Double Races


Like the total dummy that I always am, I signed up for two races this weekend! But don’t worry, it’s under control. 🙂 I know it’s a huge concern for everyone.


The first race is a 5K with my boyfriend, best friend and her boyfriend and it’s like the total opposite of what I would do on my own BUT my three people all LOVE this idea: a 5K followed by unlimited bacon at the end. Wow. Hello, sweet Bacon Chase!!

bacon chase 1

Literally, when Mollie and I went on a cruise this past summer with Rebekah, she ate #allthebacon.

 bacon chase 2

And for the vegetarian girl, THAT’S ME, there are bloody mary’s. 🙂

 bacon chase 3

Clearly I’m excited. I used to do 5K’s like, ALL THE TIME last year but they have been less of a priority this year so far. I cannot wait to prance around with my favorite people on Saturday morning. We’ve been talking about this race since I saw it on Facebook (#ashamedistillusethat) a few months ago.

 bacon chase

The best part – it doesn’t start til 10 AM. Let’s hope I don’t oversleep this time – like I did for my last 5K. Whoops. #Molliewouldkillme

I love that races are all for good causes, and this one is for St. Jude. That’s a damn good cause if you ask me.

And after this awesomely fun race, I have a legitimate and official half marathon on Sunday. It’s the same race I ran my first full marathon (<<very embarrassing post about my first marathon) on last year and I will never do the full again. BUT, the half should be fun and I’ll be running with my amazing running bestie! #cantstop #wontstop #loveit #georgiamarathon #cantwait


We’ve been properly preparing for this half and I am more than thrilled 13 is the mileage on my agenda for this weekend. My legs have been less than thrilled with me after my 20 miler. It’s been all about swimming and yoga this week for me. Mollie and I have been all about the yoga – specifically, the hot yoga. WOO!


I love the totally generic HOT YOGA sign in the background. 🙂




Hot Chocolate and #snowpocalypse

I don’t even think I spelled the fourth word of this title correctly. What can ya do?? So I’ve neglected the blog and that’s primarily because ever since my job changed a few months ago, I’ve had a lot less time to focus on it. While it’s sad, I’m also certain it’ll all be okay. I miss it, but I want to make sure I am doing the best job I can possibly do while at work so this lovely little corner has had a break. I’m sure you guys have forgotten all about us frEAKs over here. I would have. In any case, here I am, with a recap of the Hot Chocolate race series. This was my second time doing the 15K race.


I love it for several reasons, but I think I have a more euphoric feeling toward it this year because I actually accomplished a big goal. You guys know, if you race, that you have certain goal times in mind during those races. I always do, but I have never once achieved a goal time. EVER. In fact, I’m usually way off. But I love running so much that I just do not care at the end of the day. There’s no better feeling than finishing a race.

Or so I thought.


There is a better feeling… It’s when you not only hit your goal time but BEAT it by over a minute.


The Hot Chocolate race series is very well organized and I have NO complaints about the logistics of it. My only complaint would be the price – but I think that you get more than your money’s worth for the race so it’s all good. The hoodie is THE BEST. In fact, my fave running girl Ash and I wore ours the night we picked up our packets for a 10K and raved about them the whole time. #premature #thatisherheadbandnotmine #idonthavestylelikethat #sherunslikeabeast


The hoodie has a zipper, a pocket with a zipper on the back (the best) and THUMBOLES!! Because what is a running jacket without thumbholes these days? It’s not. Mollie and my boyfriend both loved their hoodies and the race as well, so everyone that matters approved!




The runners of the morning had the best cheer support – Mollie’s boyfriend cheered, the other crEATure cheered, and Ash’s girlfriend cheered! It was a grand old event. And everyone had to be a trooper – it was FREEZING.


Such cuties all over the place!

Anyway, the course is incredibly hilly and challenging. Last year, I think I ran it in like 1:35 – that’s a 9:59 pace.

THIS YEAR WE RAN IT WITH A PACE OF 8:54!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!!! We beat our goal by over a minute (yes I said that already but it is well worth repeating!). But for real you guys, I’ve never run more than 6 miles with a pace like that. I didn’t think I could physically do it.


And that was the best feeling to feel all day on Sunday. 🙂 I’d be lying if I said I was over it almost a week later. I’m not. And honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without having a running partner. Sometimes that’s all I need to push myself. So here’s to my running bestie ASH!!! JENNNNNNAYYYYYY I LOVEEEE YOU!!!!!!

Cut to a few days later and Atlanta, the glorious city I live in, is experiencing a real life Walking Dead. Errr, snowpocalypse??? Yeah, I drove my 25 minute commute into work on Tuesday only to be dismissed at 1 pm. Cool, right? I was all, “Oh, time to get my party on!!!!”


The entire state was dismissed around that time. So after 4.5 hours in traffic, I parked, packed up the essentials from my car and started the 5 mile walk home. I’m hardcore, you think??

No, I lack patience for more than 4 hours in a situation like this. Anyway, yes, I left my car and walked. My car and I are fine. The snow sucks and Atlanta department of transportation sucks even more. That’s all I’ve got on the matter.

The Senator loves the snow. And it’s also somewhat romantic to spend several days with my boyfriend just cuddled up, cooking, and playing. 🙂


^^Gotta love Google+ for automatically adding these effects. 🙂




Though, not everyone was as fortunate as I was to be able to leave their cars and get home somehow. Some people have stayed in shelters, their cars, or just wherever they could find. Children were stuck in schools (and so were teachers!). It’s been a crazy event and I don’t think anyone knows quite how to handle it. But for now, I’m glad to have had the time off and the luck to have been home with my boyfriend and pup.

What’s your favorite feeling when it comes to working out?

What’s your favorite race ever?

How many of you guys get snow and think ATL is a bunch of pansies? Don’t, ha, as sad as it is, our state is not prepared like the North is! KATHY YOU CAN SUCK IT WITH YOUR JUDGMENT!


PS In response to the beautiful LESLEE, I will DEFINITELY be cheering for those SEAHAWKS, duh! But I love Peyton too so I’ll be thrilled with either outcome. 🙂 WOO!

It’s a Mystery!

Woo hoo, another Monday, another day closer to kicking off the winter festivities! I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is this week! To prepare for a week of fun, I made sure my weekend was loaded with adorable and awesome activities! 🙂

Saturday morning I ran 10 miles with a friend in some of the most gorgeous fall (is it still fall?) scenery. It.Was.Amazing.




Because this is my first real year I consider myself a real runner, I invested in my first pair of running leggings. YES to everything about them times one million. It was so nice to not have any skin exposed. And afterward, I treated myself to a big red cup!


Though 10 miles is A LOT, I wasn’t really ready to retire for the day so I took the pup for a two mile loop. He did not appreciate the cold and windy weather at all… Poor guy.


So here’s where some serious fun started… Have you guys ever heard of murder mystery dinners? Well one of my adorable girlfriends hosted one on Saturday night and it was amazing! It was a beauty pageant theme – killing for the crown! And the night was nothing short of precious, hilarious, scandalous and SO MUCH FUN. We all dressed up like beauty queens, or what we thought beauty queens dressed up like… Ha. None of us really know.


Every lady was assigned a state (some had to play several states) and some were pageant judges. It was all very mysterious and scandalous! Oh, and all the food. I ate all of the food. 🙂





I just adore this picture of Mollie! 🙂









It was the cutest girl’s night I have ever had. It turns out that one of my two characters was the killer, so that was fun to try and hide from all my friends! I’m far from a good actress…

And to round out my fantastic weekend, I got my nails did! So fresh and so clean, just in time for Thanksgiving and my vacation on FRIDAY!!!!!!! 🙂 Mine are the purple, Mollie got the green, Erika got the silver glitter and our awesome nail guy insisted on contributing the picture this time too. Cute.


And then I got to my boyfriend’s house and helped him rake ALL.THE.LEAVES.


So now, here we are, the week of Thanksgiving. I may not stop back in here until after the marathon (THIS SUNDAY OMG) so if I don’t talk to you guys til next week, have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY Thanksgiving.

What’d you do this weekend?

Have you ever done a murder mystery dinner?

What is your favorite food?


The Countdown Begins

Well, it seems as if there are less than two weeks until the big ole marathon. Who is ready to read that recap?? I’m more than ready to live it so I can talk about it!

It’ll be marathon number two this year and it’ll be in the beautiful city of Seattle! I know everyone knows this already, but I have to keep discussing it for it to continue to feel real. I’m WAY excited.

Let’s catch up a bit, yes?

Friday I bought some new Lulu gear for my marathon, including a cute new headband that cost way, way, WAY too much. All for the name of Lulu, right? Plus, it’s pretty awesome.


I ran a quick 5 miles to test her out and she was wonderful. She has yet to attain a name, but I’m working on it. Suggestions are welcome.

Saturday the amazing boyfriend and I went to the Auburn/UGA football game. I have to say – it was WAY exciting to watch!




Sunday I awoke to set out for my long run but quit after 5 miles. I just wasn’t feeling it AT ALL. Good thing #fakeblondehairDONTCARE. Take that.

And yesterday I attempted to get in a speedy four miler, but the universe disagreed with that plan. I had a sluggish and unpleasant run.


It just didn’t ever feel great, and I know I’ve had wayyyy more amazing runs than bad runs – but combine my failure long run on Sunday and my less than amazing run yesterday, I’m missing my running MOJO! It doesn’t feel great to have some less than fun runs, HOWEVER, I’d rather it happen now than during the 26.2! I’m sucking it up like a real man, throwing some metaphorical dirt on it, and moving on.

So a few months ago, my co blogger and I were SUPER good at working out in the AM’s before work. Lately, we’ve had every excuse not to – mainly, it’s COLD. But this morning we actually tried to do something right and make it to the gym. SUCCESS. Cycling class got me to put in 25 miles this morning and that is something to be proud of.


I know most of you know how amazing it is, but dang, it’s AMAZING. It just kicks the day off on the total right foot, you know?

I think that catches you guys up with my exercise shenanigans.

Do you have a name suggestion for my new Lulu headband?

Did you have a good weekend? Do you watch college football?

Help me find my running mojo. This is not a question, mostly, a gigantic request from the depths of my deep dark soul.