I’m so happy that this weekend was so glorious! Friday started off the best way possible – with a cycle class before work and then dinner + drinks with my mama and my boyfriend after work!



I got the ahi tuna salad and per usual when it comes to ahi tuna salads, it was delish! 🙂

Saturday was SUCH a gorgeous weather day that I had to get outside – so I went out for an easy, untimed 5K. Unfortunately, it was a terrible run and I’m glad it was untimed. I was NOT feeling it – but at least it was perfection outside.


And yesterday I slept in and ignored the fact that I needed to get in a long run, which I immediately regret when I actually got up to get in a shorter run. It was stunning outside – the most ideal running weather. GAH why must my bed be so cozy so early in the morning? I ended up doing 7 miles before I had to go meet up with my very best girlfriends.



Of course The Senator had to come outside and play after the run! 🙂 Little did he know, he was about to be the only male on a girl’s day out! The lady friends and I all went hiking yesterday!! It was so adorable and amazing and the weather played a huge role – along with the awesomeness of all my friends!







I told them to all be SUPER cheeseballs for a pic and I think they nailed it! Right? Goofballs!


Then we did the BULLFROG.


And had an adorable picnic at the top of the mountain. The hike up was super challenging and we absolutely ate #allthefood


HAHA Ash’s face. 🙂


The Senator had to demonstrate how acrobatic he is by getting atop a historical cannon. Such a pretentious little…:)

So thanks to Mother Nature, this weekend was one of the best! It’s crazy how much good weather can really make you feel warm and cozy inside!

How was the weather where you live this weekend?

Did you have a good run this weekend?

How do you feel about hiking? Yay or nay? Do you have a dog who demands to be the center of attention too?


37 thoughts on “Weather.

  1. Omg I love how he is sitting on top of the cannon haha he looks like he fits up there perfectly. Loved the weather this weekend!! I wish I could have gotten out more and enjoyed it, but anatomy kept me inside :/. Love that picture of you and your mom, super cute!! Hahahaha and for some reason, Rebekah reminds me of Gollum in that bullfrog picture. There isn’t really anywhere to hike (or at least that I’m aware haha) around me, but we do have these little hills that I like to go walking on sometimes :), I find it calming, and it puts me in my happy place. Oh, and I know what you mean, that bed in the morning, it can be a tricky little bastard. I have the hardest time getting up on the weekend. Have a great Monday Pretty Lady 🙂

    • he was actually very freaked out the entire time – like squiggling and moving around and wouldn’t sit still. i don’t know how i got that pic! 🙂 haha beds are tricky bastards, my thoughts exactly!!

    • omg i can’t wait for grilling season – ahh you’ve got my thoughts in motion about all that deliciousness!

  2. Omg your weekend looks amazing! We had gorgeous weather Saturday, so we definitely took advantage 🙂 I can’t wait for another warm day. Definitely checking out some parks for some hiking! We keep saying we want to go, so next time it’s warm on the weekend we’re going!

    • goodness this spring weather is such a tease, right? good, go hike and soak up nature. it’s so good for the soul!

  3. This is adorable! Everyone looks great but special shout out to Mollie and her cute as hell headband. Love it. Your picnic is potentially the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…look at all you people going on a hike together and then fueling with healthy food. You are setting such a good example on this blog of yours haha. PS did the bek die? I should text her. I miss her shenanigans on the blog but I know she is a busy lady. Not sure what the bullfrog is? AM I {yet again} behind the times on some ridiculous new dance/workout move? Or no? Happy Monday, beautiful!!! Love the crap out of yo’ face! ❤

    • haha when we picked her up, we were all like aw mollie and her adorable hippie headband! 🙂 haha totally healthy… except for when you over eat, ugh, and then drink wine instead of water the whole time. lol no, the bullfrog was belligerence… 🙂

  4. Rub your gorgeous weather in my face, why don’t ya?! 😉 Johnny Cakes is the biggest attention whore on the face of this earth! Seriously, he’ll throw shit fits if all eyes/hands aren’t on him. We created a damn monster.

    • haha that damn monster probably deserves it… dogs are the BEST ever!! i’ll rub whatever i damn well please in your face. get used to it!

  5. BAAHAAHHA that last photo..his face!! I LOVE!! I also love how you bitches totally brought wine/or champagne to the top of a hike!?! Only you guys..HAHA! What a legit day, and I am totally jealous.

    • haha thanks for calling us out! we each brought a bottle of wine! it was so good! 🙂 don’t be jealous, the scenery is nowhere near as gorgeous as your oregon outings!

    • UGH that does suck! i can imagine you’re SO SO over it! trust me, i am over it and i hardly had anything compared to you. that’s what happens when you live in canada though, sorry girl.

  6. The senator looks miserable being subjected to female chatter of periods, boobs and bloating. That is cruelty to animals, so you probably should have left him home. I hope you at least gave him some champs for his troubles at your picnic. Actually he does look a little sauced being held up on that cannon. Good job, mom.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA god you’re awesome x 100. i can’t even tell you anything else because you always make me laugh. you’re the best. and he got plenty of snacks for behaving properly! 🙂 don’t worry!!! he’s ready to play with toothless, so whenever you travel to the dirty south… he’s ready.

  7. How fun hiking with friends! Looks like you all had a fun time. I have been really lazy lately. I wasnt feeling good last week and i went 5 whole days with no running, no workouts, nothing. But I am back and ready to get back to my normal workouts!

  8. oh my gosh, so many things!! 1) i LOVE ahi tuna…i need to check out wherever you went. 🙂 2) my favorite color is lime green so naturally i approve of your choice there, and your doggie is just too precious!!
    hey, we all have crummy runs, but you put in the effort and got ‘er done…great job, girl! 🙂

  9. Looks like a great weekend!

    I’m totally obsessed with hiking and go usually once a week! I just love being outside in the fresh air getting exercise while also tiring out my crazy dog…because yes, she also demands to be the center of attention and she has a lot of energy!

  10. Your mom is beautiful and so are you!! What a fun activity to do when it’s nice out with your girls! It continues to be freezing in Maine so I’ve been stuck inside. I’m praying spring is on its way!

    • thanks lovely, she is indeed! AND so is your mama! i’m sorry it’s such crap weather, i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you new englanders! good bye cold! come summer! 🙂

    • I know girl, if ever we’re in the same part of town, you know what we’ll be doing – hiking! 🙂 Thank you!

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