Working the Weekend

I’m in denial that it’s not the weekend anymore. Just ask my boss. My productivity was nearly nonexistent yesterday. Here’s to a more creative and productive day today, right? I had a great weekend – so that’s probably the cause of my denial. Eh, what can you do? Friday I cooked paleo salmon burgers from PaleOMG with my boyfriend. I’ve made them before – and let’s just use one really fake but descriptive and trendy word: amazeballs x 1 million… I topped mine with avocado and dijon mustard and served it on lettuce because I’m hardcore. Don’t try me.


And ALL the green beans in the world on the side.


There’s probably too much olive oil on these suckers but they were too good for me to care. 🙂 Saturday was a terrible morning – weather wise – so I skipped the long run and slept. And then got up and did 4 fun miles. I say fun, but my running companion appears to think otherwise…


OMG MOM YOU’RE THE WORST! That’s what I see… Do you guys see anything else? Ha.

And then on Saturday night Rebekah and I had a little get together with some of our favorites. ❤



That’s Mollie’s art work in the background! I have such a talented best friend!! 🙂


Our adorable and beautiful friend Jacque brought us this cake. How perfect??!! It was as tasty as it is beautiful.







And to work off the night of fun, the boyfriend and I went on a gorgeous hike. Atlanta had some seriously stunning weather on Sunday so, naturally, we took advantage of it in Mother Nature.





Ratchet dog.



We did a little over two miles and that mangy pup of mine enjoyed the river in all of its dirty glory. Oh well. Now that it’s finally Tuesday, I think I’m ready for the week. Mollie and I worked out last night and I’m back in full on routine mode! It feels delightful. Have a wonderful day all you pretty people. ❤

How come recipes never turn out like the picture you’re trying to follow?

How was your weekend?

What’s one of your favorite outdoor activities? I am ALL about some hiking!!!


19 thoughts on “Working the Weekend

  1. Did I know you were Paleo? I don’t pay attention sorry, but now that I’m almost Paleo I guess I am? That meal looks yummy either way. And what a view for your walk!

  2. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking too! It is so fun and entertaining! I love to take my camera along and document the trip as well!

  3. I JUST really got into hiking this last Fall, and I’m hoping to continue it this Spring/Summer. I run a lot, and I’d like to have one day to just go and hike without worry of distance or calories burned and just be out in the middle of nowhere!

  4. Your dresses are beautiful! As is that cake… Share? 😉 I want to go hiking so badly but with the ice and snow, I’d end up face first with my luck. Lame.

  5. Yum that burger sounds good (minues the salmon part and insert red meat)!! But I was wondering the same thing. Anytime I make something it never turns out the same as the picture in the book, or on the computer. You and Rebekah look gorgeous as always ❤ :)! Hahaha The Senator looks a little scared, like he just saw a ghost! That hike is super pretty!! I love taking walks or hikes, they are just too relaxing not to!

  6. Such a fancy party! And you have some really creative friends – the artwork and the cake are both awesome. So jealous you can go hiking right now.. I canNOT wait for the warmer weather so I can find some fun trails in this area!

  7. yumm salmon burgers! i don’t eat salmon nearly enough. you ladies look gawgeous and the new place looks great! seriously, artwork and cake- such fun/creative friends. and i hear you- my productivity yesterday was non-existent. so much stuff to do yet i’m like “ooooh maybe one day i’ll have a garden. let’s look at pretty gardens on pinterest.” i mean..what is my life.

  8. I need to try those salmon burgers! I even have her cookbook so I have no excuses! What kind of salmon did you use? Like canned, fresh, etc. I have made many a recipes that didn’t even come close to what the picture showed! We actually had a fun sunday. We took Z to the San Diego Zoo. He loved seeing all the animals especially the pandas because he has this stuffed one that he always carries around. As soon as he realized that the real pandas were the same as the stuffed one he got so excited! It made the whole trip worth it!

  9. Omg that cake is gorgeous! Almost too pretty to eat! And yet I bet it tasted fabulous 😉 my favorite outdoor activity is running! Bet you didn’t see that coming haha. Joe and I took part in that on both Saturday and Sunday morning, four miles each time, and then another five this morning. We are soaking up the warmer weather while it lasts!

  10. That cake looks gorgeous! And your salmon burger looks REALLY good. I didn’t eat a big breakfast today because I knew I’d be eating lunch soon after, but I haven’t eaten lunch yet and it’s making me really hungry. It seems like everyone goes hiking but me…living downtown in the 4th largest city in the U.S. (without a car, I might add) has its downsides. Sigh. It’s so good to hear from you, girlie! I was just thinking about you on my run this morning, which may or may not sound creepy so take that as you will. 🙂

  11. Your weekends look so much fun! I am crashing next time you have a get together. Can we talk about that plate of green beans? I love them so much I can eat a full plate.

  12. I know what you mean- my recipe recreations NEVER turn out as pretty as the picture. At least they taste good, though!

  13. You bitches look so hot. Love the get together. I LOVE ME SOME HIKING. It’s been damn cold in my area and no one will go with me!! I did get some good hikes in while I was in Arizona though thank GOD!

  14. wow that’s an amazing weekend! I was so excited to see a post from you! My weekend was great and relaxing. ha I can rarely get a recipe right, that’s why i always have to make it before and do a practice if I’m making it for something. I love hiking, running, biking, and going on walks. I just miss being outside, spring needs to come like now!

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