Hot Chocolate and #snowpocalypse

I don’t even think I spelled the fourth word of this title correctly. What can ya do?? So I’ve neglected the blog and that’s primarily because ever since my job changed a few months ago, I’ve had a lot less time to focus on it. While it’s sad, I’m also certain it’ll all be okay. I miss it, but I want to make sure I am doing the best job I can possibly do while at work so this lovely little corner has had a break. I’m sure you guys have forgotten all about us frEAKs over here. I would have. In any case, here I am, with a recap of the Hot Chocolate race series. This was my second time doing the 15K race.


I love it for several reasons, but I think I have a more euphoric feeling toward it this year because I actually accomplished a big goal. You guys know, if you race, that you have certain goal times in mind during those races. I always do, but I have never once achieved a goal time. EVER. In fact, I’m usually way off. But I love running so much that I just do not care at the end of the day. There’s no better feeling than finishing a race.

Or so I thought.


There is a better feeling… It’s when you not only hit your goal time but BEAT it by over a minute.


The Hot Chocolate race series is very well organized and I have NO complaints about the logistics of it. My only complaint would be the price – but I think that you get more than your money’s worth for the race so it’s all good. The hoodie is THE BEST. In fact, my fave running girl Ash and I wore ours the night we picked up our packets for a 10K and raved about them the whole time. #premature #thatisherheadbandnotmine #idonthavestylelikethat #sherunslikeabeast


The hoodie has a zipper, a pocket with a zipper on the back (the best) and THUMBOLES!! Because what is a running jacket without thumbholes these days? It’s not. Mollie and my boyfriend both loved their hoodies and the race as well, so everyone that matters approved!




The runners of the morning had the best cheer support – Mollie’s boyfriend cheered, the other crEATure cheered, and Ash’s girlfriend cheered! It was a grand old event. And everyone had to be a trooper – it was FREEZING.


Such cuties all over the place!

Anyway, the course is incredibly hilly and challenging. Last year, I think I ran it in like 1:35 – that’s a 9:59 pace.

THIS YEAR WE RAN IT WITH A PACE OF 8:54!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!!! We beat our goal by over a minute (yes I said that already but it is well worth repeating!). But for real you guys, I’ve never run more than 6 miles with a pace like that. I didn’t think I could physically do it.


And that was the best feeling to feel all day on Sunday. 🙂 I’d be lying if I said I was over it almost a week later. I’m not. And honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without having a running partner. Sometimes that’s all I need to push myself. So here’s to my running bestie ASH!!! JENNNNNNAYYYYYY I LOVEEEE YOU!!!!!!

Cut to a few days later and Atlanta, the glorious city I live in, is experiencing a real life Walking Dead. Errr, snowpocalypse??? Yeah, I drove my 25 minute commute into work on Tuesday only to be dismissed at 1 pm. Cool, right? I was all, “Oh, time to get my party on!!!!”


The entire state was dismissed around that time. So after 4.5 hours in traffic, I parked, packed up the essentials from my car and started the 5 mile walk home. I’m hardcore, you think??

No, I lack patience for more than 4 hours in a situation like this. Anyway, yes, I left my car and walked. My car and I are fine. The snow sucks and Atlanta department of transportation sucks even more. That’s all I’ve got on the matter.

The Senator loves the snow. And it’s also somewhat romantic to spend several days with my boyfriend just cuddled up, cooking, and playing. 🙂


^^Gotta love Google+ for automatically adding these effects. 🙂




Though, not everyone was as fortunate as I was to be able to leave their cars and get home somehow. Some people have stayed in shelters, their cars, or just wherever they could find. Children were stuck in schools (and so were teachers!). It’s been a crazy event and I don’t think anyone knows quite how to handle it. But for now, I’m glad to have had the time off and the luck to have been home with my boyfriend and pup.

What’s your favorite feeling when it comes to working out?

What’s your favorite race ever?

How many of you guys get snow and think ATL is a bunch of pansies? Don’t, ha, as sad as it is, our state is not prepared like the North is! KATHY YOU CAN SUCK IT WITH YOUR JUDGMENT!


PS In response to the beautiful LESLEE, I will DEFINITELY be cheering for those SEAHAWKS, duh! But I love Peyton too so I’ll be thrilled with either outcome. 🙂 WOO!

23 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate and #snowpocalypse

  1. I was wondering what happened to you over here! So many pictures I love!!!! Let’s start with you. Your hair is getting so long!!!! And I absolutely love your headband, so cute. I know I couldn’t pull that off like you can! And that picture of you and the Senator, adorbs :)! And yay for that race time pretty lady!!! Serious beast over here. I’ve been wanting to run this race for the last few years, just can’t find one close enough, one day. Ah at least you’re having snow!!! I would love to have it and then I’d freeze to death haha. Keep up the great work at work, and have a great weekend, I hope you team loses 😉

  2. Who is this?!? Hehe jk of course I didn’t forget you guys. I would love to run in one of those Hot Chocolate race series! Primarily because it has the words hot chocolate in it! Congrats again on your speedy time! You waited a lot longer than I would in my car until deciding to walk home. I was telling my mama friends today about your IG post about having to walk home and all. We all had a good laugh over it 😃

  3. I can’t believe you sat in the car for that long. Holy moly I’m impressed. I would have thrown in the towel and walked too, but I guess that’s what us cardio queens do. And reading your recap makes me SO SO SO SO SO much more excited for the hot chocolate 15k in philly in a few months. I plan on getting my money’s worth (well, I’m one of the ambassadors but I’ll eat enough chocolate to get everyone else’s money’s worth 😉 ) in the chocolate fondue and marshmallows and hot chocolate. And I laughed at your hashtags about the headband because I was definitely going to comment on how cute it is haha

    • Girl. You’re going to love all the chocolate. It’s amazing. They have a chocolate station DURING the race. This is by far one of my most favorite races ever. And the fondue at the end is AMAZING. They give you rice krispies to dip into it, for goodness sake! YAY can’t wait for you to do yours either. AMAZING.

  4. Woot woot!!! You are a beast girl! Look at how much time you cut off!! Amazing 🙂 And you and your cheering section/running buddies looked super cute doing it to boot! I’m glad you got home safe and sound after that commute! And the best feeling in the world after a workout? Runners high 🙂

  5. bahahahahahahah! i love that you mentioned me because yes, i laughed at you and your state-wide shutdown! you guys would whither up and die in toronto. and don’t even – you know you would do the same to me! hey man, we get it all the time from those in winnipeg or montreal whenever we complain about the frigid temps/lots of snow because they get that errday during the winter. so if we get it, you will to.

    all jokes aside, i love you and miss you much. and i’m very proud of your time/race. i love that you had a cheering squad too and i’m surprised that your whoreface roomie managed to crawl out of the rock she was sleeping under to come out and cheer you on. give her a big donkey kick in the face for me.

    also, another blogger legit got mad at me for mentioning that i laughed at you guys. bitches need to lighten up.

  6. Get it, girl!! Congrats on an awesome race! The hoodie sounds amazing! I love, love, love thumb holes in running tops! Fantastic.
    The Atlanta snow stuff is pretty crazy. I’m glad to made it home safely! Richmonders get made fun of too for freaking out about a little bit of snow, so I feel your pain 🙂

  7. I’ve been thinking about you ever since I saw the first news segment about Atlanta with this snow. I would hope that getting snow in the south would be exciting because it never happens, but BECAUSE it never happens, the cities just aren’t prepared and awful things happen. I’m glad you’re safe though!

  8. Speed demon! Congratulations on your massive PR, Meggy Bear!!!! ❤

    Okay so I read this blog post on my phone last night (and literally took a screenshot of it on my iPhone so I would remember to comment in the morning) and the photo of you and Nadir with the snow totally had me confused! The snow does not move when you read the post on a phone and I was like there is no way in hell that can be real snow…can it?! After reading this morning I have confirmed that it was illusion snow 🙂 I'm a bit slow haha.

    When the Bek sent me a photo of your "snow" I was like you must be kidding me. The blades of grass were sticking out of it!!! lol. But I guess it was icey and crappy so I'm sorry that I laughed at you peeps lol. Kind of. But seriously, glad you're safe and got some time off because of it! Cannot believe believe you had to leave your car. That's just crazy town. Tell ATL transportation authority to stop sucking 🙂

    I MISS YOU PEOPLE. I do not care if you blog, however you must send me weekly (detailed) updates via email/text about your lives. I think about you peeps all the time! LOVE YOU oodles of noodles!

  9. I am so sold on that race! At first I thought they were out of their goddamn minds charging what they do for a 5K and 15K but then you brought up the swag. Aight, I’m in. Congratulations on your huge PR! I would still be talking about that shit a week later too, so let it out and brag!! I think I was the only person to not laugh at Atlanta’s unpreparedness for the snow. Cause if that happened here we would be fucked so hard. The 5 mile walk in the cold sounds rough but at least you made it home to warmth. Enough with the mushy kindness… if you ever leave me hanging for that long again I WILL CUT YOU!

  10. You beat your time by more than a minute!!! Just saying it again because that is SO awesome!!! Congratulations! Are those the new 2014 hoodies? When I did mine in October it did not have a zipper and I want one with a zipper! Nothing is better than finishing a race and getting a bowl full of chocolate. Yuuummmm. I still can’t believe your snowpacalypse (I don’t know how to spell that). Everyone in CO may have been laughing at the traffic down south. Glad you enjoyed it though!

  11. Well, 1. CONGRATS on your time! That is so exciting!

    2. Wow, Atlanta needs to get it together. Although, I am sure San Francisco would probably be little girls about it too. We never ever ever get snow. Actually, we did once but it was for an hour and melted before it hit the ground.

    3. Boo, Seahawks. They beat our beloved Niners last game so I have to go for the Broncos. 🙂

  12. I love your headband!!! As far as cold weather, I live in SoCal. So, whenever it get down in the 50’s, I literally die. I wear a peacoat, scarf, and boots- I’m not even kidding. Haha. #wimp

  13. nice work ladyyyy! such an awesome accomplishment 🙂 glad to read an update, congrats on your new job! and yay that you got a couple of days to be with your man and pup! love love those google effects, too cute. Hope you’re staying warm…it’s freezing up here in Maine. get us to spring! have a good week xo

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