Who Does That?

Alternative title: I’m a dummy.

Maybe you guys can weigh in on this… I accidentally messed up my training schedule and I am scheduled to do 20 this weekend AND THEN TAPER.

What happened instead – I did 20 miles last weekend and thought I was tapering THIS weekend.

See what I did there? I pulled a dummy move.



And now I’m at a crossroads – what do I do?



You guys have any suggestions? Do I run another long run (I’m thinking 18 ISH) or do I just taper anyway? Or something else? Wahhhh.

I’m being a huge super whiny baby about this situation. #runnerproblems

My friends and boyfriend aren’t pleased with my shenanigans over this actually very ridiculously minute problem.



I know my training isn’t down the drain but I’m super irritated by my own foolish and idiotic stupidity.

This post was pointless except to tell you I am a moron and you should probably not learn anything from me ever again.




Lastly, have a great weekend!


16 thoughts on “Who Does That?

  1. So this might sound really bad, don’t take offense to it! But I don’t like training plans, I don’t agree with them at all hahaha. I think you should just run how you feel. You’ve got the endurance, there is nothing to be worried about there. So if you feel like running 15, then do it, that’s still a long distance, if you really want that 20 miler, go for it and rock it! Just run based how you feel 🙂

  2. Honestly I would run it. I know it blows and is terrible… but come race day you will feel like a BEAST because you did not 1 mammoth run, but 2 (and confidence is HUGELY important on race day). I think it will be well worth it. This actually could end up being a BRILLIANT mistake ( I know it doesn’t feel that way now). Be easy on yourself and go slow with the pace (don’t put any expectations on yourself, just be proud to do it period) but just get the miles in. Honestly I’d aim for anywhere between 18-22. Then taper. You’ll be fine either way… but just my two cents! 🙂 Good luck with your decision… and I know how heart breaking this kind of thing can be. It’s such a ‘small’ problem but expectations are everything and when you think you’re ‘done’ it’s awful to find out… nope you’re not. When you run this weekend think about how awesome it is that you can run (that helps me when I’m feeling blah about running, incredibly motivating). I also think about people who can’t walk and honestly that gets my butt in gear (might be a little depressing, but it helps me). Dedicate a few miles to me girl. I could stand to get a few in! 😉

  3. I have two thoughts on this:
    1. Training is not an exact science. You put in the miles, and one extra week probably isn’t going to cause your body to forget that. If you taper now, you will probably be just fine!
    2. If it were me, I think I’d run 18 this weekend, for peace of mind.

    Either way, you’ll be fine, girl!!

  4. I never follow a training plan. If this were me, I would do 15 (or 18 like you said) and go from there. I don’t think you damaged your training, your body is ready, if you ran the 20 last week or this week. Just go at your usual pace, don’t push it much and you will be fine. K? K. Have a good weekend.

  5. The title of this post had me laughing before I even read it! You’re so funny.

    I agree with Brooke- I think running somewhere in between (15?) would be a good idea. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re going to do amazing no matter what!

  6. Take it easy — if you push yourself too hard and get injured or exhausted you will regret it. Do something on the lighter side so that you can be ready for the big one which is the one that counts. Don’t be too hard on yourself this will not throw off your entire game. You have already run a marathon before so you know you can do it. (And i would be willing to bet that if you had to do it tomorrow you would absolutely be able to.)

  7. I’m no marathoner but I’m gonna say don’t run and have a beer instead? It’s equally important you start practicing for #bbm2014

    Also I pulled an epic mistake too. For some reason I thought it was a long weekend in Canada (i.e. had monday off) so I took today off to give myself an extra long weekend only to find out I definitely have work on Monday. Would have pulled a sick day but I did that last week when I freaked out over swollen lymphnodes aka nothing ugh. Life fail.

    I’m trapped on a train and the wireless keeps going in and out and it’s driving me iwuhepguhwguwgCRAZYwekhfwguwi but I’m putting up with it just so I can read about your runner problems.

    I love you. Scene.

  8. First off- I knew we would be best blog friends when I saw that you referenced BOTH The Office and Parks and Rec. Best. Shows. Ever. Second- I’m so sorry!!!! I would be acting the same way and I am sure my boyfriend and friends just wouldn’t understand because only crazies like us get frustrated at stuff like this, haha. But don’t worry!!! Think of it this way, at least you got your 20miler out of the way early?! 🙂 Have a great weekend, girl!

  9. Meghan!!! I’ve totally done this before too. Ding ding twinsies for life. I consulted my coach and resident expert marathoner (Ryan), and he said he’s a fan of a 3 week taper for full marathons. So, according to him you’re right where you should be. He said no more than 16 miles this weekend, but do what your body feels is right. Rest those speedy legs, they’ve been working hard!! Go out and have fun with your man and enjoy the weekend since you only (<–runners are sick, demented people) have ~16 miles to run. Get it, girl!! Xo

  10. Go for 22miles and you’ll totally kill it race day then!! 18 would be okay too, but never shoot for under achieving unless you really legs are telling you NO! But otherwise don’t let it be an option and hit the 22miles!

  11. Ahhhh!! I JUST saw this! What did you do?!?! Whatever you decided to do I know it was the best choice for you and will in no way effect the beasting of the marathon that’s in front of you!

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