It’s glorious that it’s finally Friday! Can I hear a TGIF from all you beautiful people?

I have a half marathon this weekend on Sunday morning and I am READY to conquer it! I am much more prepared for this than I was for my last half. 🙂 That’s a pleasant feeling and last night just confirmed that confident feeling.


It felt great to run, especially after two days of other kinds of workouts! I am INCREDIBLY sore (as in, limping, can barely move after sitting at a desk all day) and this run was just what my legs needed. I took one month off from circuits and other strength moves and my body is screaming NO as a reminder to never do that again. The pup needed some exercise too, so he was happy to accompany me. Although, I’m not sure this did him in – he came home ready to continue to play.


Um, no thanks pal, I’ve got to stretch and eat, but thanks. 🙂 Speaking of eating, my boyfriend made me a delicious and healthy dinner last night!


Three eggs omelet style with nothing in them topped with avocado and then a side of zucchini and onions sautéed up to taste like heaven. Simple, but delish. 🙂



Indeed it does. I can’t wait to enjoy it first thing Sunday morning, even if it is in the forecast to rain and storm all day. I hope you guys all have a fabulously wonderful weekend and if you’re also racing, cheers and good luck!

Do you have any questions for me? If they aren’t too scandalous, I’ll answer them in my responses. 🙂 Ask me whatever!


Traveling Shenanigans

Ah, welcome back, Monday. I missed you terribly. I’ve been looking forward to you all weekend.



Friday night I had some delicious eats, courtesy of my boyfriend and his grill! We had grilled squash and grilled zucchini cakes.


Saturday morning, I ran 10 miles with a woman I’m in a professional club with. It was amazing to start breaking in my new Mizuno’s and simultaneously get out a much needed and successful long run. I was a happy girl. There was no soreness, no fatigue, no badness – just pure post run endorphins. Woo! I attribute that to tons of stretching, foam rolling and compression wearing afterward.


I have to run a few more miles in them before I say so indefinitely, but I really loved these shoes. 🙂

I got home afterward, ate a quick breakfast, and my boyfriend and I headed up to Nashville to visit his friend who just had a baby! After the hospital visit, we explored the city and ate some amazing food!


I had sweet potato ravioli (who knew that was even possible?) and it was the best way to kick off a night of hitting all the ‘famous’ country music spots. Caution: you’re about to enter a photo dump zone.




And then we found this store.



And what had me really drooling…


So, if I didn’t love Nashville before, I did after we went to that store! 🙂 Oh what I will do for some candy… or anything sweet…

The weekend ended with a home cooked meal from my parents that was just absolutely delicious and satisfying! They made salmon with a corn salsa and quinoa for the side. Amazing.


After a weekend full of good times, good food and good company, I’m more than ready to relocate that thing I call a routine and get back at it! Time to start breaking in my new running shoes!

What did you do this weekend? Any traveling?

Are you a chocolate candy person or a sugary candy person? I don’t discriminate against either.

How do you recover after a full, fun, busy, indulgent weekend? 🙂


Sweet Relief

Seriously, I know everyone relishes on Friday, but today y’all, I needed it to be Friday. It’s been a long work week and all I have to do is make it through today. Then I can go get in a good run to relieve my frustrations. I can not wait. Is it sad that my Friday night agenda includes a run? Whatever. I love that my boyfriend is all into the plan too. This is why I remain sane – running, and sharing my love for running with the people around me. Thank goodness.



^^ Click that link if you want to see Buzzfeed’s 40 Greatest Dog GIFs. 🙂 It sure brightened my day when the lovely Catherine sent it to me!! Thank you, pretty lady.

Yesterday I took an unexpected day off from working out. I didn’t mean to, but I stayed at work until almost 7, sat in a butt load of traffic and wound up at a much needed dinner with my boyfriend and some friends. Much needed. Beer + chips and salsa always provide stress relief, no?




I got my guac craving satisfied, finally, after Chelsea @ The Outlaw Life posted her WIAW and it included guac. This stuff hit the spot.

Head over to Leslee’s page @ Her Happy Balance today to get some more loving from me. I guest posted for her while she is bed ridden from getting her wisdom teeth out! Yikes!!!

What would you rather have – guac, salsa or cheese dip? I’m in love with salsa. For sure. Could drink it.

What’s going on this weekend with you? Surprise, surprise, I’m running a 5K tomorrow. Haha. Shocker.



A Little Bit of This

And a little bit of that. I have several random things to cover so you fine folks can be updated on my life.

1. I signed up for my third half marathon yesterday. My second one will be in August and now I’m all signed up for this one, along with Sara at Fit.Fun.Femme! I am so excited she and I will be conquering this hilly Atlanta course in October.

image001 (1)

I’m totally pumped, especially because this is a part of a series in Atlanta and instead of getting a 13.1 medal, I will be getting a 39.3 medal because I completed the marathon this year. Yipee! Um, but also, a 7 am start time? Lame.

2. I made a delicious stir fry after the blog world was raving about them this week and last. T’was divine and totally hit the spot.


Let’s see – I used rice noodles, carrots, Bok Choy, cabbage, broccoli and an egg. Yum-ee. Of course, sriracha was in there too. 🙂


3. With the holiday yesterday, I loved seeing all the discounts and all the excitement, of course, sure, but this was my favorite thing to see on facebook yesterday:


I love him. And his hey girl images. So sexy.

4. Mollie and I went to  hot yoga last night! To say it was much needed would be an understatement. Though I didn’t run on national running day, I took care of myself so that I can continue to feel great when I run. That’s just as okay, right?


5. Lastly, I have decided that my abs need serious work. I mean, serious. I neglect them like crazy (hence my 1 minute plank time being the most I can achieve). So, I’m changing my ways. I’m a changed woman. The only part of this I couldn’t do was the 2 minute plank. More like two 1 minute planks.

Ab Circuit

What did you do to celebrate yesterday?

What’s a stir fry ingredient you can’t live without?

What are some good ab moves? Help me, help me! I am clearly not diverse in my workout above.