Double Races


Like the total dummy that I always am, I signed up for two races this weekend! But don’t worry, it’s under control. 🙂 I know it’s a huge concern for everyone.


The first race is a 5K with my boyfriend, best friend and her boyfriend and it’s like the total opposite of what I would do on my own BUT my three people all LOVE this idea: a 5K followed by unlimited bacon at the end. Wow. Hello, sweet Bacon Chase!!

bacon chase 1

Literally, when Mollie and I went on a cruise this past summer with Rebekah, she ate #allthebacon.

 bacon chase 2

And for the vegetarian girl, THAT’S ME, there are bloody mary’s. 🙂

 bacon chase 3

Clearly I’m excited. I used to do 5K’s like, ALL THE TIME last year but they have been less of a priority this year so far. I cannot wait to prance around with my favorite people on Saturday morning. We’ve been talking about this race since I saw it on Facebook (#ashamedistillusethat) a few months ago.

 bacon chase

The best part – it doesn’t start til 10 AM. Let’s hope I don’t oversleep this time – like I did for my last 5K. Whoops. #Molliewouldkillme

I love that races are all for good causes, and this one is for St. Jude. That’s a damn good cause if you ask me.

And after this awesomely fun race, I have a legitimate and official half marathon on Sunday. It’s the same race I ran my first full marathon (<<very embarrassing post about my first marathon) on last year and I will never do the full again. BUT, the half should be fun and I’ll be running with my amazing running bestie! #cantstop #wontstop #loveit #georgiamarathon #cantwait


We’ve been properly preparing for this half and I am more than thrilled 13 is the mileage on my agenda for this weekend. My legs have been less than thrilled with me after my 20 miler. It’s been all about swimming and yoga this week for me. Mollie and I have been all about the yoga – specifically, the hot yoga. WOO!


I love the totally generic HOT YOGA sign in the background. 🙂




33 thoughts on “Double Races

  1. DOUBLE races?! Get it girl! I’m sure you’ll rock the half, and have a blast at the 5k. Hot yoga is my favorite. I’m pretty much obsessed.

    • thanks Taryn! you have no idea, i’m like, what meal do i want on sunday after the half? and WHICH alcohol!!?? 🙂

  2. Good luck pretty lady! You’re totally gonna PR at the half, I can feel it! 🙂 And I would be TOTALLY up for a bacon race. I actually just bought tickets with a bunch of people to go to the PA bacon festival this Spring 🙂 Cannot wait. Also, have I told you how much I love a good bloody Mary? Love them. But it’s the only way I’ll drink tomato juice. Enjoy a big one for me!!! You look adorable in the blue Lulu top for hot yoga! I have the same one in red so we can wear them and be all patriotic together! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! I love you to pieces even though I’ve been lame and haven’t been commenting/texting you. I promise my love is still undying. I just have no life 🙂 Okay, bye, run your races! <33

    • thanks lesleeeee i hope to PR – anything faster than 2:04 will make me SO happy!! haha GA has a bacon festival every year too.. you better do a recap of it, i can’t believe it’s a real thing. and what goes on in these bacon festivals anyway? have an awesome weekend to you too beautiful!!

  3. Oh. My. GOd. A BACON RACE???!! Did someone read my dreams?!?! I need to look up if there is one near me STAT. You make those head bands look so cute! I feel like when I wear them I look like an egg head. What kind do you get?? Good luck on your half, you will totally rock it. As always, you totally blow my mind that you are just like “yeah, 13 miles, no problem, two races in a week”. Crazysauce. Good luck!!!

    • haha, that’s what my friends are thinking! it’s a bacon lover’s dream come true!!! thanks girl, i feel stupid in them so your validations are all i need to keep wearing them! i got that one from lululemon. it’s a no slip one and it works decently well – but not when my hair is like super clean and super straight. then it kind slips all over. YOU COULD NEVER LOOK LIKE AN EGGHEAD you are gorgeous and beautiful!!! thanks 🙂

  4. This wins for most RANDOM theme. I’ve seen neon, mud, glow sticks and zombie races but bacon?? So awesome and strange. And why don’t all races start at 10?! I would run them all. Oh yeah, insane heat. GOOD LUCK this weekend!! I think as long as you don’t race the 5k you’ll be fine for Sunday. I don’t usually run the day before a half, but you’re a freak of nature and can totally handle it. As long as you don’t go dancing the night before, ding dong! #suchablonde

    • haha, awesome for those who love bacon! 🙂 they should enjoy that post race treat! and dude, right, 10 am is a great start time! and for those of us who DONT live in the glorious and beautiful SoCal #youreabitch then a 10am start time isn’t too terrible this time of year. ask again in july -ain’t gonna happen. 🙂
      hahahahahahahahaha you make me laugh way too easily. you’re so good with your comebacks

  5. Good luck! I almost did that bacon run too, but we opted out this year. My husband has been having some IT band issues and he’s my running buddy. I miss the longer distances. He’s better so I think we’re gonna get at it again. Good luck tomorrow! Should be a blast!

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