch, do you still try and get in a workout?

Does your pet have as much of an attitude as mine?

BONUS: was this the most worthless post you’ve ever read from me? Why yes, yes it is. Enjoy your day beautiful people!


Knoxville and the Not so Long Run

Well hello you party people!

Per my training, I had a long run to accomplish this past weekend. I was really excited because a woman from my office building invited me to join her in a gorgeous state park. So, at 5:15 am, I woke up and moseyed on over to kick off my weekend on a high note.

My body, however, had other things in mind. My stomach was turning and I just didn’t feel mentally there. Once I hit 5 miles, I quit. Over the past couple of years of running, I have learned, slowly and painfully, that not finishing every run I set out to do is NOT the end of the world. Rather than dwell on it and beat myself up, I proceeded to enjoy the rest of the weekend – which included getting my nails done with one of my dearest friends and a fun road trip with my co blogger to visit Erin!


Yay for fun colors!


We spent the night sushi-ing, dancing, and chatting (and as she mentioned, almost stealing her adorable pupppppppy!!).


Wouldn’t you want to steal that face too?


I love it when people love sushi as much as I do! It’s a safe addiction, I think! 🙂


The following morning, Rebekah and I drove home but made a pit stop to pick up some brunch! I devoured these blueberry pancakes. YUM.


And upon return home (it’s a short 3 hour drive), we hit up the gym where I chose to swim. I rolled my ankle on that stellar (NOT) run on Saturday morning and running is on hold until it feels normal again. Super duper. In case you’re curious, here’s what I do almost every time I swim – with a bit of variation here and there. I love it – but my favorite is getting in to the hot tub afterward!!


And that makes me one happy lady.

You know what makes me even happier?


What’s your favorite kind of food to enjoy with groups? Sushi, though it’s not always agreed upon by everyone…. 🙂

Do you take road trips on a whim?

What happens when your long runs don’t go as planned? What’s your attitude about it?


My Charleston + The RUN.

Hi Everyone! I know I’m late in saying so, but I hope you guys all enjoyed Labor Day weekend! I sure did! First though, congratulations to my beautiful fellow Seattle-ite and wonderful vegan with benefits friend over at Blissful Britt, you have won the Tasty Bite giveaway! 🙂 🙂 I can’t find a contact email address, so hit me up at so I can get your foodies to you! I checked, they have vegan options! 🙂

As my fellow crEATure mentioned, we escaped to Charleston this weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how all how absolutely amazing my time there was. I fell in love with the city for numerous reasons which I will conveniently list out for you.

1. The candy stores. They are everywhere. Priorities folks – there’s a reason this is #1 in my recap. And the candy stores are perfectly accompanied with an equal ratio of ice cream/gelato/froyo shops. It’s literally the perfect place in the whole wide world.

image (7)

 image (8)

I got a big old bag the first night and it lasted me the entire weekend!

2. The scenery. I can’t describe how absolutely beautiful the city is and I got the chance to do my long run through it bright and early on Saturday morning – before the sun was up and before the local shops were open. I had such an out of body experience along the water and I felt so emotionally empowered and capable of accomplishing anything. This run was my third favorite run in my entire life time and I can happily smile about every part of this run, even the fact that I was way too hungover Oops.

image (5)

Serenity is the best and that’s exactly what I got. Roughly four miles of my run were on this path along the water. It was truly breathtaking and I even saw a dolphin. Could a long run get any better?

Some other beautiful shots from my run:

image (6)

 image (11)

I couldn’t get over how unrealistic those trees looked.. Nature is so picturesque.

image (12)

photo (30)

photo (33)

  If there is a better way to explore a city, I don’t want to know what it is. This was perfection and I had the best runner’s high ever. #runningWINS

image (10)

3. The fun places to just hang back and relax at night – the options are limitless in this city! And, they are all seemingly quaint and entertaining.

image (1)

Me and mah man!

image (3)

 image (13)

 image (15)

Rebekah and Isaac were the pool champs of the night!


Those were our friends that came with us and we all stayed together. The rooftop bar scene in Charleston is amazing! 🙂

4. The water! And the water activities! We went to Folly Beach both days.

image (4)

image (16)

I even paddle boarded!

image (19) 

It was as equally challenging as it was fun and I am craving the next opportunity I get to do it!

photo (29)

image (18)

Hanging with the crEATure!

5. The food! 🙂 All of it was good, but as thorough as my co blogger was with pictures of food, I was a slacker. Though, this buffet merited pictures… It doesn’t look like much but it was perfect. That crepe looking thing on the right was the only thing I got seconds of… Stellar.

image (14)

 photo (32)

Poached eggs are typically too runny for me but these were just right! I do like some good #yolkporn but the white parts must be fully cooked or I freak.

So there it was, whoooooomp, there it was. 🙂 Charleston is amazing and I cannot wait to return (also, why have I never been there before?! It’s so close… Sheesh, Meghan). But really, there are wonderful beaches AND a legitimate night scene (not a fist pumping club, jumping kind either, but the good, grown up kind…. I’ve never been anywhere like it before and I’m grateful I got to go this weekend!

What was your favorite part of this past weekend?

Where’s your favorite place to travel and why?

Candy – I can’t live without it. Can you? I don’t play favorites, I love it all.