Enjoying the Run

So if you follow me on Instagram, you can see that I’ve been running a lot lately with a lovely girly named Ashley. We also ran the hot chocolate together! But seriously, lately, I can’t stop thinking about how much I LOVE running with her. We have the same goals, the same pace, and we LOVE to run. I can’t get enough when it comes to running with her and it has really refreshed my love for running. I, of course, love my ‘me time’ that comes with running, but lately, I’ve been loving having my partner in crime to push me to my fullest potential. Anyway, we ran on Thursday night – a 10K, and along the route, we saw this adorable juice shop called Kale me Crazy. Naturally, we stopped.


We sampled some juices and even bought a crazy shot of some sort of combination of ginger, kale, cayenne and maybe something else. I was definitely outside of my comfort zone with this stuff!


But it was good. So we’re going back this week again. 🙂


I’m not sure I’ll get that same shot again, though. You can’t say I didn’t try it!

As planned, I took Friday off from working out and enjoyed a fancy schmancy dinner with my boyfriend!

And Saturday morning, surprise, Ash and I ran 10 miles together. We had lead legs from all the working out we did this week but it was still not a bad run at all. If we can hold that pace for our half marathon in mid March (eeeek!!) then we can both PR like crazy. That’s the goal! 🙂



And later on that night, some of us girls decided it was necessary to go out dancing. And dance we did!


My running bestie and me all cleaned up! Snazzy.




Keeping it classy…


And calling it quits at the end of the night. 🙂

And yesterday, I did something pretty terrible. I overslept and missed a race. I have NEVER done that, not even come close, and this morning, I actually missed one. I cannot believe it. And it was an adorable couples 5K with my man, my bestie Mollie and her man. I spent the entire day dwelling on it… And am still not fully over it. Who is that dumb? Me. Have a wonderful Monday. And try to never skip a race. It makes you feel like shit and it also sucks throwing money down the drain like that.

What was your weekend like? Low key?

Ever been to a juice bar?

Have you ever missed a race?


PS My boyfriend and I are going to NYC this weekend!!! Tell me your favorite activity to do whilst there so I can add it to my already hella long list of stuff to do/eat/see. THANKS!

26 thoughts on “Enjoying the Run

  1. it’s awesome that you found someone to run with who matches up so well. and i loooove your hair from the saturday night pics.booooooo so sorry you missed the race. that really stinks. but at least you got some extra sleep? i’ve never been to a juice bar and one just opened around the corner from me but i keep forgetting to try it.

  2. I think it’s so great that you found someone to run with. Having a running buddy definitely makes getting through a run so much easier, and it’s definitely great motivation. I wish that I had someone nearby to run with. It sucks that you overslept and missed the race, but maybe that was your body’s way of telling you, you needed a break and needed some time to rest.

  3. That’s awesome that you found a running partner!! They are hard to come by, especially if they hold the same pace as you and have the same goal! I’ve never been able to find someone who holds the same pace. It’s always been me running faster to stay with them, or like my boyfriend – him running slower with me. And seriously, I really think you two are going to kill it at your half marathon next month!! Yay for date nights with the boyfriend, those are always the best :). My weekend was kind of low key, just lots of studying, and by Sunday I called it quits from studying, by brain felt like it was going to burst and I could barely keep my eyes open. I don’t know how pre-nursing students do it. Have a great Monday 🙂

  4. Ahhh, Mike and I were talking about going to NYC this weekend too! Buuuttt we have a birthday party for his niece and nephew now so that’s not happening. Boooo. Have a great time! There’s so much cool stuff to do there.. what area are you staying in? I may have some recommendations for you 🙂 Also, love the printed skirts! You all look so pretty all dolled up!

  5. Having a running buddy at your pace is priceless! And good for you trying the shot-even if it’s not your favorite (and I don’t think it would be mine either). Good luck at your half! I was crazy and signed up for the first and last halfs of the season in our area, so I have to hold my preparedness all Summer long!

  6. I bet–if I missed a race I’d be so mad at myself! Although granted, I never have run anything less than a half so it’s kind of hard to miss a race when you’ve been training for it for months… I’ve also never had any kind of juice with kale in it; that color is really intimidating.

  7. I’m offended you went dancing without me!

    K so NYC. At this point I’m out of the loop cause I’ve been gone for over a year and the shelf-life in NYC is like 6 months but here are my suggestions: Walk the brooklyn bridge, it’s awesome. Run Central Park. Pancakes at Clinton Street Bakery or Bubbys but expect at least an hour wait for both. Coppelia is my fav latin resto that I legit ate at everyday cause I lived a block away. Grab brunch at Westville. Or the popover and coffee from local cafe on Sullivan street. Then make sure you get a chocolate chip cookie from Visuvio bakery (or the city bakery who owns them). Like legit my list could go on for days and not surprisingly it has everything to do with food.

    Dance on same tables at the The Jane Hotel and don’t skimp on the patron. The end.

  8. Isn’t it fantastic finding someone who loves running as much as you and at the same pace?! That’s why I group run. I don’t think I can ever go back to long solo runs!

    You ladies look like a lot of fun! Let me know if you are ever in LA so we can hang. 🙂

  9. Aw hun I’m sorry you missed your race but don’t be too hard on yourself. Your body clearly needed the sleep or it wouldn’t have kept sleeping through everything. Running buddies are the best. They always make me glad I’m out, and I love not having to brave the cold alone. Plus talking makes the miles go super fast 😀 go shopping in soho if you get the chance!!! Definitely one of my fav things to do in nyc 😀

  10. I’d be bummed about missing a race too and I know there’s not much to say to make it any better, but it probably means you had a great night, right? 😉 I’m super glad you have a running friend like that! I had one when I was running track last year and it’s always nice to have that person who you don’t have to put any effort into running with in terms of speeding up or slowing down. It just fits. SO JEALOUS OF YOUR NYC TRIP! Wave to me in Bmore on the way by 😉

  11. You went out dancing and boozing the night before a race? I’m so surprised you overslept, moron. Whatever. Booty shaking = best cardio ever. Like, better than running, so it’s okay. Hang out in the meatpacking district for sure! Grab a drink at the Ajna bar or even dinner. It’s a Thai/Japanese inspired restaurant that’s all kinds of NYC pretentious hipster with a live DJ spinnin’ beats in the dining area. Or go to the Beer Garden at the Standard Hotel cause it’s a hot mess shit show, just like you ❤

    • hahaha, way to call a sistuh out you dummy! duh! i didn’t get home til 4, maybe that was the other part of the problem? 🙂
      thanks for your slutty suggestions.

    • I heard Serendipity for sure, naturally it’s the best frozen hot chocolate I’ve heard!! And I do want to go to Red Mango because of YOUR posts!! 🙂

  12. I had a very low key weekend, but hey perfect for being productive and getting all that homework done! I haven’t been to a juice bar, but you totally made me want to go to one!
    One thing I loved doing in NYC was going to a comedy club! It was such a fun/great experience!

  13. OMGosh! That might be the cutest name for a juice bar. EVER! I have never been to a juice bar, myself. I don’t even know if we have them around us. We don’t have a lot of cool stuff around here. That sucks you missed a race 😦 I am always deathly afraid of oversleeping on race morning. I usually hardly ever sleep, the night before a big race. The only thing you can do is accept it, move on and look for another race 🙂

  14. AWWW bummer about missing the 5K!! I would have thought about it all day too. Now you just need to find another one to run together!! I WANT A RUNNING PARTNER LIKE THIS UGGHH!! MOVE TO SEATTLE! Oh, and you bitches look hot.

  15. I have been noticing you running more, lady! You will PR for sure, you are getting so much faster. Practice makes perfect!

    That kale shot looks fun, at least it won’t give you a hangover in the morn. 😉

  16. You are killing the runs! I see a PR in your future 😉 I missed a race once because I thought it was on a Saturday and had to work last minute. Then as I was sitting around the house being lazy on Sunday I notice a tweet from the race happening right then. I was sooo bummed that I could’ve run after all and instead was chilling on the couch.

  17. That juice bar sounds so fun, what a fun way to end a run! Maine has nothing fun like that!! I’m jealous 🙂 Have a blast in NYC with your man! Try to iceskate if you can, so fun!! xoxo

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