THE Marathon. And Lots, LOTS More.

AHH SO SORRY! I went MIA because of the holidays, then vacation, then a crashed computer…. So, agh! It’s been chaotic to say the least. Anyway, I’m going to try and keep it is minimal (word wise) so as you guys can be filled in on my shenanigans. Love you all, ask any questions you want in the comments if I left something unanswered. I’m not on my computer and it feels weird. And I’m being a brat about it. Wahhhh. I lost everything from that computer!!!! GAHH!

The marathon was wonderful. The first 18 miles went off without a hitch but then I took a bathroom break and then the rolling hills appeared so I slowed down significantly in the second half, which is a trend for me (um, hello, Meghan? That’s called THE WALL you dummy!). I finished in 4:40:50 which is a pace of 10:44 and I am damn proud. I ate two packs of Clif Shot Blocks (cran razz, what whattt!) and I attempted to eat a Honey Stinger waffle but my mouth was so dry that I threw it away and wasted it. 😦 I also stuck with the Gatorade over the water after about mile 15. I took 10 minutes off my last time and that was plenty good enough for me! Next time I want to take 10 more minutes off! Yes, of course there will be a next time. πŸ™‚

It was chilly and windy which was also a change for me but I loved it. There was nothing more serene than running around in such a beautiful place.



I was freeeezing afterward though… Oh Seattle…. πŸ™‚ It was unique because at mile 18, my boyfriend met up with me on a bike and literally rode the last 8 miles of the course WITH me, on the course. It was so wonderful.

And this was also a vacation so I did LOTS of fun things – here comes that picture dump no one wants to see…

I met that beautiful girl, you guys know her, the the BLISSFUL Britt!


As she so sweetly said in her post, it was like we were old time friends. She was super adorable and took me to a delicious vegan restaurant! We chatted about tons of stuff and shared our excitement about the race the following day (which, she killed having not really trained, dangggg!). It was the most precious thing ever and she has the MOST contagious and adorable laugh in real life.

Enough blog stalking for me. Back to the pictures now. πŸ™‚


ALL the Starbucks, even the original one!

20131129_184337 20131201_173944 20131202_094440 20131202_101013 20131202_101450 20131201_173115

We rode that Ferris wheel… OH EM GEE so scary! And I love rides, but ahh so nerve racking!


That was where they filmed the paintball scene and the paddle boating scene from 10 Things I Hate About You! LOVED that movie! πŸ™‚20131202_183021 20131202_194937

Monday night football! Go Seahawks! πŸ™‚

20131203_155705 20131203_191337 20131130_090153 20131202_125730 20131203_140858 20131203_154451 20131203_154522

And of course, like most vacations, we ate a ton of good food and after the marathon, drank a ton of awesome drinks! πŸ™‚

I waited 6 days before I went on another run and though I was very stiff and sore initially, my run felt normal and I think my body is back to normal. I also need to mention I took a 15 minute ice bath (thanks to the convenience of hotel ice machines!) and I truly believe that made for a speedy recovery.

Two marathons down, who knows how many to go!

But I must say, traveling for this race was so much fun and I would much rather travel for a race than stay local (for marathons and what not). It just made running so much fun because you get to soak up a whole new environment and it makes the time go by SO quickly. I’m definitely going to do something like this again in my lifetime, and it certainly didn’t hurt to have my boyfriend by my side the entire trip! πŸ™‚

What are some things that you guys have been up to?

When was the last time you traveled?

How cold is it where you are now? UGH so cold…. I know I can’t complain when some people have snow and below freezing temperatures… Buttttt come on!

34 thoughts on “THE Marathon. And Lots, LOTS More.

  1. Ice bath afterward– SMART GIRL!!!
    YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! GReat Great job πŸ™‚ I am so happy you had a great experience with it! that is THE most important thing!
    I am not a Seahawk fan at all… but I can’t deny they are having a great season! I hope you had fun at the game! πŸ™‚

    I loved reading this post! Made me so excited!! And what a great boyfriend you got there ; )

    • Thanks, computer, for submitting that comment completely randomly. Haha. Anyway, it looks like vacation was awesome too! I’d love to visit Seattle. I haven’t traveled for too many races, but I love the idea!
      Glad you are recovering well! Congrats again!

  2. yeah, you slutbag – how about a toronto race? T.O is awesome in all its glory so suck on that for a while.

    we’re all so jelly that you met brittany and that is me, davida and your roomie. while you were away being a whore in seattle, we talked trash about you and bad-mouthed you and by that, i mean we whined like a bitch about how lucky you were that you guys were getting your blogging boners together.

    so ditto to what davida said – we need yo’ face. make it happen.

  3. I’m a total 10 things I hate about you need so I’d consider the whole trip a success just by visiting that one spot. congrats on a great race!!!! It’s muggy and warm here so feel free to send some of those cool temps this way πŸ˜‰

  4. Omg congrats on your race!! Dropped 10 MINUTES??? That’s super good!!! And geez, Seattle just looks so pretty! Now I need to find a race to do there ;). Ah jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to the original Starbucks!!!And btw, I love photodumps, but then again, I love pictures hahaha! I just have been doing school, and it’s in the 40’s here, I’m loving this. But I wish I lived somewhere it snowed. Life mission: to move somewhere it snows!

  5. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re freaking awesome! It’s so nice that your boyfriend biked with you for the last miles. When you said you took a 15-minute ice bath thanks to the ice machine, I had a mental picture of you crawling into the hotel ice machine and just chillin there for a while. (If you actually did that, you’re basically my new hero.) And Seattle looks so gorgeous!

    Also, I never responded to your comment on my blog because I’ve just been doing a crappy job at replying to comments, but there’s a chance I’ll be home when you’re in Cleveland! It depends on what I’m doing over the summer, but there is a chance. πŸ™‚

  6. Congrats on your marathon! you did great!! I can’t even imagine running that far!! Your boyfriend is so sweet to help get you through those last 8 miles (I cannot believe that there is a “last 8” miles.. that is so much…) I LOVE that you took a picture of the scene from 10 things I hate about you, that was only like my all time favorite movie when I was younger. You guys look so happy and cute in your pictures! Glad it was a great trip!

  7. AHHHHHH CONGRATS!!!! I’m so excited for you and your marathon and I love that your boyfriend biked the last 8 miles with you! Cutest thing ever. I want my future boyfriend to do that for me, so make sure you tell him, mmkay? Also SO JEALOUS you and Brittney got to hang out! When she heads my way in March, you need to meet up with us. I’m demanding it. There’s no better time to come to DC than when all the bloggers are in town πŸ˜‰

  8. Yay…congrats on the marathon! You did amazing and it’s so awesome that your boyfriend rode his bike with you for the last 8 miles. I bet that was super helpful! Bummer about your computer – I would not be a happy camper! Sounds like you’ve been quite the busy beaver though. Glad all is well!


    1. I LOVE that your boyfriend rode a bike with you…how AMAZING and genius and what a better way to finish!! THAT IS LEGIT..only in Seattle!!!
    2. I giggled at your comment about my laugh..I actually get comments about my crazy laughs (I oddly have like four) all the time…weird!
    4. AH I need to ride the wheel..but now I am scared since you said it was scary…STILL NEED TO!
    5. Your marathon skills are so impressive..and then your 6miler after..equally impressive.
    6. Your photos are GORGEOUS!! I LOVE SEATTLE!
    7. I met you once..and I miss you..WEIRD?!?!?! Maybe a little..HAHAH!!

  10. Yay!! You did amazing girl! You and your boyfriend are so adorable and I love that he helped you through the last 8 miles. Congrats!

    Brittany sounds so sweet and it looks like you had an amazing time, overall.

    I’m sorry to hear about your computer but I’m glad you were able to pop back in for a minute. We missed you!! It’s been ridiculously cold here too. I’m right there with you on the whining. πŸ˜‰

  11. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I don’t even know where to begin with this haha!! CONGRATS YOU AMAZING GIRL!!! YOU ROCKED THAT MARATHON!!! 10 minutes off your last time?? That’s amazing!! I am so psyched for you and proud of your hard work! You killed it and so so so deserved to πŸ™‚ I totally agree with you about traveling races being a lot of fun. As much as I love local ones, I start to get bored running the same streets/paths after a while, whereas everything is interesting to me when I travel and run/race…definitely had something to do with me signing up for a marathon in VA Beach in the spring (that and it will be a lot warmer there than here haha). I’m narrowing down my fall marathon choices for next year, too, and none of them are in the area, so we’ll get to go somewhere new! Your time in Seattle looks amazing, too! So much fun stuff going on AND getting to meet Britt? Super jealous on that one! She seems like such a doll πŸ™‚ Have a great rest of your Monday, love! I’m glad that you’re back and able to give us the deets on what you’ve been up to!

  12. WOOOT!! So PROUD and SO HAPPY for you!! You go girl. Seriously, so so so awesome. And I love that you had a great vacation with the race.. truly a brilliant way to do it. It makes the whole thing so much more of an experience. How you’re basking in your post-marathon glow! πŸ™‚

  13. HOLY SHIT! YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!!!! If it wasn’t for Instagram, I might have filed a missing persons report. First of all, you are so amazing for rocking your marathon and taking 10 minutes off. YEAH PR!! You guys look like you celebrated your huge achievement appropriately. Second, you have the nicest boyfriend on the planet. You tell him that I just nominated him and he won by a landslide. That’s a good ass man pumping you up those last 8 miles. Third, I am so jealous you met Britt! She agreed that we should all sign up for a race in the middle and have a weekend of blogger debauchery. And I’m holding her to it. And lastly, come run a race in San Diego! This place is a runners paradise and there’s so much to do! K there. I think we’re caught up. Don’t you ever disappear that long again!!

  14. What an awesome trip! Congrats on the marathon! And I am so jealous about the 10 Things I Hate About You thing.. LOVE that movie! The whole trip just looks like a fabulous time!

  15. Woot woot, way to go on the marathon! Lol, it would’ve bothered me if my bf was riding on the bike next to me while I was running – I’d be all, you should be suffering with me! And gorgeous pics, looks like you had a great time!

  16. where to begin: Congrats!!! So awesome! Okay, you’re hair looks so amazing, you rocked another marathon, and I’m so jealous you were in Seattle without me. I would have loved to have you stay at my parents house and had so much fun! What an awesome vacation with your bf, and he got to ride with you?? So cool! Okay, I’ll stop now, so excited for you!

  17. Congratulations lovely lady!! You still looked stunning after a marathon!! Looks like you had such a great trip, and so awesome that you and blissful britt got to meet up. Yay!

  18. So stinkin proud of you, beautiful lady! Another marathon in the bag and an awesome time. I must talk to you about your training…I think I want to do this soon :). Amazing pictures and of course, your man is fabulous and so sweet for biking the last 8 miles with you. MUST see you soon!

  19. Sorry I am just now catching up on all your guys’ posts this week. I haven’t been checking my WordPress feed lately 😦 please don’t be mad πŸ™‚
    Congrats again on your marathon!!! You are a beast!!!
    You don’t want to now what the temp is going to be today!!! In the 70’s!!!! But the only thing that does suck is we get a lot of winds where we live. Our city is known for high wind warnings all the time!!! Oh well!

  20. SO PROUD!!! you’re awesome. way to go, lady. and love the seattle pics- you’re too freaking cute- and that you met up with britt. so sweet that your dude biked the last 8 with you!!!

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