Adjusting My Normal

So here’s how my running life typically goes: I run 3 miles, and call it a day. Three miles was always my base mileage, at least for the past 1.5 years. I mentioned this in a post before and am too lazy to look for it to and link back to it, but 3 was always key for me. Nowadays, I’m stronger, more confident and more courageous. Nowadays, my new normal distance is 5 miles. I’d say this happened about 2-3 months ago and I’m really happy to have found that groove. It’s such a mental thing sometimes so it’s a total boost to my running ego.

Monday night was a great 5K with the bestie Mollie and Tuesday night was my regular 5 mile loop.


Wednesday night, Rebekah and I met up with our beloved girl Jacque and managed to get in both a kickbox cardio class as well as yoga class. While Jacque and I yogi-ed, Bek went and did her thing with the weights. #strong #tryingtogetlikekathy #vodkaandsoda


It was perhaps one of my most favorite yoga classes ever because we focused only on hips. HELLO! I am a runner and therefore NEED extra attention to my hips. It was like the instructor knew I needed it bad. WOO!


And last night, I went for another 5 miler with my lovely running bestie. I love running with her for many reasons (we PR’d at Hot Chocolate, she pushes me like crazy, she’s awesome, we like to match our outfits, she pushes me like crazy << worth mentioning twice, and she’s pretty awesome) but a big reason is that we get to run through the city like gangsters. Last night was no different and we got to catch the sunset.


Super peaceful scenery for a wonderful run.


And we booked it, too! Since when is sub 9 minute miles a thing for me? I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been running for about 3 years, you finally get it.


I’ll take that any day! 🙂

Happy Friday – hope everyone has a great day and weekend! I have tons planned for the weekend and I’m really looking forward to enjoying myself! 🙂 Today is a rest day and I have a ridiculously long LONG run planned for tomorrow. Fingers crossed… 🙂

When you run – what’s your happy pace/distance?

What are you doing this weekend?

Would you rather run while the sun rises or sets?


13 thoughts on “Adjusting My Normal

  1. hahahah i love that you hashtagged me. you guys are so lucky it’s warm there! i woke up to -20 weather today and it’s expected to pretty much stay this temperature until mid-next week. i so can’t wait for BBM2014. expect me to be naked most of the time since i’ve been wearing layers since november.

  2. Ah, this looks like such relaxing scenery for a run! I think running when the side rises or sets are both equally gorgeous in there own way.

    This weekend we have no major plans other than going out to dinner with my brother tomorrow.

  3. Okay, I was noticing that 5 was becoming the new norm, I was wondering why, now it all makes sense! And congrats on that time! 8:45 pace?? You’re smokin’ it girl!! Oh I can’t wait to see how far tomorrow’s run is going to be!!!! My easy runs use to be 6 miles. Now they are 2-3 miles haha ask me to run 6 and I’ll cringe and sprint away. I’m studying for my anatomy test next week, and skyping with the boyfriend since we haven’t been able to talk really at all this week. It should be a good weekend :). And I would most definitely rather run during the sunrise, that was always the best part of my long runs 🙂

  4. It’s funny – there was a time when 3 was my thing too. Now a normal routine run has gone from 3 to 5 just like you! The more we run, the better we get and the better adjusted our bodies are. My easy pace has increased dramatically as well. It is great feeling to sense your own fitness accomplishments.

  5. Awesome sauce girl! I love it when everything just clicks and you can do things you never thought possible 🙂 I think my ideal pace is somewhere between 8-9 min/mi depending on the day honestly. Races i like to be faster but somewhere in there is good for regular runs! Annnnd I love running as the sun rises. Watching the city come to life is my fav 🙂

  6. Lately I feel like I have been sticking to the treadmill and in an effort to not jump off in boredom I do intervals haha I have no idea what my pace is anymore, but I guess I will find out soon!

  7. Ohh great job with the running! Right now, 3 miles is about my base. The number just seems like a good one to stop at haha! Beautiful scenery and a best friend make for great runs!

  8. Sunset is my favorite time to run. I need to decompress at the end of my day, not the beginning. Also, I like sleep 🙂 5 miles was my happy number. My loop is exactly that and I’m too OCD to not finish the whole thing. You girls are so smart for going to yoga! This idiot injured herself by not stretching it out. Pigeon pose is the BEST for opening up your hips. So is naughty time with the boyfriend 😉 Hope you guys have a fun, debauchery-filled weekend!!

  9. I’m not a runner… but if I was, I think I’d love to see a sunset. 🙂 My favorite part of the day at work is when the sun starts to set outside of my window. 🙂

  10. It’s always funny to look at what’s “normal” for us at different times. When I first started running, 4ish miles was pretty normal, but this fall that became 8-9 miles. And when I start up again in the next week or two, normal will probably be 3 miles again. It’s kind of cool to see that progress! You seriously have some of the prettiest runs I think. Atlanta looks beautiful at sunset!

  11. #tryingtobelikekathy…yea I legit laughed out loud! HAHA. I love your new normal!! Mine changes allllaaa da tymmmee. Right now I am happy with 3 milers haha. Mentally I would rather run when the sun rises, but physically I perform better later in the day after my body has been moving around so a sunset run would be “easier.”

  12. nice work girl! You are a running machine! Love how you girls are all work-out buddies, its seriously the best motivation. I love running as the sun-rises, but a sunset run after work is super relaxing too. In New England, we won’t have that luxury for awhile longer since this darn snow still needs to melt, so for now, I’ll have to live through your pictures! Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

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