Some Really Awesome Shit

First: some not so awesome shit.

not so awesome


Ok, so listen, I’ve been super MIA lately. (Is it possible to be super MIA, or can you only just be MIA? I would analyze that – but I realize there’s no content there.) Jesus. Anyway, I’m sorry. I know you all either hate me or have forgotten who I am; I really don’t see there being any in-between. Actually, I think my wonderful keeps-up-with-the-blog roomiekins has probably experienced both. But that’s only because she has those kinds of super powers. Pretty cool, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want a super power that allows you to hate and forget at the same time? Where am I going with this? Charlotte, I feel like you right now, except I haven’t been taking an inordinate amount of cold medicine. So, in other words, I have no excuse for this belligerent paragraph.

I would like to explain my absence by saying that I took an unannounced-to-the-blog-world break from blogging. I think we all feel a bit overwhelmed by it at times and that’s basically where I was. I think I need to reevaluate my intentions for blogging and possibly revamp my style. Anyway, sorry I haven’t been present lately. Hopefully I’ll get back at it. I’ve missed you all, and even though I haven’t been commenting much, I’ve still been reading lots of posts so I could keep up as much as possible until I decided to jump back in it. You may recall this isn’t the first time I’ve sucked. Anyway, while I’ve been taking this little sabbatical, my co-blogger the owner of this blog, Meghan, has been doing a fantastical job keeping up with everything, as per the usual. Thanks, girl! You’re the very best mama bird a baby bird could ever have. And speaking of Meghan, this brings me to my next point…

Awesome shit #1 – Meghan  has some really wonderful and amazing work news to share with everyone. Maybe she wasn’t intending to share it BUT I DON’T CARE. Now she has to! Ha, sorry girl. No I’m not. This is really awesome and though she probably won’t think it’s blog-worthy, again, I don’t care. I’m really proud of her and she should be too.

Awesome shit #2 –


My sweet, sweet boyfriend a little bit lot drunk after a work party and a stop through McDonalds. You know I really love him if I’m willing to even go through the drive through at that nasty ass place. This is how I found him after I went to make a midnight snack. He’s cute, right? (Ahem! The answer is yes.)

Awesome shit #3 –

backwudz shawty

Yes, you’re reading that correctly, it says “Backwudz Shawty” and I’m only mad about it for one reason: I didn’t put that shit on the back of my car first. I actually took a poll at the beginning of the summer and the first two words that come to mind when people think about me are “backwudz” and “shawty.” Go effing figure. All I’m thinking now is I know what I’m getting me for Christmas! Holla!…Only in Hotlanta right? Btw, no one calls it Hotlanta anymore. (The only person allowed to call it that is Leslee.) I’m pretty sure people in Atlanta have been trying to stop that since only minutes after its inception. I would like to meet the crack head who came up with that awful name and help him get addicted a different drug that might make him more creative. Come on, you all know it was some cracked out dude on MLK Blvd. Well, I just know him simply as “Dad.”

Awesome shit #4 –



This delicious 7 Layer Mexican Dip I made. I made this for Mollie’s birthday party and it was a big hit! By that, I mean I ate half of it. That’s the trick to bringing a new dish to a party – always eat most of it even if it tastes like poo poo. That way, psychologically, everyone will think it’s delicious since it’s already almost gone and the party only started 13 minutes ago.

  1. can of black beans, can of refried beans, 1/2 packet taco seasoning
  2. Sabra guacamole
  3. Queso
  4. Salsa
  5. Sour cream and jalapeños
  6. Crunched up corn tortilla chips
  7. Shredded Mexican style cheese and cilantro

Awesome shit #5 –


This pig. I went to visit my little brother and sister who live in North Georgia and when I pulled into their driveway, this is the site I was met with. It’s my little sister’s pet potbelly pig. Her name is Penelope. I think. Maybe I just want that to be her name. Regardless, the main thing you need to know is that as I walked past this docile creature I was scared it was suddenly going to morph into some wild boar and bite my leg off. Needless to say, both my legs are still intact.

Awesome shit #6 –

 giant monkey

THIS GIANT ASS MONKEY my incredibly thoughtful boyfriend got me yesterday! She’s shown here with me and Christopher Columbus (who my man got me for Valentine’s day :)) Her name is Tinker Columbus and she’s his little sister. No, I will not grow up. Ever.



That’s right, bitches, that’s right. It’s so exciting I think I just peed my pants. That’s embarrassing. But I may as well start now because I’m sure it’ll happen again during #BBM2014! Backwudz Shawty!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Is it really cold where you are? It’s getting nipply here lately.

Can you believe the holiday season is already upon us?? Have you started shopping? I started about 3 weeks ago 🙂

Does everyone remember who I am? I don’t.

Do you miss Meghan, too? Girlfriend has been working really hard and hasn’t been home all week. I miss my bird.

– Rebekah<3

22 thoughts on “Some Really Awesome Shit

  1. Obviously I will always call it Hotlanta. I think I decided I was going to call it that because I like the idea of an alliteration and Atlanta weather really messed with my hair so #Hotlantahair happened. So, there’s that.

    Tinker Columbus. I die. It’s fitting. She looks like a Tinker Columbus so I approve.

    Um Meghan texted me about BBM14 last week and I was all mopey about being broke. If this is still an option and I haven’t been exiled to live alone without blends in PA forever let me know things about this.

    I miss you girl! So does Wintston, obviously. And YAY Christmas shopping. BTW I bought your and Meg’s gifts. I hope they aren’t a total fail and you will actually enjoy them. We shall see 🙂 Lub yew! -Your panda friend

    • Hahaha, you know how much I love alliteration! You cut to the core of me. And that is the very reason you’re the only one allowed to call it that.

      Yay! She’s so cute. I’m just glad Christopher has a friend 🙂

      DUDE GET THAT SHIT TOGETHER AND #BBM2014 ASAP!!!!! It’s like 5 months away. You can do it, I believe in you. And yes yes yes, I will definitely keep you posted as things develop.

      I Gru, Christopher, and Tinker miss you both! Aww you’re so sweet! Um, not a fail and we’ll love them I’m sure 🙂 Have a good weekend Panda lady.

  2. Well, I seriously didn’t forget about you. I figured you’d been a busy beaver! Blogging certainly can get overwhelming at times! Glad to hear all is well though and I love the dip, Penelope and that big stuff monkey! 😉

    Yup, it’s getting cold here! The evenings are in the 20s. Brrr! No Christmas shopping for me yet, but I need to get on that asap!

    • Whew! I’m glad you still know who I am! Yeah, blogging just makes me a little anxious, that’s all. Haha, thanks! 20s??? No ma’am! Bundle up! Have a warm weekend 🙂

  3. aw shucks thanks for the shout out 🙂 i am fully (eh 90%) recovered today and off of all cold medication so anything i say from here on out cant be blamed on the drugs. honestly, i fear there wont be any increase in coherency but oh well. i love a good ramble and im totally with you on the hate/ forget superpower. i want that. also #bbm2014 is now super snazzy, that banner is so pretty, i want to hang it on my wall. that dip look amazeballs, that backwudz shawty is amazeballs and yes its freezing here. (actually today its pretty warm) and omg tinker columbus is the best name ever.

    • Glad you’re feeling back to normal! You’re hilarious and I’m ok with everything you have to say, drugged out of your mind or not. Yay, I’m glad you like the banner 🙂 I’m thrilled about everything to do with that shit. I can’t wait till we have shit booked and it’s real! Hahaha, thanks lover. Dude, yeah Boston is cold as fuck. When Isaac was living there (which by the way why the eff didn’t we know each other in April?? I was there! So so so sad.) it was cold as shit balls. No thanks. But I can deal bc I LOVE Boston. I don’t know if I could do it year round though. Have a super weekend. Think about #BBM2014 lots and lots so it comes true faster 🙂

  4. I’ve missed you BOTH since i took my own unannounced break from the blogging world and have only just returned. I fully support your endeavors not to grow up ever and must find that sock monkey here asap. And you are definitely the best girlfriend in the world. If Joe ever said that to me, I’d lock him out for the night….no way would i take him there 😉

    • YOU’RE BACK??? YAY!!!! Haha, he found it at Kroger. Not sure which grocery stores you have – every state is different. Right?! Thank you. It was painful for me even to order the food and have it in my car. Bleh! I tried throwing away his fries but he woke up and asked for them. Haha, drunk boys are silly.

  5. “The tits”, “nipply”…someones got a thing for booooooobies! Check out that badass banner. Shits getting real now!

    I was legit sad you took an unannounced break from blogging because it forced me to work instead of stalking the crEATures. Seriously I’m just a little bit obsessed with you guys. And tinker columbus.

    • Hahaha, you found me out! Dude, just ask Meghan about our girls’ trip to the cabin in January. There’s a post about it – one of our very first! Anyway, as you can imagine, lots of boob talk happened during that trip.

      Right!! It needs to get realer, faster. Come on, winter, do your thing and then get the fuck outta here!

      Aww you’re sweet. And we’re obsessed too, don’t worry. We talk about you all teh time. Oh, and Tinker will be joining us for #BBM2014.

  6. Wow…”backwudz shawty”….wow. This post was freakin’ hilarious.
    It’s okay to take a break from blogging. Sometimes I feel like my head is spinning which probably means I should take a break too but my crazy obsessive personality won’t let me stop. It’s kind of a problem.

    Can’t wait to hear mama bird’s news!! Have a good weekend ladies!

    • Haha, thanks!! Well, maybe it’s your crazy obsessive personality or maybe it’s that you’re amazing at blogging and have fun, creative things to say and post. That’s not me, unfortunately. Have a good weekend too!! ❤ backwudz shawty

  7. don’t even talk to me about getting realer because YOU WHORES HAVE NOT ANSWERED MY EMAIL SO DON’T STEP TO ME UNTIL YOU DO. #BBM2014 is going to be full of awesome i can’t wait!! and damn this project that’s just sucking up my time — yet i still manage to find time to blog and shit? how does that work? don’t question it.

    that car sticker is AWESOME. yours should say “watchout whoreface”

    can you please just start blogging again? i’m tired of your radio silence.

    • Jesus. Major internet bitch slap. Also, girl I have no idea how you manage to do all the shit you do. I just assume you’re a super hero of some sort so I can at least wrap my mind around it. Hahahaha, watchout whoreface it is! Don’t rush me, damn it! I’m sorry I’ve caused your blogging boner to become limp. I promise I’ll get that thing back up in no time! None of that was weird.

  8. OH SNAP I love that BBM banner…LOVEEE IT! OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU, I’ve missed your I’m glad you popped in. That first picture game me the chills..AAHHH THE SPATULAS! I was a hellion of a child..

  9. My boyfriend always makes me take him to McD’s when he’s drunk. And he always falls asleep while eating it. It totally want a teacup pig for a pet, they’re adorable.

  10. I can’t wait for you to get that car sticker!! I will be wanting a picture of it on your car haha. I miss you both!!!! I have yet to go Christmas shopping, and I was just complaining to two people about it yesterday haha I always dread it. And I wish it was “nipply” here, although it’s suppose to be rainy this week, and I’m counting on that. Maybe I’ll do a rain dance with my cat…..jk

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