It’s glorious that it’s finally Friday! Can I hear a TGIF from all you beautiful people?

I have a half marathon this weekend on Sunday morning and I am READY to conquer it! I am much more prepared for this than I was for my last half. 🙂 That’s a pleasant feeling and last night just confirmed that confident feeling.


It felt great to run, especially after two days of other kinds of workouts! I am INCREDIBLY sore (as in, limping, can barely move after sitting at a desk all day) and this run was just what my legs needed. I took one month off from circuits and other strength moves and my body is screaming NO as a reminder to never do that again. The pup needed some exercise too, so he was happy to accompany me. Although, I’m not sure this did him in – he came home ready to continue to play.


Um, no thanks pal, I’ve got to stretch and eat, but thanks. 🙂 Speaking of eating, my boyfriend made me a delicious and healthy dinner last night!


Three eggs omelet style with nothing in them topped with avocado and then a side of zucchini and onions sautéed up to taste like heaven. Simple, but delish. 🙂



Indeed it does. I can’t wait to enjoy it first thing Sunday morning, even if it is in the forecast to rain and storm all day. I hope you guys all have a fabulously wonderful weekend and if you’re also racing, cheers and good luck!

Do you have any questions for me? If they aren’t too scandalous, I’ll answer them in my responses. 🙂 Ask me whatever!



Everything this weekend was perfect. It was everything I could have wanted it to be and more. 🙂 I am so grateful to have amazing people in my life, each and every day – in every capacity.

Friday night my boyfriend and I started our weekend with some lovely half price sushi. It wasn’t the best, but for half off, it was darn good and you’ll never see me complain about anything cheap.


Saturday morning began with another 10 mile run with some fabulous people who work in my office building. We are all in a club together in the building and they are training for the Chicago Marathon as well as the Marine Corps marathon (each is training for one). When they asked me to run last weekend, I was excited and nervous, and when I was invited back again this weekend, I was thrilled! It’s the best running with people – time goes by SO SO fast and it’s really the most fun way to conquer a long run.

The road ended during our route so we had to think quickly on our feet.

road ends

Photo opp! I told them I’m a blogger so they were sweet and kind enough to oblige to my ridiculous photo requests.


I might add, too, that I am in LOVE with my CamelBak back pack. It is amazing and perfect for this ridiculous southern heat.

I also got some new shoes. I’m sorry, Sarah at Picky Runner, I hope we can still be friends after I say it – but I really did not like the Mizuno Wave Riders I had. I think they messed up my stride and encouraged what I think are now shin splints. Not too happy about that, considering they were pricey. So, I did what anyone would do and I bought another pair of shoes. 🙂 I got Brooks Pure Cadence shoes, version 1. They have a second one out, but these ones were a steal (under $60 for nice running shoes?! yaa yaa!).

Brooks running

After a successful 10 miles, I met up with some girlies to do our nails.


Woo! Saturday night consisted of a birthday party + me baking box goodies. Yum.


Red velvet cupcakes + cream cheese frosting? Yum.


Plus some chocolate brownies + chocolate frosting. Great dinner, no?

And yesterday was more perfection. My bestie, Mollie, has been out of town in Israel and is FINALLY back! WOO HOO! My running pal has returned, and with some mighty fine new kicks! 🙂 Those Asics are rocking!


It was a beautiful day in the park and we had so much fun enjoying the run and simultaneously cursing the sun and humidity.



The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool and engaging in numerous shenanigans with my co-blogger/bestie/roomie.


She was less than amused, I think. What do you guys think?


Haha. Weekend perfection. 🙂 🙂 🙂

How was your weekend? Any good sunshine?

What kinds of good eats did you get this weekend?

Are you a solo runner or a buddy runner? I am both, and both make me happy, but sometimes, running with friends is just so much better.


Swimming with a View

Oh the perks of having friends in high places.


Two of my very good friends live in a fancy high rise in midtown Atlanta and I love reaping the benefits of their hard work. 🙂 Before I went over to their place to enjoy swimming on the top of a high rise, I got in a quick 5K. I didn’t know how it would go with the heat, but I’m still averaging sub 9 minute miles. This is 100% new to me – only 8 months ago I was averaging 10-11 minute average miles. I’m living proof that love and dedication to a sport will eventually pay off!


The Senator has yet to adjust to the crazy heat and slowed me down just a wee bit.

Now where were we before I decided to gloat about my running? Ah, yes, my mooching skills. Those are paying off big time.


Oh yes, that’s real life. And here’s some more real life for yah. Rooftop pool business.


I tell yah, mooching, it’s so worth it.


My man and I joined our friends for some friendly pool games and quality fun time.


The picture above doesn’t look real but it is, I’m not that good at editing photos so I promise it’s still real life. Yay for impromptu pool visits with friends and quality running time all in one night. 🙂 Yay. Yay. Yay.

Oh, and if you can believe it – it gets better. My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with sushi and Brussels sprouts a la Whole Foods because I was craving sushi like WHOA last night. So sweet.


Have you been using your neighborhood/community pool this summer?

Do your friends have amazing places you love to use them for visit?

Whole Foods anything – are you a fan of paying extra for all the loving they give? Yes. When I have the money, bring on Whole Foods. Typically, though, it’s a rare treat.



Oh the sun.

I love you, but I also loathe you. Can’t we find a happy medium together?

I just can’t tolerate running in you when you’re causing heat upward of 90 degrees. I just can’t.

But, I just can’t stand when I’m at the beach and you’re not causing heat upward of at least 90 degrees. Can we make a deal? Pretty please?

So I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really enjoy running at night. I love that the sun has gone down, the city is more quiet and the streets are less busy. I’m glad too, because my half in August is at night!


Last night, I struggled to find motivation to get out and run since I kept putting it off. Finally, around 9 pm, I got my lazy self off the couch and out the door to knock out 4.5 miles. 🙂


The Senator happily joined me and so did my boyfriend!


Sweat caused that phone picture to be totally blurry. Whoops. Seriously, it’s such a love hate relationship. I love not running in the direct sunlight, but putting a workout off until right before bedtime makes it hard to actually do it. I am so glad I still got in a great run at a great pace, but still – it was so tough to get started.

No one ever regrets a workout, right? I essentially live by that motto when it comes to staying motivated. Plus, it helps to have a hyper dog begging to be taken for a run every night… 🙂

Do you have night running gear for early, early morning/night time runs?

What’s your mantra when you need some motivation?

What did your workout look like last night? I still can’t plank longer than 1:30. UGH!!