Gimme ONE, TWO – NO, THREE!!

On those days when not one workout will suffice, nor two – but three?? Ever have those days?

Yeah. Ahem. Me either.

But yesterday, it just worked out that way (pun intended).

The Bek and I began our day bright and early at the gym before work (wow, we really CAN get up before the sun rises) and while she worked out with some weights, I took a spin class. I love the class for many reasons but I was HATING it yesterday. Talk about feeling like a total wuss – I can typically begin on level 6 ish and work up but I couldn’t make it past 6 yesterday morning. I went the full hour being frustrated not being able to pedal faster when the instructor said so. And when she said get up to levels 15-18? Yeah, I left mine around 8. I didn’t get it. I am so much stronger.

After class was over, I hopped on another cycle to investigate the situation. I found out, through my own awesome detective skills, that something was very wrong with the bike I was on. How annoying. I still got in 20 miles. 🙂 Next week I will avoid that cycle and that whole side of the room altogether. #scarredforlife



And then after work, Ash came over and we all three went back to the gym. Again, Bek did weights stuff while Ash and I did a terrible circuit (terrible like really hard) that involved lunges, burpees, push-ups and other belligerently difficult movements. Cute. Then we thought, thought we would wind DOWN with a pilates class. Our lovely friend Catherine also joined! How adorable.

Chelsea, pilates is not something you wind down with… I learned that the hard way last night. IT WAS SO HARD. I am SO SO SO SORE.


I mean, it sounds harmless, but OUCH. All that core strength and long periods of time of lifting legs and what not… I’m not THAT good. 🙂


Anyway, three workouts was not the most amount any of us had yesterday. Ash, my girly in the picture above, worked out 4 times. I guess when you’re feeling it, GO FOR IT! And I also ate #allthefood because DAMN working out that much is intense. Don’t judge me for being a total pansy. I can barely walk.

Tonight I’m getting in a 10K with Ash, the same beauty from above, and I fully intend on taking Friday off before my Saturday long run #trainingfornothing.

Do you ever take spin? Or any class?

What’s the most you worked out in one day?

Not that they’re the same at all, but what do you prefer, yoga or pilates?


24 thoughts on “Gimme ONE, TWO – NO, THREE!!

  1. I haven’t taken a spin class in months. I like them in a hurt so good kind of way. I swear it is harder for me to bike two minutes than run 1 hour. Yoga and pilates depends on my mood. Yesterday I did a pilates ab class and I was dyingggggg.

  2. I took a spin class once and nearly died. I had the hardest time doing the climbs (is that what you call it when you stand up and pedal? i think. but i’ve blacked out the memory of the class sooo) and my genius self decided to not up the resistance when the instructor said to because i thought that made the climbs harder. ugh. not even joking couldn’t move the next day. idiot. maybe next time i will just sit down and pedal haha cause i really did like that part. and damnnnnnnn look at you girls go! i’ve always wanted to take a pilates class because all the celebs swear by pilates and they’re thin sooo. but it looks hard as shit. you girls all look so cute damn you!

  3. I haven’t taken spin class but I always have wanted to! Kind of afraid of looking stupid I’m not the smartest person when it comes to working new machines! But I have taken yoga plenty and did a month long boot camp!

  4. Dang, girl! Make sure you give yourself plenty of rest! That’s hilarious about the bike. Before I finished reading it I was thinking that I would comment something like, “Some days we can do more than others, just listen to your body, yada yada,” but nevermind… faulty equipment 😀

  5. i love spin but i hate that it numbs your crotch. i used to legit go out and buy those super thick 1980s maxi pads and wore them during spin classes to give some more cushion. but i’m sure you’re ok since your vag is used to get pounded since you’re such a whore.

  6. I LOVE SPINNINGGGGG. I’ve been doing it a lot lately with all of my downtime from running and it’s the only thing that gives me close to the same amount of endorphins. I’m not a feeling of how my butt feels after though. When I work out for a zillion and a half hours, I eat EVERYTHING. No shame. None at all. Food is half the reason we workout anyways, right? Who says I can’t eat another cookie or five?

  7. 3???? I can barely get in 2 workouts EVERY OTHER day. I first pansy around the house thinking about it, telling myself that I’ll feel so much better after it’s done. And that it will be okay that I do nothing the rest of night if I do. Hahahaha No pilates isn’t meant as a cool down. That shit is intense! My back is sore from just doing 3 sets of 4 different pilates workouts yesterday, and I only used 5lb dumbbells! Hmmmm….well I’ve never taken a yoga class, but have done it on my own, but I would probably prefer pilates, because I love using the ball (I even use it as my desk chair…). I can’t get over the fact that you guys did 3 workouts!!! #Beastmode.
    Enjoy your day Pretty Ladies 🙂

  8. Oooo no, I hate spin class! I used to go occasionally (if it was the super hot instructor) but now I just refuse! Most I worked out in one day was Crossfit and then two back to back dance classes…it wasn’t a good day for moving the day after!

  9. I’ve actually never taken a spin class before, but I’ve always wanted to give it a try! It looks like an awesome workout! I like both yoga and pilates. I think they’re both challenging in their own way.

  10. I envy you for having friends to work out with. None of my friends belong to a gym, so the most I’ve ever been able to get out of any of them is a walk through the park (and don’t get me wrong – those walks are my favorites!). While living in SC, I went to the gym with one of my coworkers after work for a while – that was awesome. I need to find some workout buddies here! Hooray for getting in 3 workouts in one day, though! That’s awesome!

  11. i haven’t taken a spin class since the summer. Sometimes I miss it but most of the time, eh I don’t. Nothing worse than an hour on a bad bike! As for yoga or pilates, I don’t do either. I have tried both but it’s not my thing. Although it should probably become my thing.

  12. Good grief girl that’s a lot for one day! I barely have the energy to get in one a day let alone 2-3 haha. Sometimes I’ll do yoga at night after running or circuiting in the morning, but that usually happens 1-2 a week. I have taken a few spinning classes, which i am not a huge fan of, but I’ll do it every once in a while 😛

  13. Girl, how are you alive right now?!?! I’d probably be curled up in my bed, a hot mess if I worked out 3 times in one day. Glad you got that bike situation figured out though–I was so ready to comment and be like, “well, some days are better than others…”

  14. There are KNOWN bikes in my spin class that we DO NOT touch because they are somehow geared harder than the rest. I usually get myself up to a 18-19 for the highest climbs..but if I had those bikes I barely get over a 10!! You def had a bum bike! HA! I love days when I can just go to classes all dayyyy. PILATES IS legit for me right now. Loving it. Still love my calmer yoga though too. HA!

  15. I’ve taken spin a couple times but, let’s be honest, it really hurts my butt to sit on a bike. Like, I get bruised somehow. Not a fan. I do like pilate though, because I love having a sore core. I’m kind of masochistic like that. I think the most I’ve done is 4 work outs, but that’s definitely not a regular thing and I need pounds of food and some naps afterwards…

  16. I used to do spin all the time at my university’s gym, but haven’t done it since I graduated. I want to get back to it though, because I enjoy it and it’s such a good workout. Working out three times in one day is intense!

  17. You’re definitely not a wuss! Three workouts in one day is killer.

    I haven’t taken a spin class in forever. Actually, I only tried it once and it made my bottom area (you know) sore so I never went back. I need one those pants with butt pads built in and then maybe I’ll try again.

  18. I used to be a spin junkie. I loved it. Especially at my gym with old ghetto bikes that didn’t display resistance or stats. I could totally bitch out if I needed to take it easy. Pilates is my jam. Definitely not as easy as it looks, huh? I was just taking a lunchtime class through work, but I’ve got my eyes peeled for a Groupon to check out a legit studio with all the crazy circus contraptions. And then I’ll immediately regret it 🙂

  19. sorry im late in responding! I just saw this post now. I hardly check my wordpress feed these days. You guys need to get on FB! I’m on there A.LOT!!! I think I got a problem….anyways…
    That’s great you worked out 4 times in a day! I have actually started doing some at-home workouts for the first time ever and pretty proud of myself. There was one day last week where I did 4 separate workouts, I don’t know what I was thinking. I have never taken a spin class. I am a little intrigued but truthfully kind of intimidated!

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