From Snow to Snow and a Marathon

Hi Everyone!

Between a snow storm last week in Georgia and a snow storm on vacation in NYC, I’ve had my fill of snow for the rest of my life. Over it. I don’t know how anyone does this snow thing all the time. Yuck. After being cooped up in the house during the second Atlanta snow storm last week, I decided to sign up for my third full marathon. Oh here we go again!! It’s April 26 and just like my last marathon in December, I’ll loosely train for this one too. I’m looking to shave more time off my last time but I don’t have any ambitious marathon goals until my marathon in November. More on that closer to November! 🙂 This one will be just to enjoy training and really learn more about my running abilities. It’s also an excellent excuse to buy new running shoes! I’m like 10 weeks late to the party in terms of an official training plan, but #yolo to that.


Anyway, I’m back from a vacation in NYC and I’m relocating my workout groove. Sometimes I have time to workout on vacation but I didn’t on this one. You win some, you lose some. The boyfriend and I went for the weekend and enjoyed it so much! We saw a show and did all the obligatory tourist things. Commence pictures galore. I’m sparing you guys, I took hundreds and am only sharing a few of those. You’re welcome. Oh, and most of them are selfies. Another you’re welcome. 🙂


All the snow in Times Square!



Naturally, I got a hefty bag of M&M’s.


Apparently you don’t go to NYC without getting pizza.


Snow covered Central Park.



Soaking up  the beautiful city with my shitty cell phone pictures.



Bryant Park!



Hanging out in Grand Central! And we also took an awesome tour of the history – super fascinating.



We saw Once on Broadway and I fell in love with that entire situation – the songs, the characters,the stories, ahhh. So amazing.


We also managed to take our raggedy dressed selves into a classy rooftop bar to snag this picture with the city background. Love it.


The weekend was awesome and New York was gorgeous. It was FREEZING and  snowing A LOT but it was an awesome adventure. I’m jealous of people who get to visit frequently, there is SO much to do and I don’t feel like we even scratched the surface. Guess we’ll have to go back… LOL!

And then right when I get back, I get slammed with work at my job. Thanks guys, doesn’t everyone know that people need vacations AFTER vacation? You know, to recover and all?? Sheesh.

Have you ever impulsively signed up for a race?

Have you been to NYC? Were you as big of a tourist as we were?

What do you prefer, snow or sun?


16 thoughts on “From Snow to Snow and a Marathon

  1. you’re a filthy whore and i hate your snatch. that had to be said.

    i LOVE NYC! it’s toronto’s meaner, dirtier older brother. the first time i went, we walked all around the city and walked from the world trade towers (when they were still up) all the way to madison square gardens and along the way, we crossed brooklyn bridge BY FOOT (and also by accident) and went through all those little adorable boroughs! it was 12hrs of walking that day and it was incredible!!

  2. I agree! I always say you need a vacation after your vacation because of all the craziness that seems to pop up as soon as you get back. Sounds like you had a great time, though!

    And yes, I love NYC 🙂 Most of my family lives there and I lived there until I was 6 🙂 But I still act like a tourist when I go back!

  3. New York looks so pretty!! I’ve never been before, and definitely want to go one day. Yay for another marathon!!!!!! I’ve never impulsively signed up for a race (I overthink everything, so I don’t think that is possible for me haha). Maybe one day I will though. Hmmm I say I always want snow, but in reality I prefer the sun a lot, it just makes me extrememly happy. But I don’t like it too hot, I like it around spring or fall weather, nice and cool 🙂 Good luck at work!! What douchebags for slamming you with work, they should slowly give you everything. Have a great Wednesday, at least the week is almost over 🙂

  4. Ugh, I’m SO sick of snow! Winter has just got to go!

    I love NYC! I’m lucky enough to live not too far away from it, so I can visit fairly often. I’ve been dying to go it, but I’m going to wait until it warms up a bit. Too cold!

  5. Welcome to Ohio, where snow lasts from October to April. 😉 And then there’s Houston, where summer lasts from March to October… I just can’t win.

    I wanted to run that race so badly–but the whole school thing… I’ve also heard it’s SUPER hilly, so best of luck with that, hah!

    Your pictures are making me SO excited to go to NYC! ONLY 10 DAYS!! IT’S SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT! I don’t know if I’m okay with giving up the 70 degree weather here to be in the 30 degree weather that New York is…so much for “spring” break…

  6. Yaaay! I’m glad it was such a great trip! It looks amazing from the photos! I’m impressed with your bravery at impulsively signing up for a marathon! You can totally do it! I once signed up for a half marathon at the expo the day before. That was impulsive, but I had run enough halves at that point that I felt confident with the distance! (It still kicked my butt.)

  7. You’re a beast busting out these marathons like NBD. I WANT TO GO TO NYC sososo bad omg..your photos are fine, shut your mouth. You also look cute, so..stuff it. TAKE ME WITH YOU next time.

  8. Awww you guys are adorable!! I love that rooftop picture and I would not call that raggedy dressed. You have actual pants on, that’s like 10X better than my daily leggings outfits. Also, M&Ms sorted by colors?! What?! That’s awesome! I definitely have impulsively signed up for a race! I did that for the hot chocolate 15k because I was hungry and a bowl of chocolate sounded amazing. I am 100% a sun person. Even though I lived in the snowy state of colorado, my town is actually has the most days of sun of anywhere in the US. So wooohooo! Though I could still do without the snow. I have been to NYC, I used to go there on the weekends in high school (I grew up in Boston) to wander around and feel like i bad ass. I went there recently though and just found it really smelly. I guess that means I am getting old?

  9. Well you know my love of NYC. I avoided Times Square like the plague though!

    Also Once is amazing. A movie is coming out this year by the same director with Kiera Knightly called “Can a song save your life?” I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival and it was incredible!!

  10. I love all the pics and so excited for you to run another marathon! You are killing it!! We have lots and lots of snow in ut and it gets old. Luckily the roads get plowed and we can still get out if the house… Most days ha

  11. Even though you look like you’re freezing your tata’s off, NYC still looks magical. Are you drinking cold ass drinks on that rooftop? You’re nuts. I hope you went inside immediately and parked it in front of a fireplace. I wish I could go more often but Ryan hated NYC (blasphemous, country boy!) so the next trip is a girls trip. But I’ll save it for spring or fall. Hell no to the snow!

  12. My first half was impulsively signed up for and I am so glad I did it! I have been to NYC and I so was, we got a pass to one of those tour buses you can jump on and off and see the sights haha I don’t think it could have gotten worse! Not to mention my grandparents came and had their cameras out and fanny packs 🙂 I am not a fan of the snow but thanks to my parents I have lived in Ohio all my life can’t wait to relocate lol.

  13. I lived for far too long in the snow, that I am ALL ABOUT the sun! I live in Los Angeles now, and I couldn’t be happier. That doesn’t mean I don’t like visiting snow. I love it around the holidays and it makes me feel very cozy. But as for going out in it, eh! LOL!

    I love that snow photo GIF though!! 🙂

  14. LOVE NYC. I used to go at least once a year to visit my bestie but haven’t been in a few years. Maybe this year will be my lucky year! Glad you had fun. And I am soooo jealous of your race! That one has been on my race radar for a while now. You will do great!!!

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