Bowling Weekend Extravaganza

Ha, I just look back at my weekend and laugh at how counter productive I was. Literally, I was a lazy bum all weekend.

Friday night the boyfriend and I had a cute dinner date and in the middle of dinner he asked me if I wanted to go bowling! How adorably spontaneous! Naturally, I was in – but only if I got to order dessert. #yolo


And then I went and got myself a high score of 92… Terrible. But still fun!


And my girl who is training for the Nashville Rock n Roll FULL marathon asked me to join her for a long run on Saturday! Any time someone wants to do a long run with me, I’m all over it. It makes those miles FLY by, no matter what!! It was still relatively icy on our path making it look like a very cool and eerie scene.




And nine miles later, I was starving! After inhaling an omelet and running some errands, my boyfriend and I met up with Mollie and her man for some dinner and, SURPRISE, another night of bowling. I haven’t bowled in about 5 years, and then all of a sudden – two times in two days! WHAT!




Add some cosmic black light action and it’s automatically a good time.


I still didn’t break triple digits in those games either. Let’s just say I’m going to stick with running over bowling any day of the week. 🙂

So I’m looking for my next marathon… Anyone have any suggestions? I’m kind of missing my strict training and all that goes along with it. I still get in long runs on the weekends but I just don’t take them very seriously. I’m doing a full marathon in November (but that feels like EONS away!!) so I need something sooner. 🙂 HELP ME!

What’d you do this weekend?

Do you like bowling?

What’s your favorite course to run?


18 thoughts on “Bowling Weekend Extravaganza

  1. I haven’t bowled in FOREVER!! haha I thought you were suppose to get a low score in bowling, that’s probably why I never win….And I think that is golf that you want a low score?…..Yum that desserts looks sooooo good!! What is it????? Hmmm You should do one in May!!! Then in September!! I studied all weekend :(. What has my life come to??? Have a great Monday Pretty Lady 🙂

  2. I’m terrible at bowling too…I always ask for the bumpers to be put up -.- DO THE CLEVELAND MARATHON! 😀 Actually, I shouldn’t say that because I have no idea if I’ll even be in Cleveland or not to do it. And Cleveland has terribly boring scenery…errr…okay completely ignore that suggestion.

  3. There’s a bowling alley down the street from my apartment. It’s PACKED every time we drive past it.. makes me want to go bowling so badly! Your weekend sounds perfect!

  4. What is that desert?!? It looks complicated and delicious. I wanna go bowling! In continuing our twin-ness, I suck at bowling as well. But I still find it super fun. If you feel like traveling for a run you should do the OC Marathon in California. I did the 1/2 for my first two ever 1/2s and it was so pretty and a great course!!

  5. DO THE NEWPORT FULL!! It’s not until October but I’m doing the half and I promise you it will be almost the flattest race you’ve ever done and it’s 100% along the gorgeous Newport cliffs and mansions. Plus we’d get to hang out since I’m doing the half… So it’s a win win 🙂

  6. Haha, that’s fantastic! I do enjoy bowling, but I don’t go that often. When I do go my abilities are totally hit or miss–I can score 70 one game and 130 the next. There’s no consistency.
    You should do the Richmond Marathon in November… you can stay with me!!

  7. Ahh bowling!! Such a fun thing to do on a double date or in a group! We haven’t gone since summer, but we had a blast when we did. Definitely suggesting that again soon. If I get anywhere near 100 I’m happy haha, but I usually end up between 70 and 90, so you’re in good company 😉

  8. I’m not a fan of bowling at all!! But that dessert looks soooo good! It’s funny I miss the strict training too. I guess it helps me stay on track. I have still been running long runs but like you haven’t been taking them seriously. I am building up my base again to possibly train for another marathon but we will see. You should do the Rock n roll marathon in June! I was thinking of doing that one

  9. Wow two days of bowling, aren’t you the party animal! Haha. 92 is better than I can ever do. One time I somehow got the bowl stuck in the next lane over. Clearly, it just does not work out with us two.

    November is 9 months away! You can conceive a whole baby in that time period.

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