Marathon Training

Hi hi hi.

Blogging has become a once a week thing these days… AH how I miss the old days where I had oodles of free time. 🙂

Just posting today about my weekend as well as check in with myself publicly about marathon training.

It’s as tough as it is rewarding. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions on Saturday morning as I was on my 20 mile run. In my life, I have run three 20 mile runs and this one was, by far, the best.

I spent Friday night eating as much as I could with my man.


I got PLENTY of sleep on Friday – we’re talking in bed by 9 PM. #winning


And when it was time to get up to run, I had gorgeous weather to do it in. #thankgoodness #ifthereisrainiwillNOTrun


I harnessed all of my MENTAL strength that I know I have to power through this. I had a few moments of weakness, but overall, I annihilated this run. I tackled tons of hills and I just felt at peace with myself. Nothing can clear your mind OR make you go more crazy than a three and a half hour run.


Around mile 15, I got so emotional because I just felt so empowered and strong. It was weird because this girl doesn’t have real feelings. 🙂 HA!

I have a half marathon this weekend, 12 miles after, then another 20 before I start to taper down.  Woo!

So to celebrate properly (or it was St. Patty’s Day celebration stuff….either one), I went out with my man and some of our friends!


The ladies of the night! #margaritasallnight



How festive – a green fountain. And now that today is the actual holiday – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

Does anyone even care about this blog anymore? No offense taken if not… 🙂

What’d you do for St. Patty’s Day this weekend?

What’s something  you’re proud of lately?


19 thoughts on “Marathon Training

  1. You are awesome.. I am so impressed by everyone who runs a marathon. The training for it is just so incredibly intense! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! 🙂

  2. hahaha – I miss your posts but totally get that life gets in the way! I envy your ability to go 20 miles and I totally totally relate to the emotional side of running and feeling all strong and empowered. I swear in those moments I wonder how it is people don’t run.

  3. I CARE!! Please don’t completely disappear! Totally with you on not having as much time to blog anymore, but as long as you check in every now and then to tell me how you’re doing, I’m good 😉 Way to go creaming that 20 miler!! That’s awesome 🙂 Is it weird that I can’t wait to be able to do that again sometime this year haha. I miss going out for hours at a time and just getting lost in my head and a run. 12 miles on Saturday did help that, but I wouldn’t have minded going longer. Sadly, I couldn’t since I knew people were waiting at the house for me (Joe’s friends came over for brunch and then we all walked down the mtn for some st pattys day shenanigans), but after my Pittsburgh half I’ll start building mileage again!


    Jussss kidding. 🙂 It’s always good hearing from you, however sporadic it might be! Congrats on the 20 mile run–I did 2 this morning and I was struggling haaaaaaaardcore during it. (Thanks, month of no running…)

  5. Oh m gosh the sentence ” I have a half marathon this weekend and another 12 miles after” made me cringe. GO YOU! I can’t imagine running for 3.5 hours, you are SO strong physically AND especially mentally to be able to pull that off. That’s amazing!! I’m so glad you had such a happy empowering experience, those make all the pain and struggle worth while!! Congratulations, can’t wait to hear more about your training and for the race!

  6. 9pm bed time after a delicious SALMON dinner = #WINNINGx29298273326367

    And OF COURSE I CARE ABOUT THIS BLOG!! I only blog once a week too, and you’re more than welcome to the do the same! Sometimes life just gets in the way!

  7. I hate this blog. I do not care about it anymore. Goodbye blog, I have nothing to say to you anymore.

  8. Loved this post!! Totally know what you mean about having to check in with yourself publicly about your marathon training. I’m doing the same with a half-marathon right now, and it sooo helps keep your goals in check to have a platform to report back to. And this– “Nothing can clear your mind OR make you go more crazy than a three and a half hour run” — I could NOT agree with more. So glad I found your blog!! Loving it.

  9. I hear you on the blogging note! Where has all my blogging time gone!?

    Don’t you just love those strong long runs!? Now that I am a marathoner, I can talk to you like I’m actually a real runner. LOL. You are amazing. I can’t wait to hear how you crushed another marathon!

  10. DA FUCCKK kinda question is “does anyone care about this blog!?” You crazy hoe bag, of COURSE I care, along with a shitton of others. SO don’t you DARE stop blogging. Who else will give me the motivation to want to run a marathon someday, or say something funny to make me laugh out loud. Yeah….

    Your running is amazing, and unreal, and wonderful…you’re just a freak of nature I tell ya. I love that you got emotional, let that shit OUT man!

  11. Yes, we care about your blog! We love you!! 🙂
    I’m just so amazed by your commitment to running. You have achieved so much and should be so proud of yourself!! You’re a beast…a beautiful one though.

  12. Congrats on that 20 miler!!! (AND OF COURSE WE STILL CARE ABOUT THIS BLOG!) Girl that is such a huge accomplishment!!! Ahhhh! And I can’t believe your marathon is coming up so soon!! I’m getting so excited :D. And yay for emotions! We can be emotional together. Good luck at your race this weekend!!

  13. Aye.. I don’t know how I missed this one. I check back on your blog several times a week just to see if I missed a post from you guys. Of course the week I don’t check you have a post up. I totally feel you on the no time part. I wish my blogging hobby was a full time job or at least a part time one but, it isn’t and it is just a hobby for me. I love blogging and wish I could do it everyday but, my full time job is being a mommy, chef, waiter, maid, chauffeur, boogie-wiper, etc and that job supersedes my “hobby”. We definitely miss you girls! Luckily, we still have IG to stalk each other! Have a great rest of the weekend!!

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