What a most fantabulous weekend! My Friday started off on a great note with an early morning cycle class. After work, I immediately met up with Bek and Ash and headed up to meet Mollie for a wine and painting class!


**Note – when you’re taking these classes, it is apparently incredibly important to paint your TOPS AND SIDES. And the bottoms.


All the best friends!


The night was so much fun!! It’s BYOB and that we did! Naturally, that’s how you power through a race, right?


Our finished products! Super cool how none of them look the same yet we were all taking the same class. Loved the creativity from everyone!

The next morning I was up bright and EARLY with Ash for a half marathon!


It was an unofficial half marathon course preview of our half in two weeks. Our goal is sub 2:05 for the half in two weeks but we achieved it this weekend! Guess we’ll have another goal for the actual race – sub 2:04! 🙂


I must say, though, that the first half of this race was TOUGH. We were not feeling the best after Friday night’s shenanigans but we powered through it – which was more of a mental thing than a physical thing. In any case, it was such a great feeling to have finished with that time. I seriously can’t believe how much better I’ve gotten at running over the past year.

After the race, I was on a serious runner’s high and convinced my boyfriend to go out walking along a local trail. The weather was too good to be true so naturally it was the best day ever!


The Senator was thrilled with the excursion!!



Look at how gorgeous that water is! Geez.


I can’t decide if he looks demonic or super happy. Votes?

And later that night, we went out on a super fun date and picked up Ash for the night too! We had a fancy dinner and then went to the fabulous Fox theater to see Once. After seeing it in NYC a few weeks ago, I was dying to see it again. Loved it.


We were all gussied up for the evening and were such fancy pants – drinking wine and martinis. 🙂


And yesterday, the girls and I went on another little hike on a super awesome local trail. It was another glorious day, so that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?


The crew + The Senator’s butt because he’s too good for the camera.




The waterfalls + my beautiful bestie.


Hardcore hiking! There were some steep inclines and some tricky areas of terrain but it was a glorious day time adventure. Seriously, this was a perfect weekend filled with so much good stuff. ❤ 🙂

How was your weekend?

Is the weather improving where you are?

Are you an artist? I am not. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Gloriousness

    • I almost felt bad posting this because I kept thinking about how sad you are with your winter stuff. Then I remembered you’re a whore and it doesn’t matter.

  1. I have done one of those painting and wine nights it was so fun! And man did I surprise myself with how great my painting turned out 🙂

  2. I am not an artist, I would have been scared to go to that class haha. But I love how everyone’s pictures turned out, they are all so pretty!! They weather was super nice Firday (unfortunately I was stuck in a classroom all day), Saturday was good, just the sun wasn’t out as much, but I still laid out and tried to color my pale skin some! And Sunday was a little more cloudy…..which made me not want to do any homework haha. That hiking trail is just gorgeous!!! I need some of that where I live! OOOOOhhhh I thought that was your half marathon this past weekend. Well at least I’m 200% sure you’re going to kill it in a couple weeks now!!

  3. dude! what an awesome weeekend i don’t even know what to comment on. you guys are such great painters! i would probably produce a sun (maybe some grass if my artistic skills were vibing that day) and be as proud as a peacock. and as always, the senator is killing it in all pictures.

  4. LOVE all of your paintings! They’re all so pretty. 🙂

    He looks demonic, hah. Whenever the light catches Rosie’s eyes in a certain way, you can see like the green filmy thing in their eyes…do you know what I’m talking about? It always creeps me out so badly.

    I was considering seeing Once while in NY… I was considering seeing a lot of things. But I only have so much money and there’s only a limited number of times I’m willing to stand outside in the freezing cold for hours to get cheap tickets.

  5. I painted this weekend too!! I was JUST telling my friend I NEED to find one of these wine and paint classes, we don’t have them around me. OR I am just not looking hard enough. I am sure Seattle has one. SO fun. GREAT JOB ON THAT HALF! Seriously, you will kill the race!

    I love how you have complete color coordination with your hiking outfit..unlike running photo in my post today..yeah…I never match. HAA.

  6. I need to come spend a weekend with you haha. You run, paint, drink wine, eat good food, go see musicals, and you hike, all within 48 hours. Heaven on earth!! And between you and heather, i must check out the painting class up here that sounds similar! Painting and wine?? Yes please 😀 awesome job on your half, too girl!! Go for that sub 2:04 in your next! You can do it 😉

  7. SO jealous of your outdoor adventures! Looks like you’re having way too much fun with your girlfriends and the art looks FAB! Great job on your run as well!!

  8. I vote demonic. Did the senator get into your crack stash or what?! Toothless only looks like that when he chases a bottle of adderall with red bull. I love that you added your own flair to your paintings. All the group shots I’ve seen on FB don’t deviate from the instructor at all. So lame. But hey, nice run this weekend. Maybe you should like, try not to go out dancing and drinking before your half this time. #idiot #blonde #justkiddingiloveyou #whore

  9. Geez, speedy!!! Great job on the half! I know you will do awesome in a couple weeks! I have wanted to try one of those painting classes with my girlfriends, they look so much fun!

  10. It looks like you had such a fun weekend! You guys are were so creative in your class! I have wanted to take one, but always forget about them. I think its going to have to be something I plan a week or two in advance! The weather was gorgeous here as well and we stayed outside the whole time!

  11. Please send the sunshine and warmth up to Maine! I’m super envious of your tank-top wearing and outdoor running, it’s still frigid here! Congrats on your awesome run girl! What a fun weekend!

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