I’ve Got a Good Feeling

Hello hello! I am backkkkk after a week away! I didn’t realize it til just now but I ran 48 miles this past week. Hot damn that’s too many for me! I might dial back a bit this week. It’s just the best thing to do when it’s this lovely outside. Anyway, my weekend was the bestttt (as weekends always are these days!). It all started with my run on Saturday morning.


I mean seriously, how perfect was it outside?


I have had an off week of running but this 20 mile run brought me right back to my confident running self. It was so good, in fact, that I was screaming positive profanities at mile 18 because I was so happy and it just felt so good! Sorry to anyone around me! 🙂 But not really sorry.


This is my last ‘long’ run until the marathon in 3 weeks I have 12 miles this weekend, and then 8 the following weekend, and then the race! 🙂 YAY!


I made The Senator celebrate with me. And then I celebrated with my favorite Mexican food ever… So delicious.


And I was apparently really excited because I wanted to celebrate some more. We all went out to a fun bar close to home. I totes made everyone pose for these pictures. No wonder it’s rare that people invite me to do things.


Mah man and me!


Bek’s lil sis, her best friend, BEK OH HELLO HOW ARE YOU and me.


Unreal how well she’s doing a mere 2 days after wisdom teeth surgery. I was a big pansy after mine and she’s doing fine. No fair!! 🙂

And yesterday was a day full of some much needed spring shopping! I don’t love shopping but it had to be done. Wearing sweaters when it’s 80 degrees outside won’t work any longer.

How was your weekend?

How is the weather where you are

What’s your favorite way to celebrate and treat yourself after a good workout?

34 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Good Feeling

  1. Woot woot! Taper time. Best and craziest time of training 😉 Like the way you celebrated, too! My long run treat is usually a burger and fries but mexican food looks delicious too!

  2. Holy shit girl! That’s an awesome run!!! And I don’t blame you for getting in so many miles this past week, with that weather, I would have wanted to too!! It’s finally Spring here (or at least I think, until it starts raining again randomly haha). Yours and Bek’s hair are getting so long!!!!! But my god, Bek doesn’t even look like she had surgery! I was a swollen chipmunk for a whole week, and I can barely remember the week…..Have a great Monday 🙂

  3. First of all, how cute are you with your hot pink bag?! You’re kind of my favorite ever. I would also be perfectly happy face planting into your plate of cheesy mexican goodness. Mexican is the best way to celebrate. On the other hand, it’s also a great way to drown your sorrows if you have those…hello tequila. So basically Mexican is the bee’s knees.

    You ran 48 miles last week!? I think I ran 2 🙂 You’re gonna kill your marathon, as usual!

    Hi text me sometime, I think you’re pretty and stuff. Happy Monday, Meggy bear!

  4. Woooooo 48 miles you’re a superstar!!! I can’t remember the last time I hit that. Probably a full year ago. It’s a sign that good things will come with your marathon! Favorite way to treat myself: bagels, pizza, hot chocolate pancakes… Not all at once obviously 😉

  5. That mexican food makes this pregnant lady’s mouth water! 😉 I don’t blame you for soaking up the sun now that it’s finally starting to show. We had deceptively-beautiful weather this weekend, sunny yet still a little chilly. I’m ready for the rain to pass and the promised 70-degree days coming our way at the end of the week. I’m not a runner, but maybe I’ll move a couple of my workouts outdoors.

  6. Wow! Good on you, that’s really great! I have to say if I’ve had a great work out, I love to have a really good (try to make it healthy) dessert. But sometime it just calls for a good bit of cheesecake =o).
    Probably a stupid question but does that Garmin take heart rate too? If so, is is accurate? I have a heart rate monitor but it’s not so accurate.
    The weather here has been nice, it’s cooled down a bit (which I can’t wait for)…I’m in Australia so we have had a pretty hot summer. Itching for winter!

  7. Amazing. Just amazing. I have never run 20 miles which may shock some people but never done it and not sure I ever will. Totally envy you and love how you felt at mile 18! Shout it out to the world – you should be proud! I was a disaster when I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 16. All 4 at once. Yikes. The pain. Awful.

  8. just found your blog and it’s a great little place! 🙂 my wknd was fab: lots of time with girlfriends, the boy, saw a Broadway show, did some running, and enjoyed the lovely sunshine and almost 60 degree weather we FINALLY had in NYC!

  9. I love all the pics of you and your boyfriend, you always look so happy!! And now you look so tan, I am so jealous. I should go run outside for 3 hours and get some color…. just kidding, I would die. I just did some spring shopping too!! I usually suck at shopping bc I talk myself out of getting anything, but my boyfriend came and insisted I buy stuff that looked good but I thought was too expensive. Now I just need some warmer weather…It’s still low 60s here (not bad, but not quite like dress and shorts weather). I like to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate and eat alllll the foods.

  10. You’re a freaking beast, and I want to be you. Can we please trade places??!! Your ability to rock out these runs simply amazes me. I WOULD DESTROY that plate of Mexican food.

  11. Holy moly, your weather looks awesome. We’ve been stuck in, like, a perpetual polar vortex here, so the sunshine and blooming trees seem like paradise to me. And for the record, Mexican food is *always* a good way to celebrate! 🙂

  12. Semi obsessed with your hot pink bag, love it!! Yay for perfect outdoor running weather, it is justtttt beginning in Maine so I am psyched! You are a rockstar, your race will go great! Xo

  13. Ohhhhhh ma’am you’re the best! Can’t wait to get to the point where 20 miles feels great! You’ve worked SO HARD and are going to rock it OUT – I’m definitely thinking you’re going to PR without even meaning to. Your fitness level is off the chain right now!

  14. I don’t even want to begin converting those miles to kilometres…it already is giving me a speedy headache because I’m incapable of such deets.

    Faceplanting in food is a good way to celebrate post workout 😉

  15. Holy wow 48 miles!! Girrrrrl I cant even begin to comprehend. I recently read a thing on buzzfeed on how a runner tried to smile at a driver who let them pass, but it probably looked more like they were having a stroke. i laughed for like 3 minutes straight because thats how look. smile or stroke? friendly social pleasantry or needs medical attention? nobody knows! anyways- you’re amazing and i love this and you. and PS- what rebekah looked like that 48 hours after wisdom teeth surgery?? i was still wearing my ice helmet 48 hours after mine. you guys seriously stop being so awesome so the rest of us can catch up!

  16. Why did you kick Bek off the blog, biatch?! Don’t we give you enough attention? Geez, so needy. Poor Nadir 😛 You are legit amazing for pulling 48 miles out of your ass. My highest week was 28 and now I feel like a giant pussy. You’re my hero!!

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