Things I Could Have Done…

…Instead of running 20 miles…

During my long 20 mile run this past weekend, I spent a little bit of time just giving myself a big old pat on the back. I mean, really, I spent several hours just running. There are so many things I could have been doing OTHER than running! You know how crazy it is to just run for hours on end? It’s outrageous + awesome + dedicated + motivated + crazy + strong + empowering.

My point is, running takes up so much of my time and I never really think about how much time I give to it ever since I picked it up as a hobby of mine. I could have spent those few hours doing so many other things, but I choose to spend that time running. I choose to challenge myself, pace myself and race myself. I don’t always feel amazing after all my runs and I’m not shy about admitting sometimes runs just downright SUCK. But this run – these 20 miles, they were anything but sucky.

To get ready for this past weekend’s LONG 20 mile run, I ate a hefty amount of food on Friday!


Pho & Jason’s Deli salad bar!


I packed up a ton of fuel and my CamelBak. I can’t begin to explain how crucial fueling properly has become. I never really understood the importance of it until this marathon training. The last time I ran one, I really didn’t focus on it and I can 893743984932% say now that fueling is IMPERATIVE to a successful run, both mentally and physically.


After Sara had such success with the Shot BLOKS, I gave them a try! I am definitely a fan! And I also really appreciate some real, solid food during long runs and these waffles satisfy that craving! I never would have even known about them had it not been for LESLEE’S awesome giveaway! 🙂 They always do the trick for me.

And my run? Well it was DAMN AMAZING. I couldn’t believe how well it went and how amazing I felt afterward. I wasn’t defeated, exhausted, tired, discouraged or in pain. I just felt damn proud. I would like to note, though, that I had a rough beginning with this run. I won’t detail why, but this run did not start off with sparkles and flowers and rainbows like it sounds. 🙂 It only ended that way!



And I was enveloped totally in nature. I was so happy with this run – there is no better feeling than a GREAT long run before a marathon. I felt on top of the world. It’s hard to start off slowly and remember to pace myself, but I did a phenomenal job at it this time. I knew I had to do 20 miles to run and I knew I needed to take it easy. I ended up at about a 10 minute pace and that is more than perfect for me!

photo 1 (1)

Seattle Marathon, I’m coming for you! WATCH OUT!

In other news, I celebrated the rest of the day on Saturday with beer via a tailgating party and after that, a birthday party!



You don’t have to judge. 🙂


And got my nails did, because, of course.


Sometimes I wish I could stop picking at my nails… (I got the grey polish). Oh well, I could have worse habits. 🙂 Have a fantastic Monday all you lovely people!!

What did you guys do this weekend?

Have you ever traveled for a race?

What kind of thoughts do you have when you’re working out? It varies for me – I really am all over the place depending on my workout. If I’m in a class at the gym, I’m totally focused on my form and if I’m doing something correctly. If I’m running, I get to think about TONS of things!


25 thoughts on “Things I Could Have Done…

  1. Just wanted to start off saying, I love the new design, and I f-ing love this post! So happy you got in such a great run! And I bet it’s just what you needed right before your race. I remember during the summer when I was doing long distance, that feeling of accomplishing that, is such a great feeling, nothing beats it and no one can bring you down. And seriously, that is such a beautiful place you got to run! I got sh*t done! Well kinda haha I just got homework done, and had a lovely 5 hour skype date with the boyfriend :). I’ve never traveled for a race, but have always wanted to, is that weird haha? I try to go into my workouts with a positive mindset, I hate when I’m doing what I love and the thoughts turn negative, talk about a suckfest. Have a lovely Monday 🙂

  2. Gay + crazy + weird + stupid. Just kidding I wish I could run 20 miles and like it haha! Proud of you!! When working out I am usually thinking: Ouch, Am I skinny yet?, Damn I feel good! That about sums it up!

  3. WOOOOOO CONGRATS ON 20 MILES!!!!! That. Is. Awesome. I think about it all the time, actually, and usually I realize that there isn’t a whole lot I’d rather do. I love running and I love being a runner. I love the feeling after even if it doesn’t start out all rainbows and butterflies like some people make it seem. To finish a 20 mile run and then go out after, I bet you felt on top of the world! Congrats girl- you’re going to do amazing at your marathon!
    Also, love your new blog look! 🙂

  4. Again great job on the 20 miler!! I’m glad it ended so well!
    Yes, running gives me a whole bunch of time to think about everything.
    I personally have never traveled for a race but, my hubby has and I went with him. His first marathon was the Rock n Roll Las Vegas. It was only about a 3 hr drive (I was driving so it didn’t take the usual 3 1/2-4 hr drive).
    ps-love your new blog layout! I need to change up mine, I have been kind of neglecting my blog these days I need to get back into it.
    pss-isn’t your marathon coming up in December? It is coming up fast!

  5. Obsessing over the grey nail polish! And the new design!!! Looks amazing.

    I can’t even fathom running 20 miles so I’m super impressed. I’m so excited for you to travel to Seattle and crush that marathon. Partially because I’ve never been to seattle and I’ve never run a marathon.

    I also love that you can run 20 miles one day and then party and drink and relax the next. That’s what I’m striving for (well minus the 20 miles…but you get the point) and surrounding myself with positive influences like YOU is exactly how I plan to do it! Obviously referring to my post today. Can’t thank you enough for your beautiful comment. I know I’ve never met you but I actually think I might love you. This long distance thing is getting kind of lame…just sayin’.

  6. is that polish called “power clutch” by essie? doesn’t matter; it’s still gorgeous.
    and congrats on the 20miles!! that’s so awesome, when i run long distances, i think things like: “BITCH, KEEP GOING” or “LISTEN WHORE, YOU NEED TO STOP WHINING AND KEEP UP WITH THE OTHERS” … basically it’s constant mental bitchslapping so that i just keep going even though i want to stop!!

  7. Love the new blog layout – I am busy playing around with mine again too….20 miles-amazing! My mind wanders all over the place when I run – it goes from blog ideas, to planning the rest of my day to random things I never would think about if I wasn’t out running. I get my best thinking done while running. Although, on the treadmill my mind doesn’t wander as much and if I am working on speed, I am going so fast I don’t think lol.

  8. I love the new design on the blog, ladies! It looks awesome, and it’s so very artsy. 🙂 Mad props on your awesome 20-miler — that’s fantastic, and running a marathon is a hell of an accomplishment. You already have a ton to be proud of! (Lastly, I lurve the nail polish. It looks awesome!)

  9. You’re so awesome! Running that much is a HUGE commitment and you are rocking it with the most amazing attitude. It’s inspiring and encouraging and it makes me want to go run!! 🙂

    I think you more than deserved to tailgate and enjoy a few beers. Oh, and I still have to try Pho! I keep hearing how amazing it is.

    ps. love the new blog design!

  10. Cute new look! And CONGRATS on feeling good after 20 miles. It must give you so much more confidence than you had for your last marathon to know that YOU CAN DO IT. I am so proud of you and how far you have come. Thinking back to only a couple of years ago did you EVER think you could live this kind of life style and KICK ASS at running? I DONT THINK SO. You have come so far (in miles and metaphors) and I can’t wait to hear all about your fantastic experience in Seattle. Way to go, MEG!

  11. I am shocked you were able to stand and party after a 20 miler. I would spend the rest of the day curled up on the couch after I crawled to the end of that run! Good for you!

  12. Hell yeah for your runners high!!!! I swear those runs happen when I’m least expecting it and sneak up out of nowhere. Bottle that feeling up and keep that going for Seattle! The first few miles of my runs are always the hardest. I’m not loose yet, I have no idea how my body is going to hang and what kind of day it will be. My inner drill sergeant is mean and rudely explicit, so my thoughts alternate between “Suck it up, buttercup!” to “God damn, you really do have a dirty mouth.” I’m jealous you got Pho this weekend. Doesn’t it make the best fuel for a long run??

  13. congrats on that AMAZING run!! that just blows my mind. and ahh i pick my nails too and i get manicures to try to discourage it from happening, but alas my nervous anxiety picking habit always resurfaces. i love the colors you girls got! i currently have essie “after school boy blazer” or something like that and it was supposed to be navy blue but its more like black, which i kinda LOVE. i feel so bad ass. (thats all it takes) but ok i have to go eat dinner #BBM2014!!!

  14. Glad you had such a great run! During long runs I dream of the recovery: compression socks, food and comfy clothes 🙂

  15. 20 miles?!?!! You are so awesome!! I couldn’t imagine running that far EVER. And the fact that you felt fantastic!

    Birthday parties are always fun, I am surprised that you were up to it after burning…2000 calories.

  16. HOOOOORAYY!! Gosh dang does it feel good when you get a killer long run under your belt!! Congrats on it girl and you should feel dang proud! Boom. 🙂 So happy it went well and glad you had an awesome weekend. Can’t stinking wait til your marathon. I’m living vicariously through you BTW 🙂

  17. I’m so glad you’re loving the Shot Bloks. I had to cut them up into smaller pieces so I didn’t choke, but love the flavor…it’s a nice change from the nasty saliva taste. And I always see those waffles and want to try them. I’m definitely going to buy some next time I need fuel. So proud of you lady love!

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