It’s a Mystery!

Woo hoo, another Monday, another day closer to kicking off the winter festivities! I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is this week! To prepare for a week of fun, I made sure my weekend was loaded with adorable and awesome activities! 🙂

Saturday morning I ran 10 miles with a friend in some of the most gorgeous fall (is it still fall?) scenery. It.Was.Amazing.




Because this is my first real year I consider myself a real runner, I invested in my first pair of running leggings. YES to everything about them times one million. It was so nice to not have any skin exposed. And afterward, I treated myself to a big red cup!


Though 10 miles is A LOT, I wasn’t really ready to retire for the day so I took the pup for a two mile loop. He did not appreciate the cold and windy weather at all… Poor guy.


So here’s where some serious fun started… Have you guys ever heard of murder mystery dinners? Well one of my adorable girlfriends hosted one on Saturday night and it was amazing! It was a beauty pageant theme – killing for the crown! And the night was nothing short of precious, hilarious, scandalous and SO MUCH FUN. We all dressed up like beauty queens, or what we thought beauty queens dressed up like… Ha. None of us really know.


Every lady was assigned a state (some had to play several states) and some were pageant judges. It was all very mysterious and scandalous! Oh, and all the food. I ate all of the food. 🙂





I just adore this picture of Mollie! 🙂









It was the cutest girl’s night I have ever had. It turns out that one of my two characters was the killer, so that was fun to try and hide from all my friends! I’m far from a good actress…

And to round out my fantastic weekend, I got my nails did! So fresh and so clean, just in time for Thanksgiving and my vacation on FRIDAY!!!!!!! 🙂 Mine are the purple, Mollie got the green, Erika got the silver glitter and our awesome nail guy insisted on contributing the picture this time too. Cute.


And then I got to my boyfriend’s house and helped him rake ALL.THE.LEAVES.


So now, here we are, the week of Thanksgiving. I may not stop back in here until after the marathon (THIS SUNDAY OMG) so if I don’t talk to you guys til next week, have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY Thanksgiving.

What’d you do this weekend?

Have you ever done a murder mystery dinner?

What is your favorite food?


28 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery!

  1. Please tell me you then jumped in that glorious mountain of leaves 😉 I can’t see piles like that and not do so, since I’m a child 😛 That party sounds like a BLAST! What a great way to reuse old high school dance dresses (what they reminded me of and what I would have to use for such a party 😉 ), and you all looked gorgeous! And your run looks absolutely beautiful…seriously, I can’t imagine a more glorious morning for one, so I’m glad that yours went so well! I don’t know if I can narrow down a favorite food, but they include burgers, sweet potato fries, mac and cheese, and cereal 😉 And we had a wonderful weekend in downtown Pittsburgh, enjoying the Christmas lights, tasty food and drinks, and a parody all about Harry Potter 🙂

  2. Love the dinner theme! I went to a prom themed bday party a lil over a year ago and had sooooo much fun. Good luck on your marathon!!!!!!!! You will be awesome 🙂

  3. I’ve never done a murder dinner, but I’ve heard about them. And I had totally forgotten about them til now. They seem like so much fun!! I defiantly want to do one now, and hopefully I remember haha. Love the nail colors you guys picked out, especially the guy that did your nails jk. I love that purple you picked out!! I need to do mine again, I just don’t have the patience lately. And seriously, that scenery of your run is just gorgeous. I think I would have just stood there and stared at it for a little bit….I like nature a little haha. Ahhhhh! Good luck on your marathon!!! I will be thinking of you that morning, wondering how you’re doing, but I know you’re going to rock it 🙂

  4. OMG MAKE YOUR FRIENDS LIKE ME SO I CAN COME TO YOUR PARTYS! That is the cutest thing I have ever heard of! Did you all re-use old prom dresses? I honestly have no idea where I would get a ball gown on the cheap for that, but its still so freakin’ adorable. I love everything about it including all you gorgeous looking women. Happy Thanksgiving, lover! Have a safe flight on Friday ❤ yew.

  5. What a cool event! You and your friends have so much fun, I want to crash a girl’s night!!! You are all gorgeous and I love your dress. Plus, getting your nails done is always fun. That reminds me, I need to do my toes- i noticed I have some black nails. Runner probs… Have a great Monday girl! I CANNOT WAIT to hear how your marathon goes!

  6. Technically, it’s still fall until December 23rd…or whenever the winter solstice is. I think it’s the 23rd. All of you girls look awesome! I’ve never heard of murder mystery dinners, but it sounds like so much fun. If you’re not around the bloggy world for the next few days, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! 🙂 And if you are…well…I’ll wish you a happy Thanksgiving later, hah.

  7. i would like to say that you and rebs look like beautiful whores. i don’t care if any other commentor gets offended because clearly, they don’t get how belligerent you biatches really are. i can’t call anyone else in the pictures that because i dont know them but i do know you so i can call you what i want and you will like it.

    that murder mystery dinner/outing looks like a blast! way better than my boring ol hen parties where we sit around and craft and then rub A5-35 all over ourselves.

  8. This is the greatest thing ever! Where’d she get the stuff for the dinner? My mom got me a kit when I was in high school, but I never got around to using it. This post makes me want to see if I can find the box at my mom’s though. So so fun!

  9. Oh my gosh, you ladies look so beautiful! What a fun party idea!

    My favorite food is ice cream and veggies.. not at the same time, but my family always finds it ironic that I love such a healthy food and an unhealthy food equally. 🙂

  10. I love that idea!! sounds like such a fun night with your girlfriends. Getting dressed up is so much fun but having a theme night and incorporating it in all those different ways sounds amazing, love it! And a red cup post run=best treat ever. Coffee is what I look forward to after my run most days for sure! You are going to rock your marathon girl. Have a restful week and a happy thanksgiving! 🙂

  11. I love that your nail guy had to get in on that picture. Haha. That is so rad. And your girls night looks like so much fun! I’ve gone to a mystery dinner theater, but this looks way better. I wanna play!! I might steal this idea. I hope you have a relaxed week of carb loading and rested leggies. You are going to kick this marathons ass. I know it. Happy Thanksgiving beautiful! Can’t wait to catch you on the flipside and hear all about your race!!

  12. So cute! You look so pretty in your pageant dress! That’s such a fun idea, I want to do one! I need to get my nails done badly, I’m jealous. Also, that run does look gorgeous! It’s definitely winter here, I miss the leaves!

  13. My dog is not a fan of the cold either. We took him on a road trip to see my sister in Denver last winter and he refused to walk in the snow! Our weekend was pretty relaxed – the highlights were going to see Catching Fire and having a lazy Sunday, complete with take-out Thai food (too lazy to cook) 🙂 Have a great Thanksgiving and good luck on the race!

  14. What a cute idea for a party! Looks like a blast!

    That run was beautiful. I can’t believe you are just now calling yourself a real runner. What?! You have ran a freakin’ marathon! You so crazy.

    You’re going to do awesome! Hopefully there’s leftovers for you to enjoy after. Or some other comfort food. It’s going to feel so good to relax after. Can’t wait to find out how it goes! Have a great Thanksgiving girl!

  15. I love that idea and you and your friends are just the absolute cutest! I don’t know if I would be able to hide myself being the killer. You are a good girlfriend because I think I would of just had him rake the leaves so I can jump on it after!

  16. AHH This is so cool!! Look at all you foxy babes!! I would love to go to a partaaayy like this. And then still be in bed by 9..because I am an old lady haha. AHH TOMORROW IS RACE DAY CANNOT WAIT!

  17. OB-SESSED. MOVING TO ATLANTA ANDDDDD WE’RE GOING TO DO THIS. EVERY NIGHT. SERIOUSLY SO FUN IT NEEDS TO BE SHOUTED. and tell me you/killer were miss maryland ak miss murderland.

  18. Wow that is a whole lot of leaves! There are still quite a few nice ones on the trees in your first couple of shots, plus points on the Atlanta climate there. And those are some pretty convincing beauty pageant outfits, glad you all had fun at the dinner.

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