ALL The Food

And then some was consumed this weekend… Haha #worthit

Saturday morning I got in my first long run of marathon training.


Guys, I started this run off with the MOST optimistic, positive and powerful attitude. I guess I just woke up on the right side of the bed. I was ready to own this run.


The pollen is out and about in GA. I am sick with a nasty cold, but neither of these things stopped me. I felt SO strong during these miles.


I chose very hilly and challenging route because the marathon I’ve chosen is apparently just that – hard and hilly.


I was kinda shocked, pleasantly, when I finished. I felt like I could have kept going. It was such a fantastic long run – especially since I haven’t run this long of a run since November.

And to celebrate, I went out to lunch and ate all the food.


Whether or not there’s a veggie burger under all that cheese is up to you. 🙂


Some of the BEST fried pickles ever.


I was pretty stuffed afterward but it was SO good!

Later that evening, t’was time to celebrate the beautiful Catherine’s birthday! And celebrate we did, the classy way!



“Cute.” OR “Two really sexy ladies.”



Oh look, it’s that girl Rebekah! Who knew?? Still alive and kicking. And in light of our latest decision, looking really pretty. 🙂

Sunday morning she made her most wonderful pancakes. They are legit the best pancakes in the entire world, no one can argue that, thanks.


For the record, I ate way more than what’s in that picture. The days after a long run, I am the most starved person.

And I kept my food oriented behavior rolling with a big yummy dinner at my parent’s house.


This was a really weird combination, but I’m also really weird so it worked. Blackberries + homemade pickled onions + feta.


And some baked salmon and steamed broccoli FTW.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like fried pickles?

Do you get affected by pollen in the air where you live?


22 thoughts on “ALL The Food

  1. Holy long run… congrats! Looks like the weather (minus the pollen ) was great too!

    We haven’t gotten hit by pollen yet, mostly because it’s SOOO COLD!! it’s 6 degrees right now, negative with the wind chill…and that hurts my breathing enough!

    All the food looks fabulous. I loooove fried pickles!

  2. Damn!! Congrats on your long run!! That is serious #BeastMode right there! I couldn’t imagine running that! UGH drooling over all that delicious food, well except the blackberrie combo hahaha I don’t think I could eat that combo. But fried pickles!! I’ve yet to have them, but really, who doesn’t love fried food?? I am obsessed with pickles, and fry it? I’d be in heaven. I’m not a fan of pollen though. There is this one bush thing that I run by (well when I actually run outside and not on the treadmill), and I can barely breathe when I go by it. It’s just suffocating haha. Have a great Monday Pretty Lady 🙂

  3. Congrats again on the 17 miler! I was so happy to see that on IG! You are going to crush this next marathon!! Yes, when the pollen content is high over here my “allergies” act up. I have tried fried pickles but wasn’t a fan maybe I just need to find the right place to have them at.

  4. you are a whore and so is your whore roommate. oh, guess what? flights went up to over $1000 WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. but that could have been because it was a saturday and they do that for people who are dumb enough to purchase flights on a weekend. i’ll wait to see what tuesday brings.

  5. Omggggggg your post run lunch is one of my favs too and now I want it haha. LOVE fried pickles and those look amazing! The rest of your weekend sounds fabulous, too 😉 Long runs like that are my fav…feeling like you could keep going is the best!

  6. The day after a long run all I can think about is food. And more food. Until I’m sick but somehow STILL hungry. Your weekend sounds fabulous and hearing about how amazing running feels for you lately makes me so happy! Now I’m craving a burger… sothanks for that!

  7. I am ready for winter to be over but not for pollen season. I usually suffer pretty bad in May but when I changed my diet vegetarian, my allergies kind of sort of went away. I still get nervous though when the season starts approaching!

  8. Oh man, all that food looks so good! There’s nothing better than a big, savory, preferably cheesy meal after a long run. And congrats on an awesome training run!! The scenery looks beautiful! The pollen isn’t out up here yet (umm, it randomly snowed today. Awesome.) but I am a snotty mess in the spring!

  9. I’ve never had fried pickles but I do love pickles! Always wanted to try them though! This weekend was full of relaxing and back to school!

  10. Wow that is a OUTSTANDING long run! I am so proud of you. This might sound a little creepy but I basically followed you when you were a running rookie and now you are a star!

    PS: Send over the fried pickles A.S.A.P.!

  11. I’d say you deserve that burger and pickles 100% after that run! you go girl! I became semi-obsessed with fried pickles a few years ago. Love love love them, and also, LOVE your hair!! So gorg!! Looks like a great weekend was had by all, family dinners to end the week are the best 🙂

  12. Love fried pickles. I have been really slacking with running lately (probably because I was obsessed with barre this month). I can’t wait to get back to running after this whole wedding business 😉

  13. OMG 17 MILES??!?! Are you kidding me??? If I did even a quarter of that I would eat ALL THE FOOD haha. Perfect way to replenish your fuel stores if you ask me ;).

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