Woo Hoo! Time to Taper!

This weekend was a combination of equal part mellowness and equal part excitement! The excitement began on Friday night with my beautiful bestie’s birthday party! Mollie turned 26 this weekend and I realized I’ve known her for a lot longer than I thought… Now, were we friends this whole time of knowing each other? NO. Ha. We had some lovely food and some beautiful people over to celebrate.












It was such a fun night! 🙂

Saturday was on the less exciting side and even included a nap… #YOLO?

And yesterday I read everyone’s comments from Friday’s post and just decided to take it SUPER easy pace wise and just soak up the beautiful day that was happening all around me. I met up with a friend to hit at least 18 miles but we were feeling like even more when we hit 18 so we kept going! 🙂 Love how easy and QUCIKLY running is when you have someone to chat with the whole way. Like seriously, we were at mile 15 and I looked at my watch with SHOCK. Time was flying during this run! If only it always felt that way…


All the fall beauty certainly aids in motivation, too!


Now it’s actually time to taper. 🙂 Only a few more weeks til I get to travel to my most favorite city and run in a beautiful race!





I will be in work training all week and this will likely be all you’ll hear from me! Don’t miss me too hard. I’ll be back with a vengeance next week. ❤

What’d you do this weekend?

Do you like cookie cakes? If you don’t, why???????????????/

What’d you do to exercise this weekend?

ALSO, HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY! I’m eternally grateful for the freedom I get every.single.day. ❤


So Exciting!

It’s my co blogger and best friend’s birthday today! She’s officially a quarter of a century old. Although she doesn’t blog on here lately (because of her ridiculous hours at her new job!) she’s still alive and well, and more beautiful than ever! I can’t wait to celebrate tonight with all the wonderful people in her life. Woo hoo!

Happy birthday, Rebekah!!!! May our love continue on forever and ever!! Thanks, Mollie Hannah, for the pic!


Hehe! 🙂


I feel like this is how she’s looking at me right now. Love ya COLA! << Fabulous nick name I have for her. She loves it, don’t let that face fool you.


I am trying to fit years of memories into pictures here, so um, I’ll just cut myself off with one more, because my Cola is so pretty and her unwavering and very supportive friendship is a gift that gives everyday.


That is all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLA!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was odd, work wise, and I ended up eating out for lunch and taking off a bit earlier than normal. Enter, the best pizza in the world:


I don’t typically indulge for lunch, but when I do, it’s balls to the wall indulgence. Sue me.

I followed that deliciousness with a fantastic 5K wherein it was both scalding hot and pouring down rain. Welcome to Atlanta, sigh.


Though I wasn’t feeling my best, I still had all negative splits with an 8:40 pace. I’ll take it.

Other excitement for the day:

1. Reminder, today is Rebekah’s birthday!!! Haha!

2. I’m going to the beach tomorrow. I cannot wait to soak up the sun at the gorgeous beach of Destin, Florida. I’m sure I’ll be uploading tons to Instagram so if you feel like being jealous, just follow me. You’ll enjoy lots of selfies while you’re there too.

3. The Beautiful Leslee @ Her Happy Balance is hosting a fantastic giveaway today!! I am totes a sock snob, like I confessed in my comments on her post today, but these socks may take the lead in my obsession. They look wonderful and I’m going to try a pair ASAP. Go enter, duh! Leave this page now!

Favorite pizza toppings – go!! Mine are mushrooms. And extra cheese, of course.

What’s exciting for you on this glorious hump day?