Sweating with Friends

Ayyyyy, FRIDAY you sexy beast!


It’s sad but it’s true. Although, sadly, today, I’ll be glued to a computer playing auditor and checking specific numbers against specific data. SO MUCH FUN, right?


But what is fun is what I did last night. So let’s focus on that instead of my terribly awful work day today.

The girlfriends and I got together for a circuit workout + wine. We are constantly trying to get everyone together to workout and we came up with a plan to workout once a month on a specific day to resolve the headache of planning something all the time.



We set up five stations.

Station ONE: Run up and down the stairs x 6 and 25 squats.


Station TWO: 50 Jump ropes + 50 Jumping Jacks


Station THREE: 15 Plank Jacks + 30 Mountain Climbers


Station FOUR: 15 Shoulder Raises and 15 Bicep Curls (w/15 or 30 pounds)


And station FIVE: 24 Kettlebell Swings + 15 Push Ups



Haha thanks to Rebekah and Google+ for making that a .gif. 🙂

And we repeated that thrice before we indulged in some wine, hummus and COOKIES.


Not only was it fun, but it was also a really great workout! For real, it was awesome and I’m a bit sore. My upper body is neglected.


I would, Dr. Evil. I would.

It was only missing out 6th member, MOLLZZZZZZ 😦 but it was still wonderful. And I can guarantee that if I attempted this alone, I would have failed. Having the music blasting and the energy moving really made this so easy to complete. Or you can tell me it was an easy circuit?

Dearest ladies, this was the best workout (aside from this past Sunday, ASH!) that I’ve had in a while. Can’t wait for next month’s workout!!!! And wine too, duh. ❤


Am I the only one who hates working on Fridays?

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you ever workout with friends?


17 thoughts on “Sweating with Friends

  1. This sounds like a great workout!! And I’m thinking that you guys should do it once a week!! I know I would want to! Okay, I do need to get something clear though, you guys didn’t did the cookies into the hummus right?? Because that would be definitely be interesting haha.
    I actually love working out on Fridays! Hahaha Mondays are my dreaded days, mainly because I’m tired, I set it up so that I work back on Mondays because I love back days. Then I put arms and shoulders (I don’t care so much for) on Wednesdays because I love Wednesday, and my favorite, Leg day on Friday :). I actually prefer to workout by myself, otherwise I get distracted, but if I’m not caring about that, then I love working out with someone else. It gets lonely by yoself! Have a great weekend Pretty Lady 🙂

  2. That looks like so much fun! I love that gif of you hahah! What a great idea to get outside in your own home! Makes it easier for everyone to get there, and it’s closer to the wine!! Hope your playing auditor today isn’t too boring and the weekend comes soon!

  3. Wait, you can make GIFs using Google+? Well there goes any productivity today as I Google how to do so and subsequently make 50 useless GIFs…

    It’s always so much easier doing workouts (including running!) with people because you feel bad if you don’t show up or quit. I wish I had a group of friends that were that into working out, but it’s also hard to rally the ones who do just because we all have such different schedules and like working out at different times and like doing different things…

  4. This is such a fun workout! I have to try it out with a few friends soon or at least a modified version of the circuit workout. Good Luck with the auditing today.

  5. I do too! Luckily working my internship I only have to do half a day and it still drags on! The weekend needs to extend one day!
    This weekend I am grocery shopping for some new eats 🙂 then it’s birthday party weekend for my sisters boyfriend! And a surprise!

  6. Such a fun idea and looks like you girls have the perfect spot for a group station workout, I’m jealous!! Hehehe no work on Friday, just a fun Friday dress and lunch was the only reason I liked Fridays!

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