Tree Decorating Party

Oh hello fellow blogger beings, it is I, the other half of the fitnesscrEATures. Still not sure who it is? That makes sense. I essentially don’t exist in blogland (again!). I’m beginning to feel schizophrenic with all this back ‘n forth I’ve been doing.

So here’s some cute shit I want you guys to see, aka we had a small get-together to participate in a long-time pagan tradition, aka we decorated our Christmas tree.

And everyone helped. Even the boys! 🙂

xmas party 6 

Meghan and some blurry bitch worked on a Christmas village.

xmas party 5

But mostly, Meghan just did a lot of this.

xmas party 7

And Mollie appeased us by helping, too. (She’s already celebrated Thanksgivukkah this year). I must say, she looks great with an ornament in her hand. Hey girl, if you ever wanna just up and change your heritage, let us know; the tree people will gladly accept you as our own. Or you can just be a bird like me and Meghan.

xmas party 3

Once we were finished decorating, we decided that cheerful holiday lover pictures were in order.

xmas party 4 

And the four of us decided to take a picture in front of our pagan tree.

xmas party 2

And look who wasn’t ready for the party, this bitch (below). Rebekah to Rebekah: “No girl, you don’t need to take a shower. These are your friends; they love you for who you are. Plus – you smell phenomenal!”

xmas party 1

What’s that? You want to see the finished product? Ok ok, jeeeeeezzz.

xmas party 8

Wittle baby carolers 🙂 Cute, but zero idea where they came from.

xmas party 9

When we got our tree, they gave us a free ornament which I thought was super sweet. But then I remembered that I gave them my first born as payment for the tree, soooo I don’t really think it’s that sweet anymore, or that free. Seriously, our tree was stupidly overpriced. But I don’t do that fake tree shit, so what’s a girl to do?? Le sigh.

xmas party 10

I wish we had a fireplace, but we don’t so I used push pins so I could hang those suckers up. It reminds me of the movie The Santa Clause – remember the scene when Tim Allen is going to all the different houses to deliver presents and he gets to an apartment where there’s no fireplace, but then he gets sucked down some sort of tube on the roof and a fireplace suddenly appears where there wasn’t one? Well this is EXACTLY what I suspect is going to happen at our place come Christmas Eve. That little corner with our stockings is going to turn into some kick-ass fireplace and Tim Allen is gonna hang out with the fitnesscrEATures for Christmas. I’m not mad about it.

Oh, so we haven’t put anything on top of our tree yet. A couple years ago my sister and I used a lamp shade she painted. Everyone seemed to think that was weird, but I liked it better than the traditional angel or star. I’m not really sure what to put up there, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

So, what should we use as our tree topper?

For those of you who celebrate it, have you already decorated for Christmas?

Does it freak you out that people below the equator associate Christmas with summertime?? It wouldn’t feel like Christmas to me if it weren’t cold out, but I guess everything is relative.

Do you have a fireplace? Can you take a video of a fire and send it to us, please??

– Rebekah

37 thoughts on “Tree Decorating Party

  1. All of your decorations are so pretty! It’s totally weird when I read people in Australia putting up their tree and then going surfing or laying out on the beach. I just could never do that. We’ve done a little bit of decorating at home, but I have to wait until I get home (less than a week from now!) to actually put up our tree. And if you still want a video of a fire I can totally do that when I get home, too… 😛

    • Thanks pretty lady. yeah right, i saw a girl on ig the other day that was like “i’m about to get ready for swim suit season!” no to that. i mean i wish it was summer again but not during Christmas. haha you’re cute. I really need to get a fireplace one day.

  2. HAH You are a girl after my own heart staying in those workout clothes, I would have been RIGHT THERE with you!! WHOOOO CHRISTMAS tree party! I could NOT get down with a summer Christmas..just NO! It’s wrong. They should change their Christmas to be during their winter..totally better. HAH! I DO have a fireplace, but we haven’t used it in YEARS! MUST clean it!

    • Hahaha, hey you, yeah you below the equator – change your Christmas to June 25 immediately! Use that shit, girl. I can just imagine you curled up in a sweater with some coffee on the couch by the fire. Adorbs.

  3. i finally get to see your manfriend. and why are you dressed as a slob, whoreface? just kidding; you’re so gorgeous i hate you.

    i originally wrote an idea SO RUDE (aka fucking hilarious) for your topper because i momentarily forgot that this wasn’t an email so erased it. we use a lame snowflake on top of our tree that’s really an ornament but i don’t like angels because that shit creeps me out. so snowflake it is.

    • Yep, that’s my manfriend. he’s a stud, just like you. no, nevermind. you’re a hot bitch. hahaha, i wish you had posted it. that would have been wonderful, but this made my day just as well. cute! we have snowflakes on our tree too! agreed about the angel. that’s why i threw mine away. bitch was creepy.

  4. This whole post was hilarious. Especially the inner dialogue on showering. I would have done the same thing ha ha. I think you should definitely write more often because I enjoyed the other half of FitnesscrEATures!! Your tree looks fabulous. At least you got your moneys worth… maybe? And about that whole south of the equator thing… it’s SO weird! We were in Brazil in November one year, strolling around in our shorts, tank tops and flip flops looking at all the Christmas decorations in the store windows. It was 90+ outside and so bizarre. I definitely need a chill in the air to get into the Christmas spirit.

    • Thanks! I’m happy to hear that you think my lack of proper hygiene is funny 🙂 Yeah that sounds horrible and weird. Twilight zone? I mean I can’t even stand it when it’s above 50 degrees on Christmas, let alone 90!

  5. Hahaha first off your use of pagan cracked me up as I read this 😛 Secondly, get a sparkly penguin at target for the top of your tree! $10 this weekend…Joe couldn’t say a word against me since it was so cheap, and Pippin looks adorable on top of our tree! I’m sorry yours was so expensive, though. We debated for a long time about getting a real one or putting up my little fake one. We both wanted a real one but didn’t want to spend a fortune…but I noticed a place that had gorgeous trees cheap right down the road last week so we grabbed one this weekend. Yours looks gorgeous, so consider it money well spent 🙂

    • I’m glad you think I’m funny, ha. How cute! Glad you got yours super cheap. You’re smarter than me. I was lazy and wasn’t gonna go shop around. Oh well.

  6. I have a topless tree bc every tree tipper I’ve found so far looks boring. It’s scandalous, but I’m gonna go with it. Our inside is completely decked the halls but were doing outside lights this weekend 🙂

  7. It’s really NOT okay that you didn’t invite me and Curt. Curt especially is very displeased. He was all prepared to fly in from Germany and then you bitches just left him out. He’s not happy. I’m over it.

    But seriously, stop being so cute! I’ve always wanted a tree and I swear I’m a Jew for Jesus or something because I have a very unhealthy obsession with Christmas. I would have shoved shortbread down your throats just so I could contribute in some way (I’m not crafty). And your paleo ass would have eaten it. Grass-fed butter ALRIGHT?!?!

    Love you both. Adopt me.

    • Those last two lines had me loling for real. COME DOWN HERE AND GET YOUR CHRISTMAS ON!!!!! Tell Curt I’m super sorry for being such an insensitive bitchface. I love you; you’re adopted. #BBM2014!!!

  8. Ah that christmas village is so cute!! I want to make one! Where did you get all those little houses? I do freak out that for some people Christmas is like our Fourth of July (minus that whole religion bit). That’s weird to me.

    • Thanks! I got them suuuuppperrr cheap after Christmas one year at Target. That’s the best time to get decorations, if you can afford it that is. The past few years I have had less than nothing to my name after Christmas. Weird to me too.

  9. Hahaha I’m kind of the same way about showering, except I always forget to put deodorant on….I always make sure to tell the boyfriend because he gets all grossed out, because I get hot easily and that always leads to sweaty. SOooo now that I’ve told you something really embarassing let’s move onto the tree topper. I definitely think you should top it with a ProCompression sock, but personally, I like trees without toppers. They angels always freak me out, and when I see a star or something cool on the top, I always want to take it because I’m obsessed with stars, hence why my second tattoo was of star :). I agree!! I always want it to be freezing over here in California so it can feel like Christmas.

    • Hahaha to all of this. I’m sorry but when you work out as much as we all do, it’s inevitable that you won’t take a shower sometimes. Oh well. Good idea with the sock, but I think Meghan would kill me if I ruined one of hers. Maybe I’ll throw an old one up there 🙂

    • Awww you’re sweet, thank you 🙂 Yes, decorating was much more fun this year with friends to help and lots of snacks and spiked hot chocolate!

  10. I was just thinking about how weird it is that places like Australia have Christmas in the summertime! I just can’t even imagine.

    You’re hilarious. I’m okay with you popping in once a month on the blog because it’s always good for a laugh. Some blurry bitch, haha. I love it.

    The tree and all three couples are beeeyoootiful. 🙂

  11. Uh, I wanna see the lamp shade! Do it! Meanwhile I think I forgot to put something on the top of our tree. Oops. Love the decorations, everything looks great!

  12. You guys have way more ornaments than us! Our tree looks so empty 😦 it doesn’t help that majority of the ornaments are all towards the top of the tree, thanks to my son and his grubby paws 🙂 well, we don’t have snow on Christmas in SoCal. It isn’t weird for us because we have growned up all our lives with mild temps and nice blue skies on Christmas morning. There have been many times where I was able to wear shorts and flip flops that today. Tis the season !!!

  13. love that overpriced tree!!! so pretty. i love this time of year and i especially love christmas villages. i haven’t decorated but my cubicle has tinsel strung all over. your commentary slays. every.time. especially the shower commentary in this post because sameeeeee game ova here.

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