So as I may or may not have mentioned in my last post – I have been taking some time off from working out hardcore. And I have enjoyed the relaxation but I’m ready to move things back in gear. So, I decided to whip myself into shape last night with Rebekah and do this little baby.


Good. Grief. If I didn’t puke afterward, I surely wanted to. Sign number 390483094803 that it’s time to get back into my routine. Jeez. I didn’t like feeling that weak. Ha! Those burpees were especially unpleasant.

20140108_205706 - Copy

He makes them a little more fun though. How cute. The Senator is all about it whenever we workout inside.


And once we were finished, we just kinda sat still. Both of us haven’t done a workout like that in too long! I remember when that thing was easy.


To reward myself for sucking it up and not being a lazy pansy all night, I indulged in some wine and thanks to Netflix, James and the Giant Peach. 🙂


Have an awesome Thursday you guys! 🙂 Can’t wait for the weekend! Rebekah and I are having a partyyyy and if you people lived here, you’d be invited. 🙂

What gets you back in a routine when you fall out of it?

When you workout at home, what’s your favorite thing to do?

Red wine or white wine? Or neither? I adore beer, but wine was all we had in the house…. #thanksMOLLIE


25 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. Im currently in a rut despite half marathon training. Between the cold and feeling like poo all I can handle are my long runs. Pathetic! I love wine, all wine. And beer=darker the better.

  2. I like this workout!! Omg, love that picture of Rebekah and the Senator hahaha. I will only make myself get back in routine if I miss it. If I don’t, well I usually just say screw it, it probably wasn’t doing anything to great for my body haha. I love doing Pilates workouts at home! I’m just getting back into doing them, and am sore today even though I used super lightweights!

  3. I hate burpees and never really do them lol….I have been doing more workouts like this though, I have been adding a ton of jumping jacks to my routine and incorporating some moves from kickboxing class just to mix things up a bit.

  4. I’m finally getting back into working out.. it’s been a lot of workout DVDs (and a little Just Dance) lately. I can’t wait til the temps are not quite so low so I can get outside too!

  5. Oooh…great workout! I’d probably want to throw-up afterwards too! 😉 Burpees are so intense! I hate them, but I do them anyway because I know they’re such a great exercise. I have a lot of workout DVDs that I use at home. I like the Firm, Jillian Michaels and Brooke Burke ones.

  6. Mm that’s a good question haha. It’s been ages since I’ve taken more than a week off and that’s only twice a year. Maybe I should take some time off and see haha. Home workout wise I like to do circuits and yoga. I’d love to get a bike at some point so I can ride at home watching my dvr 😛 have fun this weekend!

  7. YAY my favorite blogging people! I’ve missed you both and need to start stalking your lives. It would be infinitely easier to do this if Rebekah had a Facebook. Alas, I digress. Good for you ladies kicking some serious butt and doing that workout. Just reading it makes me tired. Yesterday night was a rest day for me after going 12 days straight, I think I wanted to die a bit. I was a bit of an indulger panda at Christmas and needed to sweat it all away. I should do this one you guys put together. And then promptly die.

    Wine, I love it. Beer, I love it. Spirits, also love. I like red wine over white, recently I’ve really been digging a good Malbec. COME TO PHILLY and I will take you to many fanciful breweries where we can drink all the live long day together. Okay, love you pretty lady Meggy bear! ❤ It's almost the weekend, praise all things holy for that!

  8. Thank god you’re back. I was about to put out a missing persons report on you two bitches. I volunteer to be the Senators back up parent if necessary 😉 Give me all the wine. I used to be strictly a red drinker, but I’m coming around to whites. Let’s be honest, I will drink whatever you put in front of me these days. And why don’t I live in ATL? I’d crash the shit out of your party. I love house parties more than a frat boy with roofies.

  9. HOLY CRAP looking at the makes me want to die. Maybe I’ll do it at the gym tomorrow night. Gonna hit up some fartleks on the deathmill. ugh. Then a swim. And perhaps that workout of DEATH.

    ❤ loves you and stuff.

  10. HOLY HECK. That workout looks killer. Whenever I take a while off from exercising and come back to it, I’m always ridiculously sore and am basically paralyzed and immobile for the next few days haha! This on would have kicked my butt!

  11. I will have to try that workout! It is soooo hard for me to do any type of workout at home. I tried Insanity a couple times a looooooong time ago and it didn’t last. I have done a couple yoga videos from youtube that I enjoyed but that also was short lived.
    Red wine!

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